Kundali Bhagya 16th May 2023 Written Update News for Rajveer

Kundali Bhagya 16th May 2023 Written Update News for Rajveer

Kundali Bhagya 16th May 2023 Written Update News for Rajveer. Preeta tells Gurpreet that everything is done. Daljeet tells that Palki would be on the way. Preeta finds Daljeet sweet. Palki asks the goons to leave her. The car stops at the signal. Palki tries to run away but fails. The goons put her back in the car. Palki shouts for help. She sees Karan at the signal and thinks he can help her. She tries to seek help from Karan. Karan doesn’t see Palki and Shaurya. Shaurya meets the goons. Palki learns about Shaurya’s involvement in the kidnapping. Shaurya tells that he isn’t scared of Palki, and it’s not a big deal if she sees his face. He asks his friends to sit in the car. Karan gets suspicious. He looks at the goons’ car.

Shaurya sees Karan around and worries. He rushes to his car and flees from there. He doesn’t want Karan to see him. The goons find Karan coming towards their car, and race the car before getting caught. Karan feels like he has seen someone inside. He leaves there. Rajveer asks Mahi to leave him free so that he can open the door. He asks her to call someone. She tells that she doesn’t have her phone. Rajveer tells that he left his phone outside. He knocks on the door and shouts for help. Daljeet hears the door knock and goes to see. Mahi thinks why did Daljeet come to spoil her love story? Rajveer asks Daljeet to open the door, he is stuck inside, he had come to fix the latch, but he got locked. She tells that she will call Preeta and Gurpreet.


She asks Preeta to help, Rajveer and Mahi are stuck inside. Rajveer asks them to just free him. Preeta asks how he gets stuck inside. Daljeet tells that Rajveer is doing wrong. Gurpreet defends him. They open the door and find Rajveer and Mahi inside. Mahi tells Daljeet that Rajveer isn’t the wrong person. Daljeet apologizes to him. Mahi asks why didn’t she get the heels. Daljeet tells that Palki has gone to get the heels. She calls Palki. She tells that Palki isn’t answering. She calls Mahi’s friend and asks if Palki has come to pick up the heels. She tells that Palki didn’t reach there. The family worries for Palki. Palki is kept captive.

She asks the goons to let her go. The goons tie her up. She tells that she has no money to give them. She adds that it’s her engagement tomorrow and her parents would be worried for her. The goon tells that he will inform about getting her to the place. She asks who is he going to inform. He asks her to shut up. Khurana learns that Palki is missing. He finds them worried. Preeta worries a lot. He tells that he knows where did Palki go. Daljeet asks where is he. He tells that he doesn’t want to argue with her. He reminds Daljeet that she has sent Palki to get heels for Mahi. She tells that she remembers it. Preeta tells that Palki didn’t reach Mahi’s friend’s house. He gets worried. They all wonder where did Palki go.

Rajveer tells that he will go and find Palki. Shaurya calls the goon and asks about Palki. The goon tells that everything is ready. Shaurya asks him to clean a room for him. The goon tells that he will set up everything. Sandy and Sanju ask Shaurya if he is going to do wrong with Palki. Shaurya asks them to come along. Karan hinders Shaurya. He asks Shaurya where is he going. Shaurya gets tense. Karan takes the car keys. He asks Shaurya’s friends to leave. He asks Shaurya to go to his room. Shaurya tells that he has important work to do, but he can’t tell about it, knowing Karan won’t like it. Karan asks him to go to his room. He rebukes his friends and sends them off. He asks Shaurya to park the car and come after him. Rajveer gets to see the tyre marks and is worried that Palki got kidnapped. He thinks to follow the tyre marks.

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