Tanya conspires to kill Pakhi as Anshuman chooses Pakhi as his wife in Tumhari Pakhi



Tanya wins the challenge by unfair means. She asks Mr. Rana, her dad to send her some money and gets his help to win. Anshuman is not aware of that. Girish asks Anshuman about his decision. Anshuman tells him that he has finally understood what Pakhi means to him and Ayaan. He can’t be selfish to think only about himself, ignoring Ayaan’s happiness. He tells Girish that he will give priority to Ayaan and knows how much Ayaan loves and needs Pakhi at this phase of his life. Ayaan does not like Tanya and won’t accept her as his mum.


Anshuman decided to keep up his marriage with Pakhi and end his relation with Tanya. When the time comes for Pakhi to leave the house, she will be shocked and happy to know that Anshuman wants her in his life. Pakhi will be glad to stay with Anshuman and Ayaan. Even the servants of the house, who has always witnessed Pakhi’s goodness will be happy seeing Anshuman choosing Pakhi over Tanya. Tanya will be very angry and will plan to kill Pakhi in a rage. Will Anshuman save Pakhi from Tanya’s evil intentions? Keep reading.


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