Anupama 12th April 2023 Written Update Inspiring

Anupama 12th April 2023 Written Update Inspiring

Anupama 12th April 2023 Written Update Inspiring Anupama cries a lot when she leaves the academy. She then consoles herself and gets a broad smile on her face. She leaves and finds a way. Pakhi asks Samar if is he still supporting Dimpy after ousting Anupama from her academy. She tells that they both should be ashamed. Samar asks her to mind her tongue. Kinjal asks them to stop it. Dimpy shares the good news with Samar, that her divorce will get finalized in the next hearing. Samar hugs her happily. Pakhi and Paritosh didn’t expect Samar to be so insensitive towards Anupama. They walk out of the academy. Anupama reaches a store and tells the person that she wants to make a dance academy poster. He shows her the sample designs.

She designs the poster herself. He suggests that she should put her picture on the poster, and it would look good. He asks her about her dance pose picture. She gives him the picture. He asks her about the contact number and address she wants to put on the poster. She gets worried that she can’t put Anuj’s address now. She asks him to leave the address as of now. She gets deeply pleased to see her new dance academy banner. She thanks him. She remembers Anu. She tells that Anuj isn’t with her, but he is always with her in every moment of her life. She feels indebted to Anuj for filling confidence and hopes in her. She loves Anuj a lot.


She says that she is okay. She sees a feathers design poster on the wall. She goes there and gets a picture clicked. She thinks it’s the perfect start for her. On the other hand, Anuj is disturbed by Vanraj’s words. Barkha calls up Anuj to ask him about the finance. Maya answers the call. She tells that Anuj isn’t at home. Barkha asks her if Anuj is okay now. Maya tells that Vanraj had come to meet Anuj. Vanraj informs Leela that he is coming home. He buys gifts for Kanta and Bhavesh. He tells that he will become Anupama’s good friend. Maya tells Barkha that Anuj is disturbed after speaking to Vanraj.

Barkha tells that Maya would be happy to keep Anuj with her. She adds that she can call Anuj home if she wants, but she won’t do this because she doesn’t want to lose the business. She asks Maya to make sure that Anuj always stays away from the family and business. They join hands because their motives are the same. Ankush gets disappointed with Barkha, who has no regrets. Vanraj meets Anupama. He gets into a friend’s role again. He tells that he got the gifts for everyone to celebrate the news of his new job. He shows her the saree which reminds her of Anuj. He gifts it to her. She refuses to accept it.

He tells that he is just keeping his friendship. She reminds him that he had become her enemy and he shouldn’t repeat the old things. She asks him to go home and come to meet Kanta in the morning. He tells her that he met Anuj in Mumbai. She enquires about Anuj. He tells that Anuj is okay and that he was shopping with Maya. He adds that Anuj wasn’t sorrowful, he was having fun with Maya and he didn’t miss Anupama. He lies to her that Anuj didn’t ask about her. He tries to make her doubt Anuj. She tells that she is happy to hear this, Anuj is okay and might have gone shopping for Anu. He tells that Anuj has moved on.

He asks him to share her sorrow with him if she wants. She tells that she will cry and share her sorrow with her family. She doesn’t need Vanraj. She questions him who is he. She tells that they have no relationship now. She asks him if Anuj was around when he bought the saree. She knows Anuj had selected the saree for her. She asks Vanraj to go home and take a rest. Anupama starts the new academy in her house. Kanta and Bhavesh support her. Anuj goes mad in anger thinking Anupama has moved on by forgetting him. Devika meets him and asks him to realize his love for Anupama. Anuj is in tears.

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