GHKPM 5th April 2023 Written Update Virat surprises Sai

GHKPM 5th April 2023 Written Update Virat surprises Sai

GHKPM 5th April 2023 Written Update Virat surprises Sai. Virat gets decked up to meet Sai. He recalls their romantic moments and smiles. Pakhi finds him smiling. She compliments his good looks. Virat feels guilty and makes a leave. He receives compliments from his children also. Bhavani blesses Virat to succeed in the task he is going to accomplish today. She knows that he is going to propose to Sai. Pakhi also gives her good wishes, unaware of his plans. Virat feels sorry. He wishes that Pakhi gets the strength to move on. Sai meets Satya and shocks him by acting romantic toward him. She enters his cabin and shuts the door. He asks her what is she doing. She tells that he should listen to her first. He asks her isn’t she okay. She tells that her heart has crashed seeing him.

She adds that his charm worked on her and she doesn’t want the charm to work on anyone else. She tells that she wants to match their Kundlis so that they unite forever. He asks her not to take his family’s words seriously. She tells that she likes him. She praises his good qualities and tells that she wants his amazing heart to love her. Satya asks her to stop joking and stay within limits. She tells that there is no limit to love. Satya asks her to stop herself. Sai tells that she has fallen in love with him. Virat reaches the hospital to meet Sai. He looks for Sai. Sai goes on with the dramatic proposal to Satya.


She pulls Satya’s leg and laughs. She wraps up the prank. She tells that she will give him tuition to pull off good pranks. She asks him to keep his charm to himself and not hit the one-liners at her. She falls into Satya’s arms. Virat doesn’t find Sai in the hospital. He learns that her duty is over. She calls Sai and asks her where is she. She tells that she was making someone taste a bitter medicine. She makes a leave. Satya calls her a storm. Virat picks up Sai and they leave for the destination where he had planned a romantic surprise for her. Sai questions him about the trip. He asks her to keep some patience. He tells her that he has kidnapped her and got her to an isolated place.

He jokes that he will call Savi and ask for a ransom. She tells that Savi won’t even give him chocolate. They reach the resort. He asks her to sit in the car for some time. Virat takes her to show his romantic surprise and reminds her of their previous date. He wants Sai to remember their past love and rekindle the old feelings by experiencing the same moment again. She asks him what is he trying to do. He reminds her of the memories. She tells that they can’t relive the old memories. He tells that some memories are to be lived again. She doesn’t think they can get back together. She feels hurt.

He tells that the past isn’t always past. He wants to give her a reason to return to him. She doesn’t want to listen to him. He stops her from leaving. He tells her that she has to listen to his feelings. He gets interrupted by Pakhi’s call. He fails to convey his feelings. Ahead in the show, Virat will be seen falling in danger when he fights the Naxals. He wishes to get back to Sai and confess his love. Sai gets the news of Virat’s fight and gets worried for him. Virat gets shot by the Naxals. Will he survive? Keep reading.

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