Kundali Bhagya 13th April 2023 Written Update Googly

Kundali Bhagya 13th April 2023 Written Update Googly

Kundali Bhagya 13th April 2023 Written Update Googly twist. Karan sights Preeta in the locality. He can’t believe his eyes. He gets down the car to look for her, but she disappears. Karan thinks he is just imagining Preeta. Karan doesn’t tell anything to Rishabh. Karan and Rishabh go back home. They tell Rakhi that they couldn’t convince Rajveer to free Shaurya. Karan feels humiliated to tell them how Rajveer has refused to withdraw the case. He tells that he tried hard, but Rajveer didn’t listen to him. The family gets worried for Shaurya. He gets angered that he had to face such a moment of failure because of Shaurya’s mistake. Preeta learns from Gurpreet that Shaurya’s father has come to request Rajveer to withdraw the complaint. She asks Rajveer to withdraw the case. Rajveer refuses to listen to her. He has a new motive now to take revenge on Shaurya. Preeta requests him to keep her wish. Rajveer will be seen withdrawing the case against Shaurya and getting him freed. Keep reading for a quick update on your favorite show Kundali Bhagya 13th April 2023.



Meet spends time with Manmeet and tries to know his thoughts about the attacker. Meet lies to Shagun. She wants to find out why Manmeet thinks that she attacked him. She tries to solve the mystery. Shagun doesn’t want her face to get spoiled by any infection. She tells that she will go to the police station and try to find out if Meet got caught. She tells that Meet is a murderer. She leaves. Meet takes care of Manmeet. He questions her concern. Meet tells that it’s her duty to heal him mentally and emotionally. He asks him to share the matter with her. She wishes he tells something, and why he thinks she had attacked him. The real nurse comes to the Sarkar house to meet Manmeet. Shagun is around. Sarkar and Mahinder learn about Meet replacing the nurse and entering their house. They don’t want to spare Meet.

Saavi Ki Savaari:

Kumud Agarwal arrives at Dalmiya’s house. She is Nityam’s Bua Dadi. She hires an auto rickshaw to go home. She finds Saavi as the driver. She asks her if a girl drives the rickshaw, then who will handle the house. She doesn’t see Saavi’s face. Nityam and the entire family welcome Kumud home. Kumud asks about her new Bahu Saavi. Saavi comes there to greet her. Saavi greets Kumud and presents herself as a traditional Bahu. Kumud brings Nityam and Saavi together.

Kundali Bhagya 13th April 2023 Written Update Googly:

Karan is shell-shocked to see Preeta in the mirror. He stops the car. Rishabh asks him what happened. Karan gets down the car and goes to see Preeta. Preeta leaves from there. Rishabh is still asking the same thing. He asks what happened and what is he searching for. He asks why isn’t he saying anything. Karan looks around. He asks Rishabh to wait. Rishabh asks her who is he looking for. Karan is sure that he has seen Preeta. Rishabh asks if is he okay. Karan doesn’t find her anywhere. He prefers to not tell anything to Rishabh.

Rishabh asks Karan to talk to Mr. Oberoi on call. Karan and Rishabh leave there. Preeta is again in front of Karan’s car. Karan misses seeing her in front because of the sun’s glare. He drives off. Rakhi wants to see if Shaurya has come. She asks Mahesh to go and open the door. Nidhi rushes to see her son. She sees Karan and Rishabh, and questions about Shaurya. Rakhi asks them where is Shaurya.

Karan tells that Rakhi had asked him to meet Rajveer and convince him. He adds that they have tried their best but Rajveer didn’t understand anything. He reveals that Rajveer insulted him because of Shaurya. He tells that Rajveer isn’t ready to withdraw the case. Karan tells them that Rajveer is just worried for his Maasi. He doesn’t know if that lady is his mother or aunt. He tells that Rajveer was arguing with him in such a manner that he had some personal grudge and enmity against him. He yells that Rajveer had no manners like his parents didn’t teach him any values. Rishabh asks him to calm down. Karan is too angered.

