Fanaa 30th March 2022 Written Update Ishaan meets Pakhi

Fanaa 30th March 2022 Written Update Ishaan meets Pakhi

Fanaa 30th March 2022 Written Update Ishaan meets Pakhi Pakhi returns to Raichand house. Agastya gets a little scared and suspicious seeing Pakhi’s angry face. Everyone questions Pakhi why she got so late in returning. Angry Pakhi silently walks towards Agastya. Suddenly, the electricity goes off. Agastya asks someone to check why electricity went away suddenly. Everyone gets scared hearing Pakhi’s sudden scream. Whole family tries searching for Pakhi and Agastya starts checking Pakhi’s location on a tracker. Another scream of Pakhi is heard and increases everyone’s worry.

From his tracker, Agastya finds out that Pakhi isn’t at home. Everyone keeps searching for Pakhi. Before Agastya could go outside to check Pakhi, electricity returns. Agastya gets shocked seeing Pakhi in front of him. While, others feel relaxed on seeing Pakhi safe. Agastya asks Pakhi where she vanished all of a sudden and why she was screaming. He also asks Pakhi if she is fine. Pakhi replies that she went to fix the fuse and screamed as she got scared after colliding with something. Agastya asks Pakhi why she went herself to fix the fuse, when she could have sent someone else to do this work.

Pakhi tells Agastya that a person needs to take risks sometimes to do something in life. Agastya asks Pakhi to leave all this and come for dinner. Worried, Sameer walks to Pakhi, holds her cheeks and asks her if she is fine. Pakhi feels emotional seeing her concerned father. Mona rudely asks everyone to end the drama as she is hungry. After dinner, Agastya takes Sameer aside and tells him that he will inform him when the Visa formalities date will arrive. He hugs Sameer and warns him to stay quiet and don’t try any move against him. Pakhi gets angry seeing Agastya scaring her father.


She angrily walks towards Sameer and Agastya and separates them. Pakhi holds Sameer’s hand ensuring safety to him. She tells Agastya that nothing can happen to her father till she is alive and there is nothing to worry. Pakhi says everything is fine and turns to her father. Sameer caresses Pakhi’s cheeks. Pakhi gets emotional and hugs Sameer. Agastya gives an evil smirk to Sameer, which makes him feel helpless. Pakhi notices this. Later, on call, Pakhi asks Mohit what she should do to find hidden cameras in her surroundings. Mohit asks Pakhi to take out her ring which has a hidden tracker inside it as it can cause disturbance.

Pakhi follows Mohit’s instructions and takes out the ring from her finger. Next, Mohit asks Pakhi to move the device he gave her in all the nook and corners of her surroundings. He tells Pakhi if a blue light will arise, it will mean that there is a hidden camera at that place. Mohit disconnects the call asking Pakhi to inform him if she finds anything suspicious. Pakhi thanks Mohit before the call gets disconnected. She starts moving Mohit’s device in all nooks and corners of the room that she shares with Agastya. In this search process, something falls from the shelf by Pakhi’s hands. Agastya’s access sensor to his secret room comes in front of Pakhi. She wonders if it’s a camera or something. Pakhi starts scanning the sensor using Mohit’s device.

Suddenly, Agastya enters the room and Pakhi gets scared. Mohit’s device falls from Pakhi’s hand. Pakhi smartly covers up her slip and keeps all the stuff back at their place before Agastya arrives. She also successfully hides Mohit’s device. Agastya asks Pakhi what she is searching for, on the floor. Pakhi lies to Agastya that she is searching for her ring. Agastya finds the ring and makes her it. He tells Pakhi that he feels her near him if she keeps wearing this ring. Agastya asks Pakhi to keep wearing this ring. Pakhi feels angry when Agastya asks her to never take this ring out of her finger. Her anger increases when Agastya kisses her hand, but she controls it.

Agastya goes to change. Pakhi gets suspicious of the cupboard having a sensor outside and a secret room inside, which Pakhi till now is unaware of. She gets determined on finding out what Agastya’s secret cupboard has inside/behind it. Late at night, Pakhi wakes up and leaves the room secretly. She removes and keeps the tracker fitted ring on the dining table. Later, she walks outside and asks someone where he is. She says she did as he said and didn’t say anything to Agastya till now. Pakhi tells the person that only she knows how she is stopping herself every moment.

Ishaan comes in front of Pakhi. Pakhi tells Ishaan that they were just characters of this story but now it’s time to give it a new twist. She says Agastya did non-acceptable things with him, her and her family. Pakhi tells Ishaan that she will get Agastya punished for his bad deeds and crimes. Both Ishaan and Pakhi join hands together, against Agastya. Ishaan tells Pakhi that he can’t tell her how he got out of all the evil plots of Agastya. He also tells Pakhi that it’s very shocking that she used to consider Agastya her best friend, who did all this with them. Ishaan asks what type of love Agastya is in with her.

