Kundali Bhagya 29th March 2022 Written Update I love you twist

Kundali Bhagya 29th March 2022 Written Update I love you twist

Kundali Bhagya 29th March 2022 Written Update I love you twist Sherlyn meets Prithvi in the jail. He blames her for provoking him to steal the property papers. He tells her that he landed in the jail because of her. He wasn’t interested in stealing the papers, but had to do it for Sherlyn’s sake. She asks him not to accuse her. She tells him that she is really smart, unlike him who got ousted from the Luthra house. She tells him that she will show him what she can do by being with the Luthra family and targeting them. She taunts that she didn’t waste time like him. On the other hand, Karan gives roses to Preeta.

He tells her that it isn’t called a proposal only when a person says I love you and gives a rose, its also a proposal when a person shares his true feelings of heart. He tells Preeta that he has come to share his feelings. He expresses his love to her. He tells that he loves her a lot. He asks her to accept him the way he is. Preeta gets emotional. She wants to tell him the truth. She has already decided to tell her real motives to the family. She doesn’t want Karan and her relation to suffer. Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Kareena, Bani and Rakhi plan a holi function. They decide to invite the guests. Bani asks about the food arrangements. Rakhi tells that she will prepare everything as Mahesh likes. She doesn’t want anything wrong to happen. She tells that negativity has gone away from the house. She wants to play holi with colours. Preeta overhears them. She thinks to tell them the truth on the holi day and fill colours of joy in their lives. She expects a happy union with the Luthras. She wishes that she could have told the truth to Karan first. She feels hurt recalling Karan’s rude behavior.


Kundali Bhagya 29th March 2022 Written Update I love you twist:

Prithvi learns that someone has come to meet him. He thinks Preeta has come to meet and challenge him. Constable tells that Preeta didn’t come, someone else has come. Prithvi goes to see. Shrishti gives the good news to Biji and Janki that Prithvi got arrested. They celebrate the good news. They sing and play music. Shrishti asks them about the holi plans. She tells that they shall meet Mahesh’s favorite sweets and visit Luthras tomorrow. Sherlyn hugs Prithvi and cries. He asks her why is she crying, he is still alive, he didn’t die.

She tells that she would have gone to jail if it was in her hands. He asks her to try. He asks constable can he arrest Sherlyn, is there any exchange offer, can Sherlyn get behind bars as a replacement. Constable tells that its not possible. Sherlyn asks Prithvi not to make fun of her, she is really upset. He tells that its her favor that he is in the jail, it was her idea, she asked him to steal the papers. She tells that she gave the idea, but didn’t know that he has stolen the papers. He tells that he didn’t tell his crime to anyone, but its her fault. He asks her to go home. She tells that she is staying in the house with fear. He asks her what is she doing for his betterment.

He tells that Preeta had come to meet him and insult him. He asks Sherlyn to bail him out and take him home. She tells that its late and she can’t arrange any help. He asks her if she has come for timepass. He wants to fight with Preeta alone. He tells that he executed her idea and now he is suffering. He requests her to leave, she is totally useless. She tells that she is useful, she is not like him, who doesn’t have any fixed goal. She loses her cool and rebukes him. Prithvi asks constable to put him back in the lockup. Sherlyn tells that she won’t do anything for him now. He asks her not to do anything, she is useless, she can’t help him, she will just ruin him. She tells that she isn’t like him, he is useless. They both yell at each other.

On the other side, Preeta stays upset. Karan comes to meet her. She asks him if he has come to shout on her again. She tells that this time she won’t accept any nonsense, she will reply him the same way. He tells that he didn’t come to scold her, he came to apologize to her. She asks him if he is joking. He tells that he has hurt her many times. She asks what does he want to say. He tells that he scolded her a lot in anger, but he is feeling sorry to hurt her feelings. She asks him what does he want from him. He asks her to scold him and shout back on him, he isn’t right to always yell at her. She can’t believe it. She asks if she is dreaming. She asks did he come to say sorry.

He tells that he didn’t come to say sorry, he fails to say the right thing which he wants to say. He gives her a rose. He tells that the rose also has thorns with it, the rose is beautiful just like him, he is the handsome Karan Luthra, he has some bad qualities like the thorns, if Preeta loves him, then she should accept him with his bad qualities. He appeals to her to accept him. Preeta can’t believe it. She smiles and accepts the rose, signing that she has accepted him. She asks him if he is proposing her. He takes the rose back. He denies it. He tells that saying I love you is not the only form of proposal, even sharing the feelings is a form of proposal. He tells that he loves her a lot.

He asks her to accept him. They share a moment of joy. She asks him if he isn’t angry on her. He tells that he isn’t angry, else he would have not come to her. She takes the rose from him and tells that she will think well about his proposal and then give a reply. He gives her time to think. He goes, giving her a moment of peace. Prithvi tries to calm down his mind. He talks to his cell mate, who cracks silly jokes and laughs aloud. Prithvi goes mad. He asks the Inspector to let him stay alone. Naagre visits Prithvi. Prithvi tells that he is getting tortured in the cell, he was just waiting for Naagre. He asks Naagre to get him bailed. Naagre tells that the bail will happen after the holi day.

Prithvi asks why is he tensed, will the bail not get granted. Naagre tells that the two days can make Prithvi lose a lot, maybe Prithvi will lose his lifetime Sasural. Prithvi asks what does he want to say. Naagre tells that he can’t go against Preeta, else she will ruin his career. He reminds that Preeta has the entire ownership, but still Prithvi has some stake, if Preeta snatches everything from him, if she finds the hidden locker, then she will get everything on her name. He tells that Preeta will succeed in her name, when Prithvi goes home and doesn’t get his property papers, then he will be out of the Luthra house forever.

Prithvi angrily tells that Naagre has got sold to Preeta, he has come to anger him on Preeta’s orders. He knows Naagre well. He calls Naagre an opportunist. He rebukes Naagre for running after powerful Preeta. Naagre asks him if he has lost his mind. He tells that he makes people powerful. He refuses to get Prithvi bailed out. He asks Prithvi to never doubt his loyalty. He makes a leave, while Prithvi shouts on him. Prithvi tells that he will hire a bigger lawyer than him, he doesn’t want anyone else. He argues with the jail mate, and later drinks alcohol.

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