Kunal and Shraddha to part ways in Meri Bhabhi


After all the melodrama in Meri Bhabhi in last two weeks, the focus was on Anand and Kittu, though the lead pair is Shraddha and Kunal. The Kittu track was shown excessively. Anand and Kittu had a huge misunderstanding created by Shraddha to bring them closer. Anand was mistaken that Kittu is pregnant and started taking great care of her. When he came to know about the biggest lie of his life, he became so furious, that he blew his anger on Kittu again. Kittu leaves the house in anger and goes towards water lake. Everyone searches for her thinking she will do something wrong.

Finally, Anand sees Kittu near the water and thinks she is about to commit suicide. He jumps in the water to save her though he does not know swimming. He starts drowning ad atlast his wife saves him. They cutely patch up and come home. All the problems have to end in Kittu’s life and for this, Kunal takes a decision that he will be parting ways with Shraddha. Shraddha supports him in his decision. Everyone are shocked by their decision. While Kamini is much happy, not understanding what her son really wants. Will Kunal and Shraddha unite? Will Kittu bring them closer? Stay tuned.



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