Anupama 16th May 2023 Written Update Anu punished

Anupama 16th May 2023 Written Update Anu punished

Anupama 16th May 2023 Written Update Anu punished. Dimpy tells the family that she has informed Anuj about her marriage date, and he took responsibility for the marriage. Vanraj asks why is he coming. He tells that Anuj is joking with them. They don’t believe Anuj. They are afraid of the problems. They wish Anuj doesn’t come back. Anupama gets worried that Anuj is coming back. She decides to not change her decision for anyone’s sake. She tells that she will go abroad. Anupama moves on in her life. After a month, Pakhi, Kinjal, and Paritosh pull Samar’s leg by giving him a couple name, #Sample. They laugh at him. He asks them to change it and show some creativity.

Anupama and Bhairavi come to the dance class and get late. Malti Devi beats Anupama and punishes her for getting late. Anupama apologizes. Malti Devi rebukes her for breaking the rules. She wants discipline. She asks Nakul to cancel Anupama’s contract. This shocks Anupama. Luckily, it’s just Anupama’s dream. Anupama wakes up Bhairavi. She asks her to get ready fast, if they get late then Malti will oust them. She rushes to get ready. Samar calls her up and tells her about the couple’s name, Sample. She tells that it’s better than the other names. He informs her about the puja. He invites her to the puja. She tells that she will be there, certainly. Samar gets glad. Kanta asks Anupama what is she thinking. Anupama tells that Anuj will also come to the puja.


Leela pampers Samar and wishes him a good start. Samar gets the family’s love. He happily cries. Shahs are upset to learn that Anuj and Maya are coming. Leela tells Vanraj that Anupama was happy, but Anuj is coming to spoil her happiness. Vanraj knows that Anupama would be upset with this news. He knows she is affected. Anupama misses Anuj and tries to divert her mind. Paritosh tells Kinjal that Anuj shouldn’t come. She tells that Anuj is coming on Dimpy’s invite. He wants Dimpy to have loyalty toward Anupama. He gets worried that Anuj’s return will affect Anupama negatively. She asks him to calm down and trust Anuj and Anupama.

She asks him to better get ready for the puja. He asks her to answer his question, but she refuses. Anupama and Bhairavi get late for the class. They see Malti Devi and get worried. They join the class but get noticed by Malti. Malti punishes Anupama and throws her out of the class. Anupama tells that she will not get late next time. Dimpy tells Ankush that Anuj wants to stay in a hotel. Barkha tells that Anuj won’t be comfortable staying in the house without Anupama. Dimpy is glad that he is coming. Ankush wants to bring Anuj home because he is Anuj’s elder brother.

He hopes Anuj comes back and handles the business, or else the Kapadia empire will get destroyed. He asks them to prepare for the puja. Malti Devi asks Anupama to focus on her work. She tells that people think marriage ends the problems, but it’s not true, marriage is a problem itself. She calls marriage a means of destruction. Anupama tells that she is a mother and she has to keep her duties. Malti asks her to give her priority to her career. She tells that Anupama will get late again, and then she will lose the contract. Anupama tells that this won’t happen again. She knows Malti doesn’t like relationships. She requests Malti to attend Samar’s marriage and bless him.

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