Kundali Bhagya 1st March 2023 Written Update News for Preeran

Kundali Bhagya 1st March 2023 Written Update News for Preeran

Kundali Bhagya 1st March 2023 Written Update News for Preeran Karan and Preeta have a hearty emotional talk. He asks her what she miss the most when he was away. She replies that she had missed a really silly thing, her dupattas didn’t get torn when he wasn’t there to step on it and tear it, she had missed those torn dupattas moments between them. Karan tells that she always blamed him for tearing her dupattas. He tells that he missed her a lot. He wanted to live every day of his life with her. Preeta likes to hear sweet confessions from Karan. They have a hug.

He asks her to plan something special for him. Karan and Preeta enjoy quality time in the resort. They head to explore the place. Natasha spots Karan and Preeta. She hides from Preeta and runs to her room. Roxy asks Natasha what happened and she rushed to the room. Natasha tells him that she has seen Preeta in the resort. He doesn’t find the news pleasant. He asks her who is accompanying Preeta. Natasha doesn’t know about Karan’s new look yet. She tells that she didn’t find out about Preeta’s partner.


She doesn’t want to get caught. She tells that they have come to Manali from Mumbai just to get saved from the Luthras, but fate has brought them in front of Preeta yet again. She asks Roxy to stay hidden from Preeta. She wonders if Rishabh has come along with Preeta. Natasha will soon discover Karan’s return with a new look. Will Natasha fall for Karan once again and play her cheap tactics to separate Preeta and Karan? How will Prithvi’s entry in the Manali track add twists to Preeran’s honeymoon? Keep reading for a quick written update for Kundali Bhagya 1st March 2023 once the episode airs on Zee5.

Kundali Bhagya 1st March 2023 Written Update News for Preeran:

Preeta tells Karan that she missed him a lot. Karan asks her what she misses the most. She tells that she missed him because he wasn’t there to tear her dupattas. She calls him by funny nicknames. He asks her why she calls him bitter. She tells that it’s a love language for girls to use such funny nicknames for their lovers. He asks if is she saying it for real. She tells him that when a girl asks the guy to not talk to her, it means she is willing to talk to him. She explains the girl’s psychology. She tells that the girls don’t say anything straight, if she says I hate you, it means she loves him a lot. Karan laughs hearing her. He tells that he also liked to give her nicknames. She asks him to get ready, they will go and have dinner. He gets flirting with her. She excuses herself and asks her not to be so naughty.

Rakhi, Bani, Kareena, and Mahesh are worried for Karan and Preeta. Rakhi asks him if he has contacted Karan. He tells that he is trying. He asks them not to worry, Karan will be fine. Rakhi gets worried for her son. Kareen asks Rakhi not to take tension, their Karan will be absolutely fine. Karan and Preeta’s photo frame falls. Their wedding photo frame breaks. Rakhi cries at the bad omen. Mahesh asks them not to worry. Mahesh tells that she will try to call Karan. Natasha sees Preeta in the corridor. She gets scared and hides from her. She remembers the humiliation that Preeta caused her.

She didn’t want to kill Karan, as Roxy had planned. She gets revengeful ire revived in her on seeing Preeta. She thinks if Preeta came alone, or if Karan came along with her. She follows Preeta to find out about Karan. Rakhi regrets that they have made the honeymoon plan and sent the children away. She feels guilty. Bani asks her not to feel guilty. She consoles Rakhi. Kareena tells that sometimes they don’t know what to do in life, they should leave it to God, who does everything for their good. She asks them to think positively and then positive will happen. Natasha keeps an eye on Preeta.

She finds her with Karan. She is surprised to see Karan with a new face. She remembers how she had tried to kill Karan. Shrishti drives the car at high speed. Sameer asks her to slow down. Rishabh calls Sameer and asks where is he. Sameer tells that he is on the way. Rishabh asks him to come to the office soon. Sameer tells about Shrishti’s reckless driving. Shrishti hits him. Natasha goes to her hotel room and tells Roxy that she will leave him and go away if he throws his attitude at her. Roxy apologizes to her. She tells that she is his girlfriend, not his wife to bear his tantrums.

He promises that he will not upset her again. She tells that she has seen Preeta in the resort. He tells that he doesn’t believe it. She asks him to come along and see Preeta. Rakhi prays for her children’s safety. She breaks down. Mahesh encourages her to keep their faith and fight her fears. Kareena cries seeing Rakhi and Mahesh. She tells that she feels lucky to get a caring brother. She praises Mahesh that he is a good husband to Rakhi, he is consoling Rakhi when he is also in tension.

Bani tells that Rakhi is also a good wife, who supports Mahesh in tough times. Kareena tells that if anything happens to Karan this time, then Rakhi and Mahesh won’t be able to tolerate the shock. Bani asks her not to say such bad things. They cry. Karan and Preeta reach the restaurant. They like the place. Neha greets them and asks them to join.

Neha gets over-friendly. Preeta laughs at Neha’s little odd behavior. Natasha gets Roxy there. She asks him to see Preeta and believe her words. She tells that the guy with Preeta is Karan. Roxy finds his face different. She tells that Karan has got plastic surgery and came back. Roxy calls her smart. He tells that they will not kill Karan now, Karan has a good fate to trick death and come back. He decides to leave the hotel. She agrees. The manager stops them from leaving the hotel. He tells that it’s the couple’s special time. He asks all the couples to set the dance floor on fire. He requests them to give their phones to the waiter, and enjoy the dance performance. Karan and Preeta give their phones. Natasha fears an arrest if Karan spots them.

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