TR’s Top Spoilers For This Week



Kumkum Bhagya:


Pragya makes Bulbul gets ready for her marriage and brings Bulbul to the marriage altar. She then makes her sit with Purab in the marriage altar. Bulbul and Purab exchange garlands and is all set to marry each other hopefully. Bulbul looks beautiful in elegant red lehenga, looking like a perfect bride and puts garland on her groom’s neck. Purab and Bulbul have been united after overcoming many hurdles. Abhi looks confused as he is trapped by Tanu. He is happy that Bulbul is getting married to Purab. There will be a big drama in the marriage and it will not be less than a bomb to shock everyone. Pragya and Abhi are confused about their feelings for each other and couldn’t confess because of the present circumstances. In next track, Pragya will try to expose Tanu infront of family members and will try to save her marriage with Abhi.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Shagun has entered in the show again, but this time not as Adi and Ruhi’s mum but as an escort in the party. Shagun was deficit of money and takes the wrong route. She becomes escort to earn some quick money and live her lavish style again. She comes to the party with someone and enjoys drinks. Raman is also at the party and happens to notice Shagun with a stranger. He gets shocked and thinks to stop her from going wrong way, but before he could confront her, the police comes and arrests Shagun. This comes as a shocker to Raman and this will bring a big twist in Ishita and Raman’s happy paradise.

Shagun to turn an escort; Raman rages on her transform in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Devika gets ready become a bride and dresses up good for her to- be groom. She is getting married to Saket, but has Ravi in her heart. Her sister Sakshi tries to make her understand her true feelings, but Devika feels that Ambe Maa Goddess has finalized Saket for her so she decides to marry him. Devika and Saket pose for the pics and family too joins them. The garland exchange stops and Saket has to leave for some reason. Devika thinks this is also from her Ambe Maai. Devika will be marrying Ravi in the next track.


Ranvi and Gunjan’s marriage is going through a bad phase. Gunjan has much doubt on Ranvi, even when he did not regard Geet any significance in his life. He loves Gunjan and she has her inhibitions that Ranvi loves Geet and Deepu. She tries committing suicide and Ranvi stops her. Gunjan recalls Ratan’s words that someone is really attempting to end her marriage with Ranvi and thinks its Geet, as Ratan did not mention Manjeet’s name. Gunjan feels Geet has come to snatch her husband and gets into a major argument with Ranvi. She asks Baldev to get Geet married to someone to clear her doubts. Geet agrees to marry the one Balwant finds suitable for her, after seeing Baldev and Veera fighting because of her, and also being blamed to have affair with Ranvi.

Gunjan’s doubt on Ranvi to ruin Geet’s life in Veera

Mere Angne Mein:

Riya meets Shanti on Sarla’s insistence. Shanti inquires about her salary and job. Riya tells her that she works with Shivam and how Shivam got the star performer prize. Shanti and Sarla get shocked knowing Shivam has hidden this truth from them, to save his salary. Shanti waits for Shivam to come home. Shivam loses the job by Riya’s stupidity. Riya made mistake to make him fall in trouble to in his heart by saving him in last minute. She wanted to impress him. Shivam gets sad and comes home. Shanti confronts him about his job. Shivam bursts out his anger saying he joined this month and even lost the job now. The family gets shocked when Shanti blames Kaushalya for hiding his job truth. Riya comes to know that boss has fired Shivam, and she gets worried. She feels guilty of her doings and her flop ideas to win his love. Riya goes to tell Shivam of her mistake and also talks to boss to get his job back.


Suhani has got her best friend Soumya back. Soumya has seen Krishna’s truth, who has got blind in revenge from Birlas. Lalita is getting all her enmity out by supporting Krishna against Birlas. However, this is a good lesson for Dadi, who has been valuing money and status all her life. She did not respect relations before and have started supporting Suhani in her plan to free Yuvraaj lately. Dadi will be seen joining hands with Suhani and Sharad, to free Yuvraaj off Radhe’s murder blame. It will be this high drama in the show that Dadi, Rags and Menka will be shown supporting Suhani. Soumya starts insulting Suhani at home to win Krishna’s trust and get to know Radhe’s whereabouts. Anuj gets back on Suhani’s side seeing her humiliation. Soumya and Suhani try to reach Radhe by their plan to send him food by Rakhi. While Radhe tries hard to hide, Suhani gets him in the food festival. Suhani takes his pics in her phone on spotting him in disguise. Sharad gets shocked seeing Radhe alive and says Suhani was right about him. Suhani tells Sharad that they can save Yuvraaj by showing the pics and videos in court. Rohan tells Dadi that he will reach court before them and save Yuvraaj definitely. He asks her not to worry and leave everything on him, as he did not lose any case till now. Dadi asks Suhani to keep the proof safe. Krishna gets suspicious of Suhani knowing about Radhe. What will Krishna do now?


Ishani has stopped Ranvir and Ritika’s marriage successfully by showing the door to Ritika and asking her to do a friend’s duty of uniting Ranvir with his wife. Shikhar tells Ranvir that Ishani has not signed on the divorce papers as her heart sgill loves Ranvir. He tells Ranvir that Ishani is still his legal wife and this he can’t marry Ritika now. He asks Ranvir to take care of his ‘Amaanat’ Ishani and wants Ishani to be happy. Ritika worries that Ishani can tell the truth out that she has stabbed her. But she comes to know that Ishani has lost her memory, and has come back to stay with Ranvir. Ishani plays safe