Kumkum Bhagya 1st March 2023 Written Update Savior Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya 1st March 2023 Written Update Savior Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya 1st March 2023 Written Update Savior Prachi Prachi gets suspicious when she finds Payal and the reporter taking the NGO’s help to punish Ranbir with a defamation trick. She tells that Ranbir would get punished by the law, and they don’t need to assassinate his reputation. Payal gets greedy to threaten Ranbir with the help of the NGO women and extract money from him. Prachi finds Payal meeting her boyfriend. She overhears Payal’s plan. She is shocked to know that she has misjudged Ranbir, who didn’t molest Payal. She regrets her stand for Payal.

Payal heads to Kohli’s house with the NGO team to blacken Ranbir’s name and humiliate him. Ranbir is shocked to see the media along with the NGO women. Sadly, he doesn’t have family members present to rescue him. Pallavi and Dida go to the temple to pray to Matarani that Ranbir gets saved from the wrong blame. They wish Prachi returns to his life for good and doesn’t pose more problems to him. Ranbir didn’t expect Payal to go to this extent when he had already met her at her place and tried to convince her to withdraw the case. He didn’t want Payal to get defamed once she is proved wrong.


The woman tells Ranbir that he had tried to molest a girl, his face will be stained now, and he will be punished. The reporter tells that this will be recorded and played on every news channel. She threatens of ruining his name. Ranbir tells them that Payal is lying. He asks them not to take such an extreme step. The NGO women catch him while the reporters record his helplessness when one of the NGO women goes to stain Ranbir’s face with ink. Prachi reaches there in time and stops the woman from blackening his face. Ranbir is surprised to see his Prachi back to protect him. Will Prachi save Ranbir from Payal’s dirty game? Keep reading for Kumkum Bhagya 1st March 2023 full written update.

Kumkum Bhagya 1st March 2023 Written Update Savior Prachi:

Ranbir tells Khushi that he trusts her. She asks her how is she related to him. He sees Panchi in her. He feels he got his Panchi back in the form of Khushi. He tells that she is his good friend. She calls him Shiv and asks if she can ask him something. He asks her what she wants. She asks him to meet her every day because she misses him a lot. He promises that he will come every day. She asks him to go, or else her mum will scold her. He tells that Laali doesn’t like him.

She tells that Laali doesn’t like anyone. He tells her that he will come again to meet her. She tells that whatever is written in the note will happen. He leaves. Payal hides from him. She goes to meet Laali. She asks Laali about Khushi and Ranbir. Laali asks her to tell Ranbir that he can’t adopt Khushi. Payal asks why would Ranbir take Khushi. Laali tells that Ranbir feels Khushi is like his daughter. Payal speaks against Ranbir. She tells that she was following Ranbir. She spoils his image. She tells that Ranbir is a disgusting man, and he takes an advantage of helpless girls. Laali can’t believe it.

On the other hand, Ashok reaches the airport. He leaves for the office. He scolds the manager for not working hard. Prachi doesn’t want to disappoint Ashok. She gets ready for work. She is worried for Ranbir. She wants Ranbir to fight if he is innocent. She doesn’t think he should tolerate anything. She decides to leave Ranbir alone so that he handles his problems. She tells that she will just support the right person. She gets Ashok’s call.

Prachi tells that she has done all the work, but she didn’t come to the office by now. Ashok praises her work. He tells that he has come to Delhi for important work. He asks her to come to the office. She tells that she has important work, she needs to finish it first, and she will come in some time. He insists she comes soon. Payal also calls Prachi. Prachi wishes Ranbir handles the situation.

On the contrary, Vikram hugs Ranbir and asks him if he is okay, and why is he looking tensed. Ranbir tells that he is okay, and he is tense about work since Kaya and her dad have gone out of town. He tells that he is burdened by work. He isn’t worried about Payal’s case. He tells that he can handle it. Pallavi and Dida ask him to come along with them to the temple. Ranbir tells that he is busy, he has work, and he is relaxed that they are going to pray for him. Pallavi tells that they will always be with him. Ranbir drops them at the door.

The entire family shows their belief in Matarani and makes a leave the house, leaving him alone at home. Ranbir doesn’t have any worries because he is innocent. Vikram hugs Ranbir and asks him to be brave. Ranbir is glad to have a supporting family. Aryan comes back to pick up his phone. He also hugs Ranbir and tells him that he is always with Ranbir. Later, Ranbir gets shocked when he finds Payal, reporters, and NGO women at the door. The NGO women introduce themselves. Raghav asks them why did they come. Reporter Tanya tells that they have come to support Payal.

Payal apologizes to him and tells him that he has forced her to take this step. They show the CCTV footage of Payal’s house and ask Ranbir does he remember his deed. Ranbir tells that he met Payal to request she withdraws the case. Payal tells that he had threatened her. Tanya tells that Ranbir has tried to molest Payal. The NGO women scold him for trying to harm a woman’s dignity. They tell him that they will blacken his face and then defame him in society. They catch hold of Ranbir, while he pleads for his freedom.

Scene flash, Prachi suddenly appears inside Kohli’s house, between the NGO women who detained Ranbir. Prachi comes into the middle of the scene out of nowhere and stops them from blackening his face. Ranbir is surprised to see Prachi. Prachi asks them not to do anything that makes them regret it later. She tells that she has to show them the truth. She shows the same CCTV footage with the audio, which proves that Payal is wrong. She tells that she wants to prove the truth, and Payal has framed Ranbir. She asks Payal to tell them the truth. Ranbir asks Prachi what is she saying. Prachi asks him to not speak when it’s not needed. She tells that she has to talk to them. Ranbir asks her to continue.

Prachi asks Payal if she has anything to confess. Payal asks Prachi if she is cheating her because Ranbir is Prachi’s husband. She blames Prachi for changing her side. Prachi tells that she is with the truth. She rebukes Payal for deceiving her. She reveals the truth that Payal wasn’t molested, she had stolen company funds and got caught red-handed by Ranbir, he didn’t file a police complaint and left her with a warning, Payal re-attempted the theft again, Ranbir warned her and fired her from the job. Payal calls it a lie. She tells that Prachi took her to the police station to file a complaint.

Prachi tells that she had gone against her husband to support the truth and get justice for Payal. She calls Payal wrong and proves it. Payal denies her fault. She asks Prachi not to lie. Prachi tells that Payal is lying. She shows the CCTV footage of Payal’s house. She tells that Payal and her boyfriend got hidden from Ranbir. She plays their conversation where Payal admits her crime. They planned to trap Ranbir. She tells them that Payal had lied to her about her breakup with her boyfriend. Payal calls the footage fake. Prachi asks her how can the CCTV footage be wrong when everything is seen and heard clearly. Prachi proves Ranbir innocent.

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