Mayank is forced to act as someone's husband in Zee TV show Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke.


While Mayank is on the way to meet his client but destiny has other plans. A newly wed groom gets killed by his car and the groom’s father in law Nathulal takes him to his house. The bride rushes to him and takes his blessings. She assumes Mayank to be her husband. Mayank tries to clear the misunderstandings but the bride says that she knows that he will not accept her. She begs him to accept her and falls unconsciousness on his shoulder. Mayank takes her inside the house. When the bride’s father tells his wife about their son in law being no more. Bride’s mother gets shocked. They think that their daughter wouldn’t be able to take this big shock of her life. They ask Mayank to act as her husband for a few days.

While at the other end, Gunjan awaits for Mayank for the romantic special dinner. Mayank is shocked and don’t know what to do. Mayank informs Gunjan that he can’t come home right now and most probably will confide about the nightmare. The bride assumes Mayank as her husband. What will Mayank do now? Will he be forced to marry that girl? Will Gunjan comes to his rescue. When will the two birds unite again? Stay tuned to watch the coming episodes or read this space to know more on Mayank’s front.



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