Pakhi tells Ishaan that she feels thankful to God that he got fine. She also tells Ishaan that she is feeling very guilty knowing that she is responsible for his miseries. Pakhi apologizes to Ishaan and says that she never knew that Agastya would stoop so low. Ishaan asks Pakhi to not apologize as she is also one of the victims of this story. Pakhi asks Ishaan how he got fine and saved from all this mess. Ishaan tells Pakhi that he started recovering even before she came to meet him with Agastya. He also tells Pakhi that he tried running away from the hospital the same day, but got caught. Ishaan further tells Pakhi that on the same day, Agastya made a plan to send him into a coma forever.

He reveals to Pakhi that after he got conscious, nurse Maya told him that she wants to rectify her mistake as she did everything because of Agastya’s fear. Ishaan also reveals to Pakhi that the nurse injected him with water to help him and fool Agastya. He says that nurse Maya asked him to keep her help towards him a secret and to act unconscious, otherwise they will get into a big trouble. Ishaan tells Pakhi that nurse Maya made a plan and asked him to act like he went into a coma, so that Yug informs Agastya about it. Ishaan also tells Pakhi that this way nurse Maya made Agastya send him to his home.

Pakhi asks Ishaan who is Yug. Ishaan tells Pakhi that Yug is Agastya’s right hand. He also tells Pakhi that Agastya makes Yug do all his criminal and wrong work, so that he doesn’t get caught or punished himself. Ishaan further tells Pakhi that it was Yug who attacked him on their wedding night. He tells Pakhi that he told everything to Shubham after returning home from hospital but not revealed anything to his father. Pakhi feels shocked. Ishaan tells Pakhi that his father still thinks that he is still in coma. He also tells Pakhi that he was waiting for the right time to tell her everything. /p>

Ishaan further tells Pakhi that when she called Shubham and the way she apologized to Shubham, he understood that she got to know the truth herself. He tells Pakhi that he knew that she would go to Agastya to confront him and that’s why he stopped her. Flashback of Ishaan switching off the electricity of Raichand house near the fuse box is shown. After this Ishaan is seen taking Pakhi aside in darkness. He shuts her mouth and the flashback ends. Ishaan tells Pakhi that he didn’t want her to confront Agastya as clever Agastya would have got saved using some excuse. Pakhi tells Ishaan that he did the right thing by stopping her as she was about to burst out at Agastya.

Pakhi says she wouldn’t have been able to control her anger. She tells Ishaan that Agastya will trap him only, if he will try telling his truth to the world. Pakhi tells Ishaan that Agastya can trap him in the organ trafficking case. She says that she has now understood how low Agastya can stoop. Pakhi says Agastya thinks that nobody can catch his crimes and bad deeds, but now she will bring Agastya’s real face in front of the whole world. Later, Agastya suddenly wakes up and finds Pakhi missing from the bedroom. He thinks Pakhi must have gone downstairs to drink water. Ishaan tells Pakhi that Agastya shouldn’t know anything about them or their plan.

He says that first they will need Agastya’s confession as well as proof against him. Ishaan gives a phone to Pakhi and asks her to use it as Agastya might have or could tap her phone and they can’t take any risk. Pakhi thanks Ishaan. She tells Ishaan that Inspector Virat could have helped them at this time but Agastya trapped him too. Ishaan tells Pakhi that he understands this but they will have to do this all alone. He asks Pakhi to make a decision carefully by thinking if she would be able to do this being Agastya’s wife. Pakhi tells Ishaan that her situation forced her to marry Agastya but she sincerely kept her friendship with Agastya.

Agastya tries searching Pakhi in the whole house. Pakhi tells Ishaan that Agastya has put her friendship to shame and deceived her. She angrily says that now she can do anything to get Agastya punished, even if she will have to act as his friend. Aagstya tries tracking Pakhi using his tracker. Pakhi tells Ishaan that she can’t understand, whom she should trust and whom she shouldn’t. She asks Ishaan what he thinks, if Neelima would be aware of Agastya’s crimes or not. Ishaan says he can’t say anything about it now. He asks Pakhi to not trust anyone for now. With determination in her eyes, Pakhi says Agastya will surely get punished for his evil deeds now.

Agastya finds Pakhi eating chocolates in the dining room. Pakhi tells Agastya that she was craving for chocolates and thus came downstairs to have them. Agastya asks Pakhi if she is some kid that is secretly eating chocolates late at night. Pakhi asks Agastya how he got to know that she is near the dining table. Agastya tells Pakhi that he knows that she is a big foodie and will be found here. He tells Pakhi that he will bring a lot of chocolates for her tomorrow. Agastya takes Pakhi back to their room. Pakhi receives Mohit’s text asking her if she got anything suspicious from the room.

Pakhi takes the photo of the sensor attached to Agastya’s cupboard and sends it to Mohit. She also texts him and asks to see what it is. Pakhi talks to Mohit on call using wireless earphones. Mohit tells Pakhi that it’s an eye scanner and used for security of some secret stuff. He advises Pakhi to take a photo of Agastya’s eyes somehow, as it can help her. Seeing Agastya coming outside of the bathroom, she hides her wireless earphones. She somehow convinces Agastya to take a selfie with her. Agastya asks Pakhi why she is taking their closeups. Pakhi lies that her filter looks good in closeups. Agastya goes to sleep after the selfie. In her thoughts, Pakhi asks Agastya to sleep peacefully tonight as from tomorrow a big storm will enter his life.

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