Kumkum Bhagya 29th March 2022 Written Update Pranbir redux

Kumkum Bhagya 29th March 2022 Written Update Pranbir redux

Kumkum Bhagya 29th March 2022 Written Update Pranbir redux Rhea rushes to tell Aaliya about Prachi’s warning. She tells Aaliya that Prachi got to know the entire truth of the Shivratri night. She tells that Prachi has understood that she/Rhea had spiked the thandai for Ranbir by adding the drug pill. She tells Aaliya that Prachi also got to know that nothing happened between Ranbir and her/Rhea that night. Aaliya is shocked to know this, because she didn’t expect Prachi to find out the truth so soon and with such ease. Aaliya’s plan was fool proof, and still she feels upset that Rhea couldn’t get any help. She asks Rhea to pursue Pallavi for help and shed some tears. She sends Rhea to Pallavi. Rhea has to save herself from Ranbir’s wrath.

She gets to see Ranbir caring for Prachi and loses her cool. She didn’t know that Ranbir and Prachi are still together, and just fooling the family by their fake fights. She is much upset with Ranbir. She meets Pallavi to get her sympathy. She tells how Prachi is trying to come between Ranbir and her. Pallavi asks her not to worry. She tells that she won’t let this happen again, she won’t let Prachi unite with Ranbir. She doesn’t find Prachi deserving. She asks Rhea to come along, she will talk to Ranbir and bring him on the right path. Prachi is prepared to expose Rhea by telling the truth to the family about Rhea’s desperate plans. Will Prachi expose Rhea’s first night plans in front of Ranbir and Prachi? What will happen next? Will Prachi forgive Ranbir and reconcile with him? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Prachi tells Shahana that she is thinking positive about Ranbir because of Shahana. Shahana asks her to think of Ranbir and love him. She asks why can’t Prachi trust Ranbir. Prachi tells that Ranbir has married Rhea, that’s the deceive. She doesn’t want to forgive Ranbir. Shahana tells that Ranbir is already regretting. Prachi tells her that Ranbir could have used his mind, he didn’t keep his loyalty. Shahana asks her to listen to her heart. Prachi tells that Ranbir has to clear her doubt, Rhea will prove herself right if she is true. She wants to see who proves the truth first. Stay tuned.


Kumkum Bhagya 29th March 2022 Written Update Pranbir redux:

Ranbir is with Jai. He is worried because of Prachi. Jai tries to try to know what is troubling Ranbir. He doesn’t leave Ranbir alone in tension. Ranbir tells that he is stressed about his reputation. Jai tells that everyone loves Prachi. He knows that Ranbir loves Prachi, he is truly a good person. Ranbir asks Jai not to entertain anyone who likes him. He tells that Prachi doesn’t give him any importance, she doesn’t treat him well and hurts her, so he is so stressed. He tells that he didn’t move on with Rhea, Prachi had seen him with Rhea in the same bed, and misunderstood him.

Jai asks Ranbir what did he do. Ranbir tells that he was drunk, he doesn’t remember anything, he just had the thandai, don’t know how someone fed him the bhaang. Jai tells that someone would have pre-planned this and fed him the bhaang. Ranbir doesn’t know who has done this intentionally. Jai asks him to check the cctv footage, he can find any clue. Ranbir finds his idea right. He wants to find the real culprit. He thanks Jai for his idea.

Rhea meets Aaliya and tells about the big problem. Aaliya asks her did she fight with Prachi or Ranbir. Rhea tells that she might get thrown out of the house, because Prachi got to know about the spiked drink, that she had drugged Ranbir and nothing happened between Ranbir and Rhea. She tells that Prachi and Shahana found the entire truth. Aaliya asks her if Ranbir has told something. She tells that Prachi and Shahana would be bluffing. Rhea tells that Prachi is very sure. Aaliya asks her to let Prachi’s doubt be a doubt, Prachi shouldn’t find any proof. She asks Rhea not to get scared and act like a culprit, else she will get caught. She asks Rhea to just deny the blame and not panic. Rhea thanks her and hugs her.

Aaliya tells that she has an important meeting at night. She adds that they will talk tomorrow. She leaves for the meeting. She checks her mail. She sees Ranbir arriving home. Ranbir asks the guard to help him with the cctv footage. Ranbir doesn’t see Aaliya sitting in the car. Aaliya hears Ranbir’s plans of checking the cctv footage. Ranbir goes to the kitchen to make some food. Prachi comes there to have water. He asks her how did she come there. She gets rude. He tells that he wasn’t asking her in a wrong way. Prachi gets emotional seeing her. He asks her what is she thinking. She asks why is he eating the sandwich. He tells that he can’t drink it, so he is eating it. He cracks a joke.

She asks him to have proper food. He tells that she knows him already, he loves to have sandwich. She tells that she will heat the food. He asks her not to put efforts. She tells that she is doing the work for herself. She helps him. She cares for him and wants him to have good nutritious food. Ranbir sees her and recalls their past moments when he fell in love with her. She serves the food to him. Ranbir asks her to join him. They have the dinner together. He also cares for her.

Rhea spots them together and rages. She thinks Aaliya isn’t there to help, but Pallavi is there. Aaliya finds Ranbir very confident of himself and his love for Prachi, that he isn’t believing Rhea’s lie. She doesn’t want to tell Rhea about Ranbir’s plan. She gets stuck in the jam. She goes to lecture the police constable. She comes across Nick. Nick tells that he is Preeti’s boyfriend. Nick asks Aaliya to give him some money to settle the police case. He offers help to her. She gives him the money. He tells that he will not keep her favor and return it soon. She asks him to keep his attitude. Rhea goes to Pallavi to complain about Ranbir and Prachi. She provokes Pallavi against Prachi by reminding how Prachi had cheated Ranbir by having an affair with Siddharth. Pallavi decides to teach a lesson to Prachi. How will Aaliya employ Nick in her plan and turn the tables in Rhea’s favor? Keep reading.

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  1. This blasted serial going in facking circles.only conspiracies n criminal planning by rhea alliya.pallavi only praising criminal rhea.ranbir like an arse with no balls spine or backbone to stand to pallavi.Ranbir like he still breastfeeding so he cant tell mummy dearest he dibt want or consider rhea his wife or expose thw condition he got married to other.
    n prachi is juzt one big facking arse who only arguing with Ranbir he doh love she his love is pretence .ranbir needs to prove his love.
    prachi forget she was in bed with she brother in law sid too n she aint prove jack shit or clear her name so way she wants ranbir to prove.Jackarse story. wat the fAck prachi wants?

  2. Sandy stop blaming the actors. This is all Etka Kapoor sick,twisted and demented evil dark mind. The actors just doing their job. It is hard finding work in India and Etka knows this. The only thing that will help is when people stop watching this demonic woman’s work.

  3. Why is people still watching this crap. The fact that this Etka promotes date RAPE of men all the time is beyond sick!!!! STOP WATCHING THIS PSYCO DEMONIC WOMANS SOAPIES. SHE NEEDS TO REPENT AND ASK GOD FOR HELP!!!


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