Kundali Bhagya 24th March 2023 Written Update Rajveer meets Luthras

Kundali Bhagya 24th March 2023 Written Update Rajveer meets Luthras

Kundali Bhagya 24th March 2023 Written Update Rajveer meets Luthras. Rajveer questions Shrishti about the family who had been thrown out of Preeta from their house. He asks who they were and why did they do that. Shrishti says that Preeta is in this condition only because of the Luthras, who punished Preeta for Anjali’s crimes. She tells him that Anjali was mad at Karan’s love and wanted to marry her, she had tried her best to snatch Karan from Preeta, but she got defeated in the end. She adds that Anjali had still managed to snatch their happiness because Preeta had suffered a lot in her life. She calls Anjali an insane person but feels Luthra’s family didn’t show any humanity to Preeta. Rajveer tells that he will answer Luthras if he is Preeta’s son.

He adds that he will get Preeta’s respect and position back. He wants revenge for Preeta’s insult. Shrishti supports him. Rajveer promises Preeta that he will not spare the Luthras. He wants to take a stand for his mother, who lost everything because of Luthras. Shrishta feels proud of him. On the other hand, Karan and Rishabh decide to meet a client and know their offer. He says the clients have called them, and they shall at least try them. He asks Rishabh to accompany him to the meeting. Karan focuses his life on his business expansion. Rajveer will be making an entry into the Luthra family. Keep reading for a full update Kundali Bhagya 24th March 2023 coming shortly.



Manmeet thinks all his life’s problems will end if Meet dies. He wants a happy family with Shagun. He thinks he can marry Shagun and stay happy with his family. He tells that just Shagun and his parents matter to him. Manmeet decides to let go of Meet even if she dies. Meet faces a fatal situation. She prays that Sarkar’s marriage stops and that he unites with Yashoda. Meet gives up in the helpless situation, but Manmeet fights his mind and reaches her by following his heart. He saves Meet’s life in the nick of time when she was going to die. Meet gets happy that he has come as her protector, even when he wants to get rid of her. She hugs him emotionally. Manmeet fights the goons to save her.

Kundali Bhagya 24th March 2023 Written Update Rajveer meets Luthras:

Karan misses Preeta in his life. He tells that many years have passed, but he is still affected by her memories. He adds that even a headache is reminding him of her. He tells that he is terribly missing her. He asks her if she doesn’t want to care for him Rakhi reaches him and finds him talking to Preeta. She knows his emotions for Preeta. She can see his loneliness. She asks him why he hides his feelings of love for Preeta. She tells that he can admit he loves Preeta and misses her. She gets a glass of haldi milk for him. She sits talking to him. She states that even she misses Preeta a lot.

She tells that she sometimes feels Preeta will come to her anytime. She waits for Preeta’s return. She tells that Preeta didn’t come ever. She loves Preeta a lot but hates her too because she left them. Karan tells that he still feels Preeta is calling him from her heart. Rakhi knows his pain. She sympathizes with him. He tells that he heard her call when she called him Karan. They both shed tears at Preeta’s loss. Nidhi gets medicines for him. He tells that she doesn’t need the pills because he is feeling better. Nidhi deliberately insults Rakhi and asks her not to get herbal remedies.

Karan tells that he had applied the balm and his headache went away. Rakhi asks him to sleep for some time. He agrees with her. Nidhi doesn’t like Rakhi’s presence around him. She wants to dominate him solely. On the other hand, Rajveer reaches Shrishti and asks her to complete the story. He tells that it’s important for him to know the entire chapter. He asks why doesn’t she want the past to affect his present. She doesn’t want to tell him. He asks her to tell the truth. She tells that Preeta is in pain, she didn’t get love in her marriage, so she created that unwanted drama at the wedding.

She adds that Preeta doesn’t want any girl to suffer. She asks what truth he wants to know now. She tells him the same thing all over again, that Anjali caused the destruction in their lives. He asks who is Anjali. She tells that Anjali loved Karan and got obsessed with him, she had broken limits to get him, and she did an accident to kill Preeta. She narrates how Anjali has stolen Rajveer when Karan, Shaurya, and Preeta were rushed to the hospital. She tells that Preeta got conscious and ran to find Rajveer, Karan was in a coma and the family blamed Preeta for his condition, they had snatched Shaurya from her and ousted her from their house.

She adds that Preeta saw Rajveer in Anjali’s clutches, Anjali wanted to kill him, but Preeta fought her and saved her son, Anjali tried to kill her, Preeta fell down the cliff and still protected Rajveer. She tells that she saved Rajveer first and then Preeta. She tells him that Preeta loved him a lot, and she wanted him to survive at any cost, that incident caused trauma to her mind and it ruined her life. She tells that Preeta doesn’t remember he is her son, but their relationship will be known to her heart. He asks who were those people, who threw Preeta out of their house, and who had hurt Preeta so much. She says that Preeta is in this condition because of the Luthra family.

She regrets that Karan didn’t try once to find Preeta and Rajveer when he came out of the coma. She tells that Karan is Rajveer’s dad, he was a famous cricketer, who has become a business tycoon now. She adds that he is the son of Karan Luthra. Rajveer tells that he knows about Karan. He adds that he had studied Karan’s strategies and business ideas, knows everything about him, and regards him as an ideal businessman. He tells that he is inspired by Karan and he is his big fan. He tells her that he used to think Karan is like a God, but he turned out to be a sinner.

He gets angry that Karan cheated on Preeta. He tells her that they will take Preeta home because she doesn’t like the place. He wants to give her all the happiness because she has undergone much torture. He tells that Preeta will recover better at home. Shrishti worries that she told him the truth and that he might break down. She prays that he stays strong and takes care of Preeta well. She feels relieved also that she got rid of a big burden. She knows that he will make sure Preeta is okay. She is hopeful that Rajveer will make everything fine. She prays that Preeta and Rajveer never get separated.

They bring Preeta home. Rajveer tells Preeta that he will not spare those people who have hurt her so much. He adds that he will settle scores and give them back the same wounds. He pledges to get justice, respect, and a place for Preeta. He swears to do a son’s duty. Shrishti is surprised. Rajveer tells that Preeta will get everything back. She asks him not to take big vows, which isn’t possible for him to accomplish. He tells that she did wrong by hiding the truth from him and keeping him away from his mother. She asks him why is he blaming her, he was with Preeta since childhood and loved her.

Rajveer tells that he could have punished the Luthras by now. She asks him not to do anything with Luthras. He asks why would he stay silent. He tells that Luthras are responsible for Preeta’s mental disturbance. She asks him to talk in low voice, or else Preeta might hear him. He doesn’t listen to her. She is afraid that he can make a mistake. Rishabh asks Karan why are they coming to their rival’s office. Karan tells that they are invited here.

Rishabh tells that the rivals will insult them and then spoil their name. Karan tells that they will go and hear their offer. The manager tells that the rivals are very interested to have a deal with Luthras. Shrishti doesn’t find Rishabh. She looks for him. She finds him searching for Karan on the net. He shows her Nidhi and Shaurya’s picture. He calls Nidhi a Sautan of Preeta. Shrishti tells that Nidhi is more clever than Anjali. She adds that she kept Rajveer away from Luthras. She asks Rajveer not to inform them about Preeta and him.

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