Shivani realizes Raghu's truthfulness in Zee TV's Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se



Shivani saves Raghu from death like a dutiful wife. She gives him mouth to mouth respiration to get the water out of his wind pipe. Raghu’s family blames Shivani for Raghu’s condition. Raghu supports her like always. Shivani asks for forgiveness from him. Later Raghu is arrested by the police for stealing 5 Lakhs Rupees from Shivani’s home.


After a lot of drama, Shivani succeeds to free Raghu and shows the proof to the Police that it is actually Mahima’s work to frame Raghu. She comes home and slaps Mahima. Mahima gets angry and tells her that it was their plan to lower Raghu in her eyes. Shivani gets annoyed and asks them to leave her haveli.

Raghu comes and stops her. He tells her that Maliksaa’s respect will malign if they go from here. Shivani asks them to beg for forgiveness from Raghu. They sit on their knees and asks for forgiveness. Raghu forgives them. They plan to take revenge from Raghu and Shivani for their insult. Shivani realizes Raghu’s simplicity and truthfulness. She feels bad and start protecting him. She will fall in love with him in the coming episodes. She will go and apologize to Raghu’s mom and family. Stay tuned to watch the romance brewing between them.


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