Rishabh asks him what would he do if his son was in Rajveer’s place, if it was Shaurya in Rajveer’s place, then would he get angry? He tells that Rajveer is asking for justice for his mother’s pain. He feels Rajveer isn’t wrong. He asks Karan if he would lose his cool if his son had these qualities. He tells that Karan would have been proud of Shaurya if he had these qualities and stood for truth. He asks why did Karan offer money to Rajveer instead of apologizing to him. He feels bad that Karan was trying to buy Rajveer’s honesty. Karan tells that he was trying everything for Shaurya’s sake.

Karan tells Rakhi that he kept his promise, he tried his best but he couldn’t get Shaurya home. He asks her to have some food. He assures her that he will bring Shaurya home. He gets adamant to teach a lesson to Rajveer. Rishabh smiles. Karan tells that he will show Rajveer that he is the Karan Luthra. He asks Rakhi not to worry. Rishabh tells Rakhi that she knows Karan, his anger will fade away in some time and she shouldn’t worry. He goes to speak to Karan. Nidhi thinks they won’t be able to do anything. She wants to free Shaurya to become great in their eyes and secure their place. Gurpreet asks Preeta not to do the household work and spoil her habits. Preeta tells that she misses Shrishti a lot.

Gurpreet tells that she always wanted a sister, and she got one in Preeta. She wants to meet Shrishti who gave such good values to Rajveer. She tells that Rajveer knows to stand for truth. Preeta tells that Rajveer is very responsible. Gurpreet tells that she has seen Rajveer’s love for Preeta and how he fought for her. She reveals that Rajveer had fought with Shaurya’s dad who came to request him for withdrawing the complaint and offered money too. She tells that Rajveer didn’t accept any money and refused him. Preeta asks Rajveer did he insult Shaurya’s dad. She asks him how can he insult elders.

Rajveer tells that he tried to buy his truth. She tells that parents go mad for their children. She feels Karan’s behavior was justified. She tells that he is going on the right path, but he can’t insult anyone. She lectures him. She feels Karan’s pain that his son is in pain. Rajveer tells that Karan deserves it, he is a good father but not a good person, he isn’t a good husband, and didn’t do right with his wife. Preeta asks what is he saying. Mohit tells that Rajveer loves Preeta a lot, and he is adamant to get Shaurya punished because Shaurya hurt her. She understands this.

Rajveer tells that Karan and his family snatched his mother in childhood. He feels sorrowful that he can’t tell Preeta he is her son. He knows he is her son and wants to do a son’s duty. He tells that he will do everything to keep Preeta safe and happy. He wants to protect Preeta from Karan and his family. He recalls that Shaurya is his brother. He gets more revengeful against the Luthras. He pities fate. He cries that Preeta is unknowingly helping her husband and son, who has just given her pain. He doesn’t want Preeta to get trapped in their fake love.

He wants Shrishti to explain to Preeta to stay away from Luthras. He thinks Shrishti will worry a lot for Preeta and might call them back to their city. He decides to not call her. Rajveer tries to sleep. He weeps silently. Preeta comes to see him. He rests in her lap. She tells that she can understand his emotions. He feels peace when he is in her lap. Karan feels disturbed thinking of Rajveer’s misbehavior. He wonders what is his hidden agenda. He tells he hates Rajveer. He then realizes that Rajveer’s upbringing is good, he has good values and he would be a good person.

He tells that Rajveer is like Ram and Shaurya is like Raavan. Mahesh overhears him. He asks the matter. Karan tells that he liked Rajveer, but he feels hatred for him. Mahesh tells that he isn’t habitual to seeing anyone standing against him, so he is feeling bad. He adds that Rishabh also praised Rajveer a lot. He tells that Rajveer is good, but he is bad for them because he is against Shaurya. Karan tells that he will free Shaurya from jail as a reply to Rajveer. He can’t forgive anyone who insults him.

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