1 unexpected twist in Kundali Bhagya 21st April 2023 Written Update

1 unexpected twist in Kundali Bhagya 21st April 2023 Written Update

1 unexpected twist in Kundali Bhagya 21st April 2023 Written Update. Karan loses his cool when he finds out about Shaurya’s absence. He waits for Shaurya’s return to scold him. He didn’t expect Shaurya to leave the house after coming home from jail. Shaurya arrives home and gets confronted by Karan. The family worries seeing Shaurya hurt but is relieved that someone has done aid to his wound. Karan asks Shaurya where had he been. Shaurya tells him about visiting Rajveer and his Maasi. He adds that Rajveer’s Maasi is very caring and she has taken care of his wound. He praises Preeta once again.

Karan understands that Rajveer’s Maasi is a nice lady. He tells Shaurya that Rajveer’s Maasi is regarding Shaurya a kid who has lost his path, so she is helping him get back on the right path, she is being kind towards him and also helped him. He tells that she is caring and worrying for Shaurya, but when she learns that he is a spoilt brat, she will not even like to see his face. He asks Shauryat to remember his words. Shaurya smirks. He tells that Karan can never understand his emotions. Nidhi gets upset and takes Shaurya with him. Shaurya tells her that he can’t believe such people do exist in the world in today’s times.


He tells Nidhi how Preeta forced him to visit her home and then she forced him to eat food and take medicines. He adds that Preeta had fed him the food with her own hands. Nidhi is surprised to know this. She doesn’t like Shaurya liking someone else than her. Shaurya goes on to tell her about Preeta and how good she is. Nidhi loses her cool and asks him if is Preeta his mother. He is stunned by her rude behavior. She tells that she didn’t mean to hurt him, but he is talking about Preeta in such a way that she is his mother. She asks him to stop praising Rajveer’s Maasi. Shaurya turns upset with Nidhi’s unexpected behavior.

1 unexpected twist in Kundali Bhagya 21st April 2023 Written Update:

Shaurya leaves Preeta’s house. Preeta tells that Shaurya is a nice guy. Mohit asks her how Shaurya get freed from jail when Rajveer said Shaurya can’t get released until the complaint is withdrawn. Preeta doesn’t tell him that she has helped Shaurya. Palki meets them and returns Preeta’s saree. She tells that the saree is really beautiful. Preeta tells that she will get the same saree for Palki, who would look like a fairy when she dons a saree. Palki laughs. Rajveer smiles seeing Palki. Preeta and Mohit observe Rajveer. Preeta asks Rajveer what’s the matter.

Rajveer feels tense about getting caught. He tells that he was just going. Palki asks is Rajveer okay. Preeta tells that Rajveer is in love. Palki asks what did she say. Preeta tells that there is no problem. She asks Palki to go to the hospital. Palki leaves. Preeta and Gurpreet discuss Rajveer and Palki’s matter. Gurpreet tells that Palki also likes Rajveer. She tells that they both are in love. Preeta gets excited. She tells that she is sure Rajveer loves Palki. Gurpreet asks if she should talk to Palki and know her feelings. Preeta agrees and tells them that she will ask Rajveer. Karan waits for Shaurya. He yells at Nidhi.

Rakhi asks him to speak to Nidhi nicely. Karan tells that Nidhi lied to him about Shaurya who isn’t at home. He calls Nidhi a liar. He asks her to stay away. Rakhi and Mahesh defend Nidhi, who would be helpless because of Shaurya. Karan tells that Shaurya never lies to Nidhi, and she lies to them to cover up his act. He asks them not to take Shaurya and Nidhi’s side. Shaurya comes home. Nidhi worries about his injury. Karan asks Shaurya did he go to drink. Shaurya asks why he misunderstands him. Karan lectures Shaurya about his bad habits. He asks Shaurya to stay conscious because life is long and he has to achieve a lot. Shaurya argues with him. Nidhi asks Shaurya to talk to Karan with respect.

Shaurya tells that he was at Rajveer’s house, and he was hurt so Rajveer’s Maasi took care of him, she fed him food and also did aid to his wound. He asks does he look drunk. Nidhi says no. He tells that he would like to leave. Karan tells that Rajveer’s Maasi cares for Shaurya because she is good at heart, when she learns he is so spoilt and lacks goodness, then she won’t like to see his face. Shaurya doesn’t want to answer him back. Karan shouts at him. Mahesh reminds Karan of his young days. He asks Karan to explain Shaurya with love. Karan tells that he never got too drunk and caused a bus accident.

Elsewhere, Daljeet meets Sudhir, who enquires about Palki. He tells that Ketan has returned from the US after completing a filmmaking course. He adds that Ketan’s mother wants to meet Palki and fix the marriage. Daljeet likes the news. She asks Sudhir to get Ketan’s family home. She believes that one should get her daughter married soon before things go out of hand. She thinks of Palki. Preeta informs Shrishti about Rajveer’s love for Palki. She wants to ask Rajveer once and know what he thinks about Palki. Nidhi gets the medicines for Shaurya. Shaurya remembers Preeta. He refuses to take the pills.

Nidhi tells that she has seen Shaurya’s wound and he needs medication. Shaurya tells her that Karan thinks worse of him. He feels Preeta should have thought worse for him because he had hurt her, but she is so kind. She tells that poor people act kind towards rich people and start bonding just to get financial help. She asks him to remember that the poor people aren’t their real friends, but just use them. She tells that Rajveer’s Maasi will befriend him and then share her financial problems, she will cry and ask for his help. She adds that it doesn’t make sense that Rajveer’s Maasi has filed the complaint and then withdrawn it.

Shaurya tells that he doesn’t believe it, Preeta can’t be wrong, she is genuinely nice and unique, she fed him the food with her hands and did the aid. He praises her. Nidhi gets angry and asks him if is Preeta his mum, and how is she related to him. She tells that just a mother understands a child. She claims that she understands Shaurya’s innocence, while others think he is shrewd and spoilt. She adds that people manipulate him because of his innocence. Shaurya thanks her for saving him. He tells that when he thinks of it, he dislikes Preeta. Nidhi tells that she can’t let Shaurya get trapped by someone else. Khurana tells Palki that he will just come and they will leave for the hospital together.

Ketan and his parents arrive home to meet Palki. Daljeet welcomes them. She tells that she will get Palki. She takes Palki aside and tells that Ketan and his parents have come to talk about the alliance. Rajveer asks Preeta to look for his shoe. Preeta shows the shoe lying in a corner. He thanks her and tells her that he loves her a lot. She tells that she will always be with him. She initiates a talk about Palki. She tells him that they are lucky to meet Palki, who helped him settle into a new city with ease. She adds that they got a good house and also good people around only because of Palki. He agrees that Palki is nice. She tells that Rajveer and Palki look perfect with each other. She asks him if he likes Palki.

She tells that she will get him married to Palki if he agrees. Rajveer likes Palki, but can’t think of his life until he gets justice, and rights and lost identity to Preeta. He denies it. She tells that he is appearing shy, which means he likes Palki. She takes him to Palki’s house to talk about the alliance. Daljeet tells Palki that Sudhir informed her about Ketan and his family’s arrival. She asks Palki to get well-dressed and come to meet Ketan. Palki gets upset. She thinks of Rajveer. Daljeet asks Mahi to help Palki with the makeup.

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