Radha Mohan 10th May 2022 Written Update Mohan upsets Radha

Radha Mohan 12th December 2022 Mohan lashes out

Radha Mohan 10th May 2022 Written Update Mohan upsets Radha Gungun is seen talking to Tulsi’s photograph. She recalls Mohan telling her that she will leave Tulsi’s memories behind, by leaving Trivedi house. “Chaoro” lullaby plays in the background. Gungun tells Tulsi’s photograph that Mohan said something that now she can’t even leave Trivedi’s house. She hugs Tulsi’s photo frame and says that she hates Mohan. Tulsi’s soul watches and overhears Gungun. She tells Gungun that she should not say/talk like this about her own father. She caresses Gungun and tells her that her father loves her a lot.

Gungun tells her mother’s photograph that no one loves her. She says that she wishes that Tulsi would have been with her. Gungun says she misses her mother. Tulsi’s soul cries and tries to tell Gungun that she is with her and in front of her. She tries to wipe Gungun’s tears but fails. Tulsi’s soul recalls Mohan giving her a swear that she won’t ever show her face or make any family member of his hear her voice. She says what type of swear, Mohan gave her, that she can’t even wipe her daughter’s tears. Tulsi’s soul requests Gungun to not cry, being helpless.


On the other hand, Damini’s mother tells Damini that people who look and act innocent turn out to be the most clever person. She warns Damini to be careful about Radha and her actions. Damini’s mother says Radha returned to Trivedi house within 3 hours of being thrown out, that too in Mohan’s arms. She tells Damini that Mohan never picked her up in his arms. Damini asks her mother why she is thinking about small things, when such big things are happening at home. She tells her mother that Tulsi’s brother’s tried to kidnap Gungun. She wonders why Mohan let Gungun’s kidnappers go easily.

At the same time, at another place, Tulsi’s brother and his goon friend are seen discussing that they won’t let Gungun escape them easily, next time. Suddenly, Mohan arrives there and overhears Tulsi’s brother’s conversation with his goon friend. He starts beating them and tells them that he won’t let the person who touched his daughter breathe next. Mohan recalls Gungun telling that her maternal uncle tried to kidnap her. Recalling this, Mohan beats Tulsi’s brother and his goon friend black and blue. Tulsi’s mother comes in between and stops Mohan. She asks Mohan if he will kill Tulsi’s whole family as the court acquitted him.

Mohan tells Tulsi’s mother that only Tulsi knows who murdered her. He tells Tulsi’s brother and his goon friend that if they try to even eye his daughter, then no court or police will be able to save them. Mohan touches Tulsi’s mother’s feet and leaves from there. At Trivedi house, Radha screams when Dulari applies an ice-pack on her swollen feet. She politely asks Dulari to apply the ice-pack slowly as she is feeling pain. Damini’s mother comes and asks Radha in a declarative tone, if her foot pain went away. Radha replies that she is still having pain in foot. Damini’s mother asks Radha if she should get her ticket booked. She tells Radha that she will reach home on time, if she will leave for home now.

Radha and Tulsi’s soul signs in no. At the same time, Radha’s father and grandmother arrive at Trivedi house, saying that Vishwanath ji called them up. Radha’s grandmother asks Radha how she is and tells her that they came to pick her up. This suddenly shocks happy Radha. Radha asks her Grandmother to scold her when in alone for coming to Trivedi house, without informing her. Radha’s grandmother tells Radha that she is relieved to see her safe in front of her. She tells Radha that they will keep a “paath” for her at home and asks her to return home. Radha and Tulsi’s soul doesn’t wish Radha to leave Trivedi house.

Kadambari asks Radha’s grandmother and father to have rest for some time and food too. She says till then Radha will also be able to take rest. Radha’s grandmother asks Kadambari to excuse them as they wish to leave now. Damini’s mother agrees to Radha’s grandmother. Mohan arrives and says that Radha won’t go anywhere. Mohan’s words stuns everyone in different ways. Tulsi’s soul feels relaxed with Mohan’s decision. Damini’s mother asks Mohan what’s the point behind Radha’s stay at Trivedi house. Mohan says Radha did a favor on them by saving Gungun. He says Radha came to see his marriage and now he wants Radha to leave seeing him getting married.

Moham seeks Radha’s father’s permission. Radha’s grandmother shows reluctance. Kadambari requests and convinces Radha’s family to stay at Trivedi house till Mohan gets married. Damini’s mother leaves warning Radha by telling her that she is keeping a watch on her. Ketki and her real mother discuss that with Radha’s entry, one more free eating human entered their house. Ketki’s real brother asks Ketki, who else is a free eater except Radha. Ketki replies that even Damini and her mother are eating and living for free at their house. Ketki’s real brother tells her that Damini brilliantly handles their family business with Kadambari.

Ketki asks her real brother why some stranger is needed for the work they should do. Ketki’s brother leaves, scaring Ketki by telling her that one day Damini will have keys to the whole Trivedi house. Ketki says she is scared/worried about that day only. Later, Gungun visits Radha’s room. Radha assumes that Gungun came to thank her for saving her. She tells Gungun that she doesn’t need to thank her for saving her as it’s her duty. Gungun with attitude reminds Radha that not she (Radha) but she (Gungun) saved her (Radha) by hitting her maternal uncle and his goon friend with coconuts. She tells Radha because of her, her house leaving plan failed.

