Kundali Bhagya 11th April 2023 Written Update Preeran meet

Kundali Bhagya 11th April 2023 Written Update Preeran meet

Kundali Bhagya 11th April 2023 Written Update Preeran meet. Karan feels Preeta’s presence in Gurpreet’s house. Preeta leaves the living room at the same instance when Karan and Rishabh walk in. Though they fail to see Preeta and learn about her, Karan gets a hint of her presence. That very hint makes him restless. He loses control over his heart and looks for her. He tends to find her someway, though there is no surety. Preeta also feels something strange when Karan comes home. She doesn’t remember Karan, so she isn’t able to identify that feeling too. She wonders what is she thinking. Karan enters the room, but Preeta isn’t there. Preeta goes to iron her clothes.

Karan misses seeing her. He looks at the room and feels someone is connecting it to his heart. He finds a photo frame there and goes to check. On the other hand, Palki asks Rajveer if can she ask something personal. He says yes. She tells that he shouldn’t feel bad about it. She asks if he is upset with himself, he looks worried and she wants to know if there is any problem. She finds Rajveer unhappy for some reason and offers help. Rajveer is taken aback seeing the way she understands him. Karan goes to see the photo, unaware that it’s Preeta’s picture.


Everything could have got clear in a second, but Gurpreet comes there and stops him from turning the frame. He doesn’t see Preeta’s photo. When will Karan meet Preeta? Seems, it will take a few months to bring the epic scene. Keep reading for your favorite show’s spoilers, news, and written updates. Kundali Bhagya 11th April 2023 Written Update will be posted when the episode is available on Zee5.

Radha Mohan:

Radha questions Damini about the room that Tulsi can’t enter. Damini recalls the secret she is hiding. Radha wants to find out the truth. Damini asks her to leave. She pushes Radha onto the floor. Radha gets hurt and cries in pain. Damini rebukes Radha in front of the office staff. Radha asks Damini not to create drama. Damini demeans her. Radha asks Damini not to cross her limits. Damini warns Radha against breaking her rules. Kadambari finds them fighting. Mohan plans a surprise for Radha. He tells that Gungun and he had planned this surprise.

The family teases Mohan when they find him getting romantic. Gungun tells that Mohan is in love with Radha. Kadambari remembers Radha’s words about Tulsi’s death. Radha knows that Kadambari didn’t believe her before. She doesn’t want to share her findings with Kadambari. She lies to Kadambari. Damini wants Radha to apologize to her, but Kadambari dismisses the matter. She gets angry at Damini for insulting Radha. She leaves Damini with a warning. Radha breaks down. Tulsi wants Radha to keep her courage. She doesn’t want Radha to lose everything like she had lost Mohan and her life. She decides to punish Damini for making Radha cry.

Kundali Bhagya 11th April 2023 Written Update Preeran meet:

Khurana tells Palki that he has an afternoon shift today. She tells that she has the same shift. Daljeet tells that she gets blamed for all the wrong. She asks Palki about Rajveer’s rent amount. Khurana asks her not to ask for personal things. Daljeet asks what does Rajveer do. Rajveer tells that he doesn’t do anything as of now, but he will soon do a job, he has a job interview today. He asks for a spanner. Palki goes to help. Daljeet sees the big car and wonders who has come. Palki asks Rajveer why is he opening the tap. He tells that the tap might be having a blockage. He opens the tap and the water splashes over him. She rushes to stop him. He gets mesmerized seeing her and steps back from holding the tap. She asks him to stop the water. They have an eye lock and a romantic moment follows. He fixes the tap back and stops the water flow.

Rajveer and Palki laugh. She tells that he had to run the tap, but not cause rain. He shows the fixed tap. She tells that he can do any work. He apologizes for messing up the kitchen. She tells that she will clean it up. She slips and falls into his arms. He feels attracted to her. She apologizes. He asks her if is she okay. She tells that she is okay. He leaves. Rishabh looks for Karan. He gets another call. Karan and Preeta have a hit-and-miss. He enters Rajveer’s room, while Preeta is in the other room. She looks outside and doesn’t see anyone. Karan doesn’t see her. He steps into Preeta’s room, while she is away.

He doesn’t see Preeta and Shrishti’s picture with Rajveer. The photo frame falls by the wind. Karan goes to keep it right. Khurana asks Rajveer and Palki what had happened. Rajveer tells that the water splashed at them when he was changing the tap. Khurana asks Palki to give a towel to Rajveer. He leaves for his work. Rajveer hears Palki’s scream and rushes to her room to check. He finds her on the floor and laughs. She tells that she slipped. He helps her and asks her if is she okay. She hands over the towel to him. He asks her to dry her hair. She slips again. He asks her to be careful. He watches her from afar. She dries her hair. He thinks he shouldn’t lose focus. He turns away.

She asks him if she can ask something personal. He says yes. She asks if he is upset with himself because he appears worried sometimes. He recalls Preeta and Karan’s past. Gurpreet stops Karan from touching the photo frame. She asks him to go out and sit. He asks whose room is it. She asks why is he asking and how can he enter someone’s room. She tells that it’s her tenant’s room. She gets angry with him. He apologizes to her. He tells that he doesn’t know what happened to him, He gets Rakhi’s call. She asks him to go out and talk. Daljeet and Mahi wish they get such a big car. She tells that the car belongs to their relative. Daljeet argues with a neighbor. Rishabh tries to talk to Kareena. He doesn’t get a network.

Mahesh asks Rakhi not to worry, Rishabh and Karan will bring Shaurya home. She tells that Rishabh should have spoken to Rajveer by now. Rishabh calls Rakhi. She asks him about the progress. He tells that he has come to speak to Rajveer, who isn’t at home. He adds that they are waiting for Rajveer. He asks Mahesh to keep his patience, he will convince Rajveer and bring Shaurya home. Rakhi asks him to do anything but gets Shaurya home. Rishabh goes to his car. Daljeet tells Mahi that Rishabh is the car owner and he would be rich. She asks Mahi to marry him. Mahi tells that Rishabh will reject him, he looks mature and she just likes Rajveer. Daljeet asks what did she say.

Palki asks Rajveer if is there any problem. He tells that he doesn’t stay upset. Palki tells that she feels he is lost, he loves Preeta a lot, but he has some problems. He tells that he has no worries. Daljeet tells Mahi that Rishabh looked handsome. Mahi asks her to marry him. Khurana comes back and asks them what are they talking about. Mahi likes Rajveer. Rajveer tells that he will leave. Khurana asks Daljeet to make tea for them. Rajveer asks them to call him if there is any work. Mahi stares at him and tells him that they will call him for any work. Palki smiles seeing Mahi’s craze for Rajveer.

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