1 Bravo twist in Radha Mohan that sets an example

1 Bravo twist in Radha Mohan that sets an example

1 Bravo twist in Radha Mohan that sets an example and pulls up the TRPs. Mohan saves Radha’s respect when Bhushan attempts to ruin her dignity in front of the guests. Mohan takes Radha to her room. He tries to encourage and cheer her. He tells that her respect isn’t so cheap that anyone can destroy it. He asks her to forget whatever happened. He takes care of Radha. He puts Radha to sleep. Radha holds his hand and falls asleep. Gungun is worried for Radha, after witnessing the terrible sight of Radha’s public humiliation. Mohan gives Radha’s responsibility to Gungun. Gungun stays with Radha, who is still traumatized.

Bhushan wants to meet Radha and know if she is still confident. He tells Damini that Mohan has saved Radha, but her soul is shaken. He feels he has ruined her purity and respect in front of everyone, and that’s his revenge. Damini tells that Radha can tell Mohan that Bhushan is behind everything. Bhushan doesn’t think Radha will raise a voice against him. Radha feels too scared when she gets a bad nightmare. She recalls the incident. Gungun finds Radha scared. She asks her not to worry and goes to call Mohan.


Radha doesn’t want to get scared and sit at home. She tells that Gungun will learn the same thing from her. She wants Gungun to become bold and brave to fight the world. She knows Gungun idolizes her. Gungun tells that they will stay safe inside the house. Radha tells her that they aren’t safe anywhere until they are capable of protecting themselves. She adds that they shouldn’t hide their face, they should go out and live when they aren’t at fault, and they should punish the wrongdoer. She tells Gungun that it’s their duty to fight the sin and the sinners. She doesn’t want to tolerate sin and become a big sinner. She gives a life lesson to Gungun. Tulsi is proud of Radha, who is doing the best duty as a mother for Gungun. Radha’s strong character is sketched beautifully in this scene.

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