Anupama 16th March 2022 Upcoming Anuj versus Vanraj

Anupama 16th March 2022 Upcoming Anuj versus Vanraj

Anupama 16th March 2022 Upcoming Anuj versus Vanraj Anupama gets excited to meet Anuj after four days. She senses Anuj’s arrival just the moment he comes to meet her. She gets delighted. They share a moment. He wants to know why is she in the kitchen when the entire family is outside and celebrating. She tells that she is busy in the household work and couldn’t come to meet her. He asks her again the same thing that she is working alone when the family is celebrating the festive, like she has no rights on the festive. He understands her rights on her relations. He wants to know why is she working alone like a servant, than being with the family like a family member. He takes Anupama with him with all the respect to celebrate the festive.

Anuj and Vanraj get into an arm wrestling match after having a dance performance with full on swag. Anuj has given another chance to Vanraj for the sake of Anupama’s happiness. Vanraj gets a last chance only because of Anuj. Vanraj doesn’t know about Anuj’s favor. He gets against Vanraj. Anuj helps Vanraj knowing Vanraj holds the happiness of the family. Anupama wants Anuj to win this time. She wishes that Anuj wins over Anupama. She recalls the times when Vanraj disrespected her. Anupama grows emotional. She gets more certain about her decision of marrying Anuj, who respects her more than anyone ever did.



  1. Was only a matter of time when baa will have Anupama doing everything in the house again, as the maid and not only for Kinjal, so now Anuj should take her out of Shah house and back to her’s. She is fulfilling baa and Vanraj wish by being their maid again


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