YRKKH 4th April 2023 Written Update Abhi confronts Akshara

YRKKH 4th April 2023 Written Update Abhi confronts Akshara

YRKKH 4th April 2023 Written Update Abhi confronts Akshara. Manjiri rebukes Akshara for coming back into their lives to create a stir. She counts the wrongs that occurred with her return. She asks why did she come back to ruin Abhimanyu and stop his marriage with Aarohi. Akshara tells that she didn’t come to meet Abhimanyu, but Dr. Abhimanyu Birla. She seeks Manjiri’s permission. Akshara tells that Abhir has a hole in his heart and he needs surgery to cure his illness, Dr. Abhimanyu is recommended by the Kasauli doctors and only he can save Abhir’s life. Manjiri cries upon knowing about Abhir’s illness. Akshara begs her to save her son.

She asks her to call back Abhimanyu from the resort for Abhir’s sake. Manjiri gets into a big dilemma. She doesn’t know what to do, to choose Abhir’s life or Abhimanyu’s happiness. Akshara calls her Maa while making a request. Manjiri gets emotional. She leaves from there. Akshara tells that Manjiri will not help them, she had to make a call, but she didn’t do it. She thinks Manjiri will stop Abhimanyu from performing the surgery. Abhinav tells that Manjiri didn’t refuse. Kairav promises to find a better doctor than Abhimanyu. He asks Akshara not to worry. Akshara wants to speak to Abhimanyu.


She knows fate will bring Abhir and Abhimanyu together. Manjiri is shaken up. She doesn’t know what to decide. She can’t risk Abhir’s life, who is innocent and needs help. She doesn’t want to complicate Abhimanyu and Aarohi’s relationship. She fights her inner dilemma. She wants to save Abhir at any cost because she knows the pain of a mother. Abhinav speaks to Abhir’s doctor. He tells that he couldn’t contact Dr. Abhimanyu till now. The doctor asks him not to delay things, or else anything can happen to Abhir. Akshara shouts and calls Abhinav. She helps Abhir with his breathing. Abhinav asks him about the matter. Abhir tells that he isn’t able to breathe well. Goenkas worry for Abhir.

Abhimanyu calls Rohan and asks him if there is any emergency, and if he is needed there. Rohan tells that Abhimanyu is needed at the resort. He asks Abhimanyu not to disturb him at work. Abhimanyu spends time with Ruhi and Aarohi. She wishes nobody affects their future. Kairav gets angry when he fails to arrange help for Abhir. He tells Muskaan that he promised Akshara that he won’t let anything happen to Abhir, but he is failing to keep the promise. Muskaan asks him to calm down. Anand asks Manjiri what’s the matter. Shefali finds Manjiri tense. She asks what is bothering her. Manish lands up there to meet Manjiri. He tells that he will welcome Birlas’ baraat at his house, but he wants to request her to help them in Abhir’s case.

He knows even she can’t let Abhir suffer. Anand, Shefali, and Mahima learn the matter. Manish asks Manjiri why is she punishing Abhir, just because he is Akshara’s son. He asks Manjiri not to differentiate between Ruhi and Abhir, Ruhi needs Abhimanyu as a father and Abhir needs Abhimanyu as a doctor. He begs Manjiri to accept his request and call Abhimanyu. Anand consoles Manish. He asks Manish to not shatter down. He tells that he doesn’t know anything about Abhir. He asks Manjiri what is going on. Manish asks Manjiri to just decide soon because time is running up.

Mahima asks Manjiri to explain them. Shefali tells that Manish has come to request them, which means the matter is really big. Mahima doesn’t think they should invite a storm home. Anand tells that Abhir’s surgery should happen, and Abhimanyu should operate on him and save his life. Mahima tells that Akshara needs a chance to come back. Shefali tells that Akshara has moved on. She doesn’t think they should step back. She helps Manjiri in taking a decision. Abhinav tells that he isn’t able to find help. Shefali calls Akshara and asks about Abhir.

She informs that Manjiri has taken a decision, Abhimanyu will perform Abhir’s surgery and they will try to contact Abhimanyu. She tells that they aren’t able to contact Abhimanyu at the resort, but once he returns, he will perform the surgery. Abhinav and Akshara worry for Abhir. Abhimanyu tells that he will make noodles and also a house of cards. Ruhi asks if he will make the noodles before she grows up. Aarohi laughs. Abhinav tells that Abhimanyu will soon learn about the matter. Manish and Dadi have faith in Abhimanyu. Kairav tells that he doesn’t trust Abhimanyu because there is a big possibility of a family drama. Surekha doesn’t think they should tangle relationships.

Muskaan asks them to keep hope if they can’t keep the faith. She tells that Abhimanyu is the best option for Abhir. Akshara contacts Rohan and tells that she wants to talk to Abhimanyu. She tells about Abhir’s medical condition. He tells that he has Abhimanyu’s alternate number for emergencies. He sends her the number. She thanks him for the help. She calls Abhimanyu. Aarohi gets to see Akshara’s call. She asks Abhimanyu to speak to Akshara. Abhimanyu and Aarohi learn about Abhir’s critical issue. Abhimanyu is seen confronting Akshara for hiding the truth and keeping him away from his son for so many years.

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