Udaariyaan 18th March 2023 Written Update Secret revealed

Udaariyaan 18th March 2023 Written Update Secret revealed

Udaariyaan 18th March 2023 Written Update Secret revealed Nehmat decides to leave the town and go far from Ekam and Harleen’s lives. She wishes that they unite soon after she leaves. She can’t break Renuka’s trust. She remembers her promise to Renuka. She tells that she will never come between Ekam and Harleen. She feels Harleen deserves Ekam’s love because she has proved how selfless and good-hearted she is. Nehmat books her tickets. The tickets get delivered to home. Naaz receives the envelope and wonders what is Nehmat receiving from a travel agency. She checks the envelope and finds the tickets.

She is shocked to learn that Nehmat is leaving the town. Nehmat finds Naaz with the tickets and rushes to get them from her. A major revelation happens, when Harleen gives the diamond bracelet to Ekam, stating that she has seen Mallika dumping it. Ekam is shocked to see the diamond bracelet which Advait had gifted to Nehmat. He remembers Nehmat wearing the same bracelet. He connects the dots and realizes that the girl at the farmhouse that day was none other than his sister Mallika. He is moved to know how insensitive Mallika has become towards Nehmat.


Harleen tells that she had seen Mallika throwing the bracelet and thought to get it to him because it might be important. Ekam thanks Harleen for solving a big mystery. He gets more thankful to Nehmat who has saved Mallika’s respect by not revealing her name in front of the media. He wants Renuka to see Nehmat’s goodness and accept her in the family. Ekam tells Harleen about Mallika and Advait’s relationship in the past, and also their affair. Harleen and Ekam head to speak to Renuka and clear her heart for Nehmat. Naaz tells Nehmat that she will keep her secret if Nehmat helps her out. She gives a task to Nehmat.


Neeti is stopped from sitting in the puja with Sanju/Rajeev. The family asks Pari to sit in the puja because she is giving birth to the baby. Pari tells that she won’t sit in the puja, because the baby’s parents should sit. She adds that Neeti and Sanju are the parents of the baby. She doesn’t think she has any right. Sanju’s mum tells the pandit that Neeti and Pari are both the baby’s mothers. She asks if they both can sit in the puja. Pandit allows both of them to sit in the puja. Bebe insults Pari for sitting in the puja in Neeti’s place when she knows that Neeti is Sanju’s wife. Neeti asks Sanju is it true, Pari is his wife. Sanju and Pari get worried.

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