Tanu’s lies make Abhi glorify Pragya’s love in KumKum Bhagya



Abhi sees Pragya sleeping on the couch. He does some drama to wake her up. He cries and says Dadi…. She gets worried and asks what happened to Dadi. He says don’t know what happened to Dadi and scares her, knowing she is just acting to be rude to Dadi. Pragya rushes to Dadi and sees her fine. She decides to leave Abhi’s home and cries. She thinks it will be better if Abhi and Tanu stay together with their child. Abhi’s spying and clever tricks gets successful and he knows what Pragya is hiding and why is she behaving rude to everyone.

Later on, Abhi gets to know about Tanu’s pregnancy and gets angry on her. He throws the wine glasses and confronts Tanu for her big lie. Tanu tells him everything that she is pregnant with his child. Abhi is not ready to accept it. Tanu still tries to convince him. He says this can’t be possible. Abhi asks her to leave from his life and says he loves Pragya. Tanu was hoping that this good news will bring Abhi more close to her, but it happened otherwise. Abhi leaves from her home by ending all ties with her. Will Abhi to able to get Pragya back and sort things between them? Keep reading.



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