Anupama 6th April 2023 Written Update Vanraj schemes

Anupama 6th April 2023 Written Update Vanraj schemes

Anupama 6th April 2023 Written Update Vanraj schemes to get Anupama back. Anupama gets a new lease on life, all thanks to her family. She thanks Kanta and Bhavesh for filling new hopes and courage in her. She is proud that they never left her alone when she lost her courage. She tells that they didn’t let her shatter when her family shattered. She is grateful to them. Kanta asks her if is she okay. Anupama tells that she isn’t okay, but she will be okay soon. She adds that she has to meet someone today. Vanraj gets ready in his old avatar. He feels proud of his talent. Anupama remembers Anuj while getting ready in front of the mirror. She imagines him with her.

Meanwhile, Barkha exhibits herself as an opportunist. She takes charge and controls everything in the Kapadia house. She tells that she got everything in her hands and she will never lose it. She feels she is the owner of the house now. Vanraj prints the offer letter to show it to the family and gives them a piece of good news. Anupama misses Anuj. Anuj gets hiccups and drinks water. He knows Anupama is missing him. Anupama tells that Anuj might be away from her, but her love will never get less for him. She worries for him and prays he stays fine and happy. She thinks of speaking to Anu.


Vanraj summons the family. Kavya asks him what’s the matter. He gives them the good news that he got a big offer from his dream company. He tells that he is back in the business. The family is happy for him. He tells that he will work and earn a lot of money, he will support his family, and make everything okay. He asks Paritosh to get well soon, and he will also get a good job. Leela and Hasmukh praise Vanraj for getting a high-paying job. Kavya congratulates Vanraj and tells him that he deserved this. Vanraj tells that he can finally say it, Vanraj Shah is back. Maya comes to meet Anuj at his flat. He asks about Anu.

She tells that Anu won’t come to meet him today. He gets upset. Anupama tells Kanta that she will make a new start today. She wants Bhavesh to become her shield, not support. She faces the neighbor’s taunts. Anuj tells that he wants to meet Anu. Maya tells that she doesn’t want to see Anuj in such a condition. She gets a grooming kit for him. She tells that if Anu sees him upset then she will sense the problems between Anupama and him. She asks him to freshen up and come, they will go out and clear his mind.

She manipulates him. She tells that kids need both parents. Later, Anupama reaches the dance academy, where she gets a sweet surprise from her children. They encourage her and assure her that they will always stand by her. Vanraj finds Anupama in a happy mood and records a video. He schemes to get Anupama back in his life. Another side, Anupama contacts Maya to speak to Anu. Maya lies to her and keeps her away from both Anuj and Anu. Will Maya and Vanraj succeed in separating Anuj and Anupama forever? Keep reading.

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