Anupama 10th April 2023 Written Update Villainous Vanraj

Anupama 10th April 2023 Written Update Villainous Vanraj

Anupama 10th April 2023 Written Update Villainous Vanraj Leela tells Hasmukh that Vanraj has gone to Mumbai. He tells that he is very sure of Vanraj’s actions, he would have not gone to Mumbai for his work but for some other motive. Leela sees Kavya and taunts her. Kavya tells that Leela and Vanraj want Anuj and Anupama to get separated so that Vanraj gets Anupama back in the house as his bride. Hasmukh asks why is she saying so. Kavya asks him to stop Vanraj, who is thinking of himself and finding an opportunity for himself in Anuj and Anupama’s fight. She tells that he is ruining her life. Leela tells that Kavya had done wrong by calling Anirudh home. Kavya tells that Anirudh is her friend. Leela tells that Vanraj is just trying to become Anupama’s friend. She lectures Kavya about Anirudh. She finds Anirudh there.

Kavya doesn’t want Anirudh to feel awkward. Leela insults Anirudh. Hasmukh stops her. Leela tells that Anirudh can take Kavya for outings, and he can sit at home all day and relax because Vanraj has no problem with Kavya and his friendship. Kavya knows what Leela means to say. On the other hand, Samar finds Dimpy frustrated. He asks the matter. She calls him stupid that he can’t understand anything. He asks her to share what’s bothering her. She gets mad at him. She tells him that they have handled the academy so well, and now when Anupama came back, then the family members are treating them as outsiders.


She tells that they can’t neglect their credits. Samar asks her not to get such negative feelings in her mind. He praises Anupama who gave a new reason to her to live her life. He tells that Anupama needs distraction now. She tells that Anupama is trying to take control. He replies that Anupama owns the dance academy. He tells that Anupama had helped Dimpy a lot. She tells that she has no problem with Anupama. Paritosh calls them to ask about the monthly expenses. Anupama questions Dimpy.

Samar tells that he had missed an entry about the new students. Dimpy asks him not to explain because they aren’t thieves to steal money. She tells Paritosh that she had handled all the work, she has overworked, and might have missed an entry. She adds that she isn’t a cheat. Anupama tells that nobody is doubting her. She asks Dimpy if is there anything she wants to say. Dimpy gets rude and tells her that parents don’t want to send their children because of Anupama. She suggests that they change the academy name. Anupama and her children are left stunned. On the other hand, Maya imagines a romantic moment with Anuj.

Anuj buys clothes for Anu. Vanraj reaches there and watches Anuj from afar. Anuj selects a saree for Anupama. Vanraj picks the same saree. He tells Anuj that he came to Mumbai for some work, but it’s fate that they met. He asks Anuj to leave it if he has left it already. Anuj looks at him. Anupama tells that the dance academy is her identity and everything. Dimpy tells that the name is causing harm to the academy’s business. Pakhi recaps Dimpy’s life story and counts the favors Anupama has done for her. She tells that Dimpy is an outsider, and she has no right to suggest such a change. She scolds Dimpy.

Dimpy tells that she doesn’t want to hurt Anupama because she knows everyone has left Anupama. She asks Anupama to handle her academy well by eradicating the negative publicity. Kinjal tells that Anupama didn’t remove Dimpy from the academy when society opposed her. Dimpy tells that Samar and she had managed the academy, their approach is youthful and they had made many changes in it. She counts the favors she has done on Anupama. Pakhi asks her to go and live her life. She tells that Dimpy can make her academy. Dimpy tells that she doesn’t want to see the academy getting ruined. Pakhi asks Samar to rebuke Dimpy.

Samar tells that he is on his mother’s side. Pakhi asks him to handle his girlfriend. Kinjal asks them to calm down. Paritosh asks them to stop the argument. He tells that it’s Anupama’s academy and it’s not a big deal if he handles the accounts. He tells that Dimpy is toxic. Pakhi asks Dimpy to not talk about their family matters. She rebukes Dimpy for being no ungrateful. Kinjal asks them to calm down. Dimpy asks Kinjal not to talk between Samar and her. She argues with Anupama’s children. Anupama shuts her ears. Anuj is confused. Vanraj asks him why is he so silent. He shows his fake concern for Anuj. Anuj hopes everything is fine in Anupama’s life.

Vanraj tells that Anupama was looking for Anuj everywhere and she was in a terrible condition. He adds that he is glad to see Anuj with Maya. He asks if he won’t ask about Anupama. Vanraj stops him. He shows the pictures and videos to Anuj and tells him that his children have helped Anupama come out of the trauma. Anuj is shocked to see Anupama happy. Vanraj asks him not to come back into her life. Anupama decides to hand over the academy to Samar and Dimpy. She tells that she will be proud if they get much success. She leaves the academy and shows her faith in Kanha.

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