Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si Upcoming Kunal’s firm stand

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si Upcoming Kunal's firm stand

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si Upcoming Kunal’s firm stand. Tara is determined to uplift Vandana’s spirits. They are making plans for an unforgettable Diwali celebration. As it is the festive season, Vandana is preparing a delicious feast for their family. Pammi commends the mouthwatering dishes. During lunch, Kunal inquires about Tara’s whereabouts and Vedika informs him that she sent her to be with Vandana for some Diwali shopping. She also mentions how much Tara admires Vandana. Later, as Kunal leaves the table, Pammi suggests that Vedika should find a suitable girl for him to marry to bring happiness into his life again. However, Vedika knows that it is Tara and Vandana who can truly bring joy to Kunal’s life rather than a new bride.

During the festive season, Tara and Vandana enjoy each other’s company. Together, they celebrate with lights and firecrackers. After that, Vandana takes Tara to meet Soniya in secret. Seeing her friend, Soniya becomes overwhelmed with joy. She repeatedly asks Tara if she is happy at Kunal’s house and if he is treating her well. Tara assures her that Kunal is gradually accepting her. Even though Soniya wants to give more gifts to Tara, she declines because Vandana has already gotten many things for her. However, Vandana insists that Tara accepts something from her mother.


This gets Tara excited as she receives toys to play with from Soniya. As Soniya embraces her daughter, she inquires about the treatment Tara receives from her father. However, Vandana stops her, as she knows it will make Tara uncomfortable and anxious. Vandana reminds Soniya that constantly questioning Tara will only instill fear in her heart. She then turns to Soniya and asks why she didn’t speak up about this issue before. Soniya hesitates, not wanting to be held responsible for Tara’s well-being.

Vandana reminds them both of the struggles Kunal has faced in raising his daughter without any help from them. She suggests that they give Kunal some time to adopt Tara since they have not been involved in her life until now. Suddenly, Kunal appears and reprimands them for not informing him about their discussion. He becomes angry and warns Soniya that she is no longer allowed to see Tara. However, Kunal denies all their claims and refuses to let them meet Tara. Despite Sonya’s and Vandana’s efforts to assert Soniya’s right to see her daughter, Kunal remains adamant about his decision.


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