Officer Singh asks Sandhya to shoot at Naxal’s helper Roma in Diya Aur Baati Hum



Sandhya was caught by the Naxals and she witnesses that there is a cadet who is helping the Naxals. Officer Singh is kidnapped by them. Sandhya was about to get burnt but escapes somehow and reaches her base camp. She keeps an eye on everyone and is shocked to know that Roma is the Naxal’s helping hand. She calls out Zakir, Rahul, Deepak and Raghav and tells them that Roma has kidnapped Officer Singh. Rahul loves Roma and does not believe Sandhya. Zakir thinks about how Roma landed in the Naxals without using the compass and doubts on Roma. Zakir understands that Sandhya is right and makes a plan to confront Roma.


Zakir and Sandhya prove it to everyone that Roma is a big cheat. Everyone is shocked as they trusted Roma a lot. Roma is questioned about Officer Singh. She escapes from them and reaches Officer Singh before them. Sandhya follows her and sees Officer Singh at Roma’s gunpoint. Officer Singh asks Sandhya to shoot at Roma, but the Naxal Chief laughs on Sandhya’s weakness in gun firing. Sandhya is under pressure as if she shoots wrong, the bullet may kill Officer Singh. Sandhya finally shoots…… Will she be able to save Officer Singh? Watch out the promo below….

[dailymotion id=k72Xx2iaJyiA2e6Ofux]



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