Shaurya entry in Kundali Bhagya 19th April 2023 Written Update

Shaurya entry in Kundali Bhagya 19th April 2023 Written Update

Shaurya entry in Kundali Bhagya 19th April 2023 Written Update. Preeta gets Shaurya released from jail. Nidhi is much worried seeing Shaurya giving the credit to someone else. She doesn’t want Shaurya to value anyone except her in his life. The Luthras are happy that Shaurya has come home. Rakhi and Mahesh bring him home. Bani does his aarti and welcomes him home. Nidhi isn’t happy. She is jealous that Shaurya got freed because of someone else. Karan tells Shaurya that Rakhi got stubborn about his freedom. He adds that he would have not done anything to help Shaurya. Shaurya tells that Rajveer’s Maasi favored him in the court and got him released. Karan tells that it’s her goodness, and Shaurya shouldn’t expect this from him.

Shaurya tells that he doesn’t have any expectations from Karan. He doesn’t find Karan a good father for him and regrets their relationship. Karan gets angered when Shaurya shows attitude and ego. Shaurya taunts that dads are mad about their children but Karan has made him mad. He tells that Karan never loved him. Rakhi feels bad for Shaurya. She agrees that Karan never gave ample time to Shaurya or get involved in Shaurya’s upbringing. Nidhi asks Shaurya to talk to his dad well and learn to behave. Karan tells that Shaurya has no values, he lacked in getting a good upbringing and became the wrong person.


He starts yelling at Shaurya, who prefers to walk away. Rakhi asks Karan to let it be, Shaurya just came home and needs peace. Nidhi is worried that her position in the Luthra house could get snatched. She feels insecure about losing Shaurya. She has raised Shaurya and gets upset that he is going out of her control. She knows he loves her a lot and would come back to her. The family doesn’t know that Preeta is Rajveer’s Maasi. Keep reading for a full update.

Shaurya entry in Kundali Bhagya 19th April 2023 Written Update:

Nidhi rushes to welcome Shaurya home. Shaurya hugs Nidhi. Rakhi and Mahesh are happy to get him home. Nidhi asks Shaurya if is he okay. He says yes. Bani tells that they were much worried for Shaurya. Kareena is also glad that he is back. Bani performs the aarti to welcome him, but he seems affected by the incense sticks smell. He doesn’t know if he did right or wrong by coming home. He gets enough of the family drama. He sees Karan and remembers his words. He is much angry that Karan didn’t do anything to save him from jail. He tells that he is very tired and wants to take a rest. Nidhi asks him to go to his room. Shaurya tells that he got saved because of the person least expected to help him.

He adds that he expected Karan to help him. Karan tells that he would have not thought to help Shaurya if Rakhi didn’t insist on him. Shaurya tells that he feels strange whenever he meets Preeta, she helped him when she doesn’t even know him, she favored him in the court and got him released. Karan asks him not to expect this kind of goodness from him. He knows Shaurya did wrong. He tells that he never supports the wrong. Shaurya tells that he doesn’t expect anything from Karan. He jokes that Karan has driven him mad. Nidhi asks him to behave when he talks to his dad. Karan scolds Shaurya for not possessing any good values. He taunts Shaurya’s bad upbringing. Rakhi asks him to give some time to Shaurya. Karan gets angry. Shaurya feels the family is a complete zoo.

Nidhi asks Shaurya to behave nicely with his dad. Shaurya feels it’s a jail for him. He tells that Bani was performing his aarti like he has done a big thing. Nidhi asks him what would he like to eat. He tells that he doesn’t want to have food at home. he wants to go out and have some fun. She asks him not to go. She tells that he has to be there to dine with the family. He asks her to lie to the family and handle things for him. She agrees. She asks him not to invite any trouble. He leaves from the window and asks her to lie to Karan.

Preeta and Rajveer are in the vegetable market. He gets a call from his company official. Shaurya passes by the same market. He gets to see Rajveer and gets angry. He doesn’t want to tolerate him. He tells that he will not spare Rajveer. He remembers how Rajveer had thrown a stone at his jeep. He wants to see what happens when his car bangs Rajveer. He speeds his car towards Rajveer. Preeta gets to see Shaurya speeding the car toward Rajveer. She rushes to save Rajveer. She pushes Rajveer and comes in front of the car. Shaurya applies brakes sees her and gets hurt by falling over the steering. Preeta asks Shaurya if is he okay.

Rajveer wonders how did Shaurya come here when he should have been in jail. Shaurya tells that Rajveer wished him to get hurt. Rajveer tells that Shaurya should have been in jail. Preeta asks them to stop the argument. She asks Rajveer to take Shaurya home. Shaurya tells that he will not go anywhere. She insists on him and takes him home. She asks someone to park the car aside. She takes Shaurya home. Rakhi, Mahesh, and Karan get Bani treated by Dr. Sanjeev. Bani tells that she is okay. She is just worried for Shaurya. Rakhi tells that Shaurya doesn’t take his life seriously. Karan asks her what is she saying.

Sanjeev gives the medicines and asks Bani to take care. Rakhi and Karan thank him. Rakhi tells that Shaurya isn’t like they have thought of him. She feels they should get Shaurya married to a good-valued girl who can bring him to the right path. Shaurya can’t believe he is going to Rajveer’s house when he hates him so much. Gurpreet gets to meet Shaurya. She asks Rajveer did he get into a fight again. She learns that he is Shaurya Luthra. Preeta tells that Shaurya met with an accident. Gurpreet asks Shaurya to come inside. Shaurya asks him to get aside so that he can enter the house. Gurpreet learns that Shaurya is the one responsible for the bus accident. Preeta asks Rajveer to take Shaurya to his room.

She tells that she will get the haldi lep. Shaurya refuses at first. He agrees just for Preeta’s sake. Mohit thinks Rajveer hates Shaurya, but he is tolerating him because of Preeta. Gurpreet can see Rajveer’s hatred for Shaurya, but his respect for Preeta. Mohit tells that they have to behave well with Shaurya, but this will upset Rajveer. Daljeet rebukes Palki and asks her to help her in the kitchen. Khurana defends his daughter. Palki asks him not to scold Daljeet. He tells that Palki does all the work. Daljeet argues with them. Palki sweetly convinces Daljeet. She shows how much she values and respects Daljeet. Khurana asks Daljeet to see Palki’s love for her. Palki asks Daljeet and Khurana to stop arguing.

Shaurya asks Rajveer not to be around and stop acting like a brother. Rajveer asks him to just sit down. He tells that he is caring for Shaurya because of Preeta’s saying. They both argue. Rajveer tells that he is glad Shaurya kept Preeta’s word and came home. Shaurya finds Karan’s picture in Rajveer’s room.

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