Kumkum Bhagya 10th May 2023 Written Update Surprised Ranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 10th May 2023 Written Update Surprised Ranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 10th May 2023 Written Update Surprised Ranbir. Prachi and Akshay come to the orphanage to meet Khushi. She asks Meera to call Khushi. The staff lady tells that she doesn’t know about Khushi. Prachi asks why didn’t Khushi come with her. The lady tells that Khushi is missing. The other lady asks her to go and check the room. The lady gets scared and tells that she didn’t keep Khushi in the room, but somewhere else. She admits that she had locked her in the dark room. Prachi is shocked to know this and wonders where did Khushi go. She worries for Khushi and cries.

Khushi gets emotional and tells Ranbir what she felt when she was locked in the dark room. She tells that she felt God doesn’t love her, but she didn’t know that God loves her a lot, because God has given her the best father in the world. She tells that Ranbir is her dad and she loves him. She calls him Papa and surprises him. Ranbir cries happily and hugs her. Keep reading for a quick written update on Kumkum Bhagya 10th May 2023.


Radha Mohan:

Damini frames Radha in her clever trap. She tricks Radha and sends her to the cold storage. She locks Radha inside. She tells that nobody comes to the cold storage at this time, the door will open in the morning only and everyone will get Radha’s frozen dead body. Radha tries to hit the door and shouts for help. Radha gets freezing in the cold. She faints. She lies inside the cold storage and reminisces about her moments with Mohan. She wishes Mohan connects to her and comes to her rescue. Will Mohan learn about Radha falling into peril and come to rescue her? Stay tuned.

Kumkum Bhagya 10th May 2023 Written Update Surprised Ranbir:

Khushi tells Ranbir that she jumped out of the window and fled from the orphanage. Ranbir asks her if is she okay. She asks if is he worried for her. He tells that he is worried for her. She asks the reason. She tells that she knows the reason. He asks what does she know. She thinks of Pallavi’s words. She hugs Ranbir and cries. He says that she can talk to him. She tells that she used to look at the moon whenever she got upset, and she wished to get a father. She feels she is lucky to get the world’s best father. She calls him her dad and tells him that she knows the truth, he is her dad. Ranbir tells that he is her dad, and she is his daughter, Panchi. He hugs her happily. Dida is pleased to see them.

Prachi and Akshay reach the orphanage. He tells that there is nobody inside. She tells that they will go inside and check. He tells that they don’t know the way. He thinks why is she loving Khushi so much? He knows she has much love in her heart. He wishes that Prachi’s wish gets fulfilled. Prachi tells the old lady that she wants to meet Khushi because she is going to adopt her. She adds that Khushi would be waiting for her. She asks her to call Khushi once. The old lady agrees. She asks the evil staff lady to go and get Khushi. The evil lady thinks she will get Khushi and scold her to stop her from complaining. Prachi thanks the old lady for the help.

The evil lady doesn’t find Khushi in the dark room. She thinks Khushi has run away from the window. She tells that she can’t tell anyone that Khushi has escaped. She gets afraid to tell Meera. She knows she will get scolded. Dida asks Khushi to meet Pallavi, Rhea, and Vikram. Khushi meets the family. Vikram and Pallavi cry happily to get their grandchild home. He tells that he is getting much happiness. Khushi wipes Vikram’s tears. She asks him not to cry. Rhea smiles seeing her. Khushi asks Vikram to hug her and smile. Dida tells that Vikram is Khushi’s Dadi, and told it first that she looks like Ranbir. Ranbir asks who told Khushi that she is his daughter.

Pallavi tells that she is sorry but she told Khushi the truth, Khushi is Ranbir’s daughter and has a big family. They happily spend time with Khushi. Prachi and Akshay wait for Khushi. He asks her to relax, they will meet Khushi soon. Prachi tells that the lady didn’t get Khushi till now. He asks her how much will she cry. He tells that those who love her will be worried for her. He tells that he doesn’t like to see her crying. Prachi asks the lady where is Khushi. The evil lady who punished Khushi tells that she doesn’t know about Khushi. Prachi asks her where did Khushi go. The old lady asks the lady to go and check the room.

The evil lady tells that she had locked Khushi in the darkroom to punish her, but Khushi went missing. Prachi and the old lady scold her. Prachi tells that she has to find Khushi, who is smart and would have found a way to escape. She worries for Khushi. Ranbir tells Pallavi that the orphanage people would be finding Khushi. He wants Khushi’s name to get removed from the adoption list. He tells that he will put a hold on the adoption process. He calls the lawyer. He tells the lawyer that he got an idea, he wants to get Khushi’s name removed from the adoption order, and he wants to put a stay order on the orphanage. The lawyer asks him to not do anything wrong.

He tells that he should apologize to Meera and make her believe that he is a decent man. He asks Ranbir if is he doing something wrong. Ranbir tells that he is not up to anything. Akshay asks the lady how can she lock a little girl in the dark room, and if she has no humanity. She apologizes to him. He scolds her. Prachi asks the kids if they have seen Khushi. The girls tell that they don’t know anything. Pallavi tells that she will never send Khushi to the orphanage, but they can’t hide her at home. She supports Ranbir in his aim of keeping Khushi away from everyone. She tells him that they shall take Khushi to their farmhouse. He tells that he will prove he is Khushi’s dad, and not run away. Khushi tells that the orphanage staff won’t believe him.

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