Gungun tells Radha that it would have been if she would have died, as this way Mohan would have got arrested. Gungun’s words shocks Radha. She asks Gungun in what way she is talking as she was thinking that they have become good friends. Radha explains to Gungun that friendship gets stronger by helping each other. Gungun asks Radha to not be confused as they are enemies, not friends. She leaves threatening Radha that she will make her life hell in Trivedi house. Radha tries to stop Gungun seeing her elbow wound. Gungun doesn’t listen to Radha and walks away. Radha falls down from bed in the process to stop Gungun.

Later, Mohan passes from near Gungun’s room and enters seeing her injured. He tries to apply ointment to Gungun but she behaves rudely with him. She throws the ointment tube away. While Mohan goes to pick up the ointment tube, Gungun climbs upon her cupboard. This shocks and worries Mohan. Mohan requests Gungun to come down as she may hurt herself. Gungun stays adamant and refuses to come downstairs. While trying to get away from Mohan, Gungun shifts and slips from the cupboard. Worried Mohan and Radha run and catch Gungun. They get lost in each other’s eyes. Mohan politely scolds Gungun for putting herself in danger.

Gungun addresses Mohan as her mother’s killer, when he tries to apply ointment on her elbow wound. She asks Mohan to bring a knife and kill her. Gungun’s words shocks Radha but hurts Mohan. Mohan leaves hurt and disappointed. Radha tries to explain to Gungun that she shouldn’t behave badly with Mohan as he is her father. Angry Gungun pushes Radha making her fall on the floor. Radha screams pretending to be in pain. Gungun comes down and asks Radha to get quiet as she talks a lot. Using this opportunity, Radha applies ointment to Gungun’s wound. Radha tells Gungun that she is Barsana’s Radha. She says she fears many things but does them anyhow.

Seeing Radha’s way of handling Gungun, Tulsi’s soul smiles. She feels thankful towards Radha for fulfilling her responsibilities. Gungun threatens Radha to get out of her room and Radha leaves. Tulsi smiles and feels happy. Later, Radha thinks that Gungun is hurting Mohan’s heart in innocence. She decides to give Mohan’s gifted Shrimad Bhagavad Gita to Mohan, thinking that Mohan’s life needs a change and Gita will help him in all his problems. After some time, Radha tries searching for Mohan in his room. She finds Mohan’s almirah and clothes kept disoriented and decides to organize everything properly. While arranging Mohan’s cupboard, Radha finds Mohan’s old flute.

She smiles, recalling how beautifully Mohan used to play his flute in her childhood and even in their younger times. Radha says Mohan who used to be happy playing flute has gone lost somewhere in sadness. She says Mohan’s smile has also gotten lost. Radha thinks that once Mohan will read Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, all his problems will get solved. On the other hand, Mohan is seen skipping rope at a fast speed. While skipping, he recalls Gungun’s hurtful words towards him. Radha interrupts Mohan and tries giving him the “Shrimad Bhagavad Gita”, he gave her in her childhood. Mohan shows no interest in taking Gita from Radha. He tells Radha that he and his family have their own publishing houses and can get any number of Gita’s as they wish to have.

Radha tells Mohan that this “Srimad Bhagavad Gita” is special. She reminds Mohan that he gave her this Gita, when she needed it the most. Radha further reminds Mohan that he explained to her that Gita has solutions to a person’s all problems. She says by reading Gita, she feels that Lord Krishna himself is showing her the right path by holding her hand. Mohan feels irritated with Radha’s words. Radha tells Mohan that he will surely find a way to lessen or end his and Gungun’s distance, through Shrimad Bhagavad Gita. Mohan tells Radha it’s all about trust. He also tells Radha that she believes in God but he doesn’t.

Mohan further tells Radha that he doesn’t even remember when he gave this “Shrimad Bhagavad Gita” to her. Radha recalls Mohan giving her Gita in the past on the day of her mother’s death. She feels shocked hearing this. Mohan tells Radha that the Gita she is holding in her hands isn’t sent or written by Lord Krishna. He tells Radha that he published this Gita through his publishing house, machines. Mohan further tells Radha that this Gita isn’t priceless but costs Rs. 250. He also tells Radha that they consider it business and it doesn’t have any solutions to life’s problems.

Radha feels taken aback with Mohan’s thinking. She tells Mohan that his heart has gotten lost in the modern world. Radha says there is a solution for this too in Gita. Mohan tells Radha that she believes in all this but he doesn’t. Radha asks Mohan to only say good things. She tells Mohan that if he will read Gita with true and honest heart, he will surely get whatever he wishes for. Mohan tells Radha that Lord Krishna gave him everything but also snatched back whatever he gave him. Radha gives Lord Krishna’s swear to Mohan to not talk like this. Mohan tells Radha that swear is given of those, whose existence is believed to be true. As Mohan leaves, Radha feels upset on learning that Mohan doesn’t believe in God’s existence.

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