Love By Chance 19th July 2014 8th Episode Bindass – Promo Snapshot


Love By Chance Bindass 7th Episode;

* Love By Chance Promo Snapshot
* Kavi’s candid talk with Vir Das on their upcoming film

Love by Chance is a romantic comedy backed by serendipity. The show covers real stories of people and every week a new love story will be shown.


The story is about a boy (Nihar) and a girl who have a chance meeting at a forest. He comes to the forest to spend the night with the ghosts there and the girl comes with her boyfriend there to see how much courageous he is. The girl’s boyfriend Ankush turns out to be a nervous and the one to carry fear instead of fearless.

When they hear the voice of a tiger’s roar, both of them runs for some safe place. During the run, she gets separated from Ankush and finds Nihar. He tries to help her in finding Ankush and she insists that they look for him the whole night. Nihar cites that he couldn’t search whole night since he has to shoot next day as well. She asks him what is his problem since he spoke a bit roughly earlier. He replies on not having an expensive perfume like her darling Ankush but is the one who respects females (women) a lot. After hearing it, she smiles at him. Sooner, next day both spend time together during their search and come close.

Will they find love in those circumstances of searching for Ankush and the environment (forest) ? What would be the Nihar’s qualities which will impress the girl a lot to the extent that she will forget her love for Ankush for the time being and seriously think about Nihar ? Will they able to find Ankush and is there any triangular love story ? What are the chance moments that will make them come close ? Will Nihar pass the test of courage (Agni Pariksha) so as to win her ? Are they going to realize their mutual love and become love struck ? Stay tuned to Love By Chance on Bindass this Saturday @ 7 PM.

Info On Cast * Nihar is played by actor Mohit Malik who was an ex-contestant of MTV Roadies season 7 * Kavya is played by actress and VJ Barkha Singh

Additional Note: The show’s host Kavi Shastri’s upcoming movie – Amit Sahni ki List with actor Vir Das is releasing this Friday on 18th July. Both of them are seen in candid talk and discussion about their movie. We wish Kavi and Vir the very best for their movie.

In the teaser promo, Kavi congratulates Vir on his madness as he has the list. Vir replies that he has a system to find the perfect girl and the list has the name of girls whom he liked the most and the ones he is not interested as well. Kavi speaks that its not like going to a restaurant and ordering Masala Dosa making a taunt on his list and approach. Vir tries to explain that his heart is very weak and every week his heart falls for some new girl. Kavi reminds him of a girl Malini who used to come in their bathroom and surprises them a bit quietly. He says that she was so cute, and Vir replies that if he has the list at that time then Malini wouldn’t have been in their bathroom.

Kavi speaks that love doesn’t have any formula or method to find your soulmate. Then, Vir asks more specifically about Kavi’s method to find love. He replies nothing and then speaks that love happen by chance and don’t know with whom and where, and how you will fall in love with someone. Vir replies if that is the case then Kavi can sit whole life while waiting for his love and the girl will come by chance for him. Kavi asks Vir that he can go ahead to find new girl with his inquisition approach, and Vir then suggests Kavi to wait for his chance and he will go on with his list and makes a challenge to see who gets the girl first. Kavi speaks that Vir will get trashing and gets a reply that he will be celebrating his marriage, and Kavi will be dancing there in some corner there. Finally, both speak on seeing what’s in store for them.

* Kavi Shastri is british film and television actor. Kavi’s Twitter page. * Amit Sahni ki List is a rom-com comedy movie where Vir is playing the role of Amit who is in the quest of a dream girl and the one which matches with the traits in his list. He dates 15 girls until he meet the one fitting his list. Kavi is playing the character of Pushkar who is Amit’s friend and has a different philosophy on love. Along with actors Vir Das and Kavi Shastri, it has actresses Vega Tamotia and Anindita Nayar. The movie’s Wikipedia and Twitter page.

Love by Chance – 19th July Promo [youtube id=] Amit Sahni Ki Chancy Love Story 1 – Kavi and Vir Das in a candid talk [youtube id=] Amit Sahni Ki Chancy Love Story 2- Kavi and Vir in another candid talk [youtube id=] Amit Sahni ki list Official Trailer [youtube id=]


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