Ruhi to put forth Ishita towards Raman in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein



Ruhi is a lovely innocent child who wants to bring her newly married mum Ishita to her arrogant father Raman. Ishita welcomes Ruhi at home on the first day after winning the custody case. She makes South Indian food for Ruhi to treat her taste buds. Ruhi is much happy as Ishita makes her eat by her hands. Ruhi asks Ishita to make Raman eat too. She tries to bring them closer by making Ishita ready for the Valentine’s party where Raman is taking her.


Raman brings Ishita to the party but is totally ignorant. Ishita does not know the reason for Raman’s behavior. Raman thinks it’s the same venue where he attended a party with his wife Shagun who cheated him for Ashok. He came to know the truth about them in that party where Raman and Ashok had a fight over Shagun. Shagun supported Ashok and ditched Raman. That incidence have brought bitterness in Raman’s life. Will Ishita be able to being happiness in Raman’s life? Will Raman become the fun living and have faith in love as before? Keep reading.


  1. its a nice show we want to see different from ekta’s previous shows, this show shouldn’t be more confusing and disturbing to viewers as her previous shows on star plus. please do consider.


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