Kundali Bhagya 18th July 2022 Written Update Karan vows

Kundali Bhagya 18th July 2022 Written Update Karan vows

Kundali Bhagya 18th July 2022 Written Update Karan vows Karan recalls the slap by Preeta. He wonders why did he react in such a way like she is righteous when she knows her crime well. He wanted to see her guilty reaction. He thinks that’s also one of Preeta’s deceiving pretence. He tells that he will make Preeta’s life hell, he will trouble her, he will give her so much sorrow that she will pray for her death. He gets revengeful. The party still goes on. Karan goes to Preeta and tells her that he can take her to Karan if she wants to see him. Preeta agrees to go with him. She holds his hand, while he aggressively catches her. He holds her at the knife point to scare her. Preeta is shell shocked by his strange behavior. Earlier in the show, Rakhi tells that Preeta slapped Arjun, which means Arjun has done too wrong. She feels at fault that she regarded him a son.

She calls him bad. She rebukes him for his actions. The reporters ask Arjun if he was really asking personal questions to trouble Preeta. Anjali asks the reporters to leave. Karan goes to his room. He turns mad and laughs at himself. Anjali asks him to calm down and control his feelings. He tells that Preeta got too irritated and slapped him, her truth has come out, she couldn’t tolerate that he brought her true face out. He tells that Preeta broke his heart and left him incomplete, she has snatched his identity. He hates Preeta and wants revenge on her.

Kundali Bhagya 18th July 2022 Written Update Karan vows:


Karan tells that Preeta has ruined his joyful life, he will now ruin her life, he will snatch everything from her. He wants Preeta to know his pain of a heartbreak. He tells that he has shed blood tears, he is in much pain, he will make Preeta and Rishabh shed blood tears by giving them much sorrow. He tells that he won’t let Preeta die so soon, he will make her life hell. Other side, Rishabh comes to talk to Preeta. He apologizes for whatever happened in the party. He tells that its his fault that he took her to the party against her wish. She asks him not to feel guilty, they didn’t know about Arjun’s behavior, it was unexpected. They meet Kavya and get happy.

Karan watches Preeta and his video on the screen, while drinking. He swears to remind Preeta about Karan and sink her in guilt. He wants to punish her for the murder attempt. He feels he is at fault that he trusted Preeta and invited the pain. He burns himself in rage. He thinks he will get a sleep of peace, because Preeta won’t sleep in peace tonight. He likes to live his life from now. Rishabh tells Sameer that Preeta is better now. Sameer asks him is he okay. Rishabh asks him to find out about Arjun, his background, his motives behind buying Karan’s cricket stuff. Sameer agrees.

Karan takes his bat and recalls his wonderful memories with Preeta. Preeta stays disturbed. She decides to never meet Arjun. Karan breaks things in anger. Preeta hates Arjun. She pacifies herself. They both shed tears. Karan regrets that he has hurt Rakhi so much. Rakhi recalls Arjun. She also cries, thinking she has trusted a wrong person. She tells Mahesh that she is selfish, she felt emotional about Arjun, she isn’t a good mother-in-law, she should have punished Arjun for misbehaving with Preeta. She doesn’t know why she sees Karan in Arjun. He tells that she is a helpless mother and sees Karan in Arjun, because Arjun is Karan’s big fan. He pacifies Rakhi. He admits that even he has seen Karan in Arjun. Preeta dreams of Arjun asking her to come with her, saying he will take her to Karan. Arjun attacks her in the dream.

Preeta wakes up from this nightmare. She screams and runs out of her room. Rishabh hears Preeta’s scream. He stops Preeta. Preeta tells him that Arjun knows about Karan, he will take her to Karan. Rishabh asks her to come to senses. The entire family gathers in the hall on hearing Preeta’s loud cry. The lights get on. Preeta looks for Arjun. She tells them that Arjun told her that he will take her to Karan, he knows about Karan, he tricked her and stabbed her. She doesn’t see any blood on her hands. Rishabh tells that it was just her nightmare. Preeta comes to senses. He consoles Preeta. Preeta feels sorry. He tells that he is there to protect her, he won’t let anything happen to her, because he is answerable to Karan and family. He adds that Karan lives in their hearts. Preeta cries for Karan. Her pain brings tears in the family’s eyes too.

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