GHKPM 11th April 2023 Written Update Sai Virat date

GHKPM 11th April 2023 Written Update Sai Virat date

GHKPM 11th April 2023 Written Update Sai Virat on a romantic date. Sai is occupied with Virat’s thoughts. She loves him but doesn’t want to go back to him. Satya meets some girls for the marriage alliance. He gets fed up hearing their demands and expectations from the marriage. He wishes to find a simple girl who is sensible and smart. He tells that he will marry a simple girl and keep her happy, he will do everything for her but he will never love her. Sai comes to the hospital and finds a long queue. The nurse tells that Satya’s Swayamvar is happening. She tells that Satya isn’t selecting anyone. Sai asks Satya what is he doing, and why did he make the hospital a marriage bureau.

He tells her that his family is forcing him to get married, Amba has given him an ultimatum to find a nice girl in 24 hours, and so he is trying to find one. He tells that the girls are crazy and he couldn’t find anyone. Sai is worried that even she got 24 hours to decide. Satya asks her if she is facing a similar situation. She doesn’t tell her. He tells that sometimes life gets so unfair. He doesn’t think they can decide for their life in a few hours. He clears that he isn’t looking for love, but a partner so that he can fulfill Amba’s wish. Sai asks him to find someone worthy. Satya is stressed. Sai meets Mausi after a long time. She shares her decision.


She tells that she will leave Chavan’s house and come back home. She adds that Vinayak isn’t ready to come with her, but he is happy with Pakhi and Virat. She tells that Bhavani has accepted her in the family, Bhavani wants Savi and her to stay with them forever but it’s not possible. Mausi asks if Virat has told her something. Sai tells that Virat wants to divorce Pakhi. She adds that Virat wants to spend his life with her. Mausi asks her what did she reply him. Sai tells that she will give a reply to Virat. She messages Virat and asks him to meet her at 2 pm. Later, Virat imagines a lovely date with Sai. He confesses his love to Sai.

He tells that he took much time in understanding his feelings. He feels he wasted many years of life without her, but he doesn’t want to live without her now. They have some lovely moments. He tells that he wishes to become a teenager again. Sai asks him to express his feelings without a second thought. He tells that Sai is someone who brings peace into his life. He confesses that he loves her a lot. They exchange the rings. They appear happy together. Virat soon comes out of his dream. He laughs at himself. He waits for Sai.

He gets her message that she is arriving in 5 minutes. He feels she has taken a decision so soon like she isn’t able to live without him. He makes things perfect. He gets mesmerized when Sai arrives. He cries happily. Sai tells that she has forgiven him for the past problems. She reveals her decision to him. She wants to forget everything and make a new start. Virat gets hopeful that she will accept his love and make a new start with him. He happily hugs her. Will Sai reject his love and break his heart? Keep reading.

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