3 Top Spoilers YRKKH Abhir’s illness news strikes Abhi

3 Top Spoilers YRKKH Abhir's illness news strikes Abhi

3 Top Spoilers YRKKH Abhir’s illness news strikes Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu grows worried for Abhir that the latter didn’t call him to update him on his health. He wants to know about Abhir’s breathing problem. Abhir messages Abhimanyu and informs his well-being. He also informs about his football match and asks Abhimanyu to pray for his victory. Abhimanyu wishes him all the best. He is also worried that the football match might turn Abhir tired in the case of breathing difficulty. Abhir plays for his school. He makes many goals and ultimately wins the match. The people cheer for Abhir. It becomes a proud moment for Akshara. Akshara and Abhinav rejoice in his victory. Abhinav lifts him and makes him sit on his shoulders. Akshara suddenly sees Abhir collapsing down. She panics for him. She soon learns about Abhir’s medical condition.

Pandya Store:


Shiva grows restless when he doesn’t remember anyone. Dhara consoles him. She consoles that she will assist him in getting his memory back. She cheers him up. She asks him to take his medicines on time. She asks him to keep his mind calm. She tells that she will always be there with him. He is glad. Krish makes a romantic proposal to Prerna. He tells that they will get married soon. Prerna is super excited about their marriage. Rishita decides to take her kids and leave the house. He worries for her children.

She asks Dev to take them away so that Natasha accepts her as a mother. Dev agrees to help her. She tells that they have to find a donor for Natasha’s kidney transplant. He wants to share their plans with Dhara. Rishita doesn’t want to stop for anyone’s sake. She asks Dev to just think of their children first. She can’t risk her children’s upbringing. She convinces Dev. They decide to leave the Pandya family.

Yeh Hai Chahatein:

Samrat figures out a way to save Nayantara by defusing the bomb. He asks her who she suspects. She knows Mansi has done this to stop her from telling the fake pregnancy truth to Samrat. He thinks Raghav is behind this. She tells that she suspects someone else, and Raghav is innocent. Samrat leaves before she could take Mansi’s name. Mansi meets Nayantara and congratulates her for getting a new life. She tells that she knew about Nayantara’s kidnapping and came to help.

Nayantara asks her to stop pretending nice. She knows Mansi planned this kidnapping. Mansi admits to the crime. Nayantara confronts her for lying to Samrat about the fake pregnancy. Mansi asks Nayantara to get away from Samrat and her life. Nayantara tells that she will tell the truth to Samrat and ask him to throw Mansi out of the house. Mansi shows a shocking video to Nayantara. She blackmails Nayantara and asks her to keep the fake pregnancy secret. She asks Nayantara to stop acting as Samrat’s wife and distance herself. She keeps her terms and conditions. Nayantara is forced to agree. She tries to end her friendship with Samrat on Mansi’s orders. Samrat questions her feelings.

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