Poonam’s family to get into trouble in Ek Ghar Banaunga



Shashikant’s brother Ravikant came to his house with his entire family. While he came in the love of his brother, his family came only to get money and claim their right on the house. They are shocked to see the house worth crores of rupees. They lay their eyes on their business too. Akash and Poonam are unaware of their bad intentions.


Ramesh, Ravikant’s son in law convinces his son Abhi to support him and then they can claim the house. He tells Abhi that this house is also your property. Abhi at first neglects this talk, but then agrees with Ramesh. Ramesh is not even loyal to Abhi. He wants to get everything for him by using Abhi. Ramesh acts clever and tries to fool Akash. Akash gets into his words but Poonam saves him from the trap. Poonam explains Akash how much his presence is required in the family. While Ramesh feels Kanno is the weak link in the family and can help them, but will Poonam let Kanno become a ploy hand? Let’s see in coming episodes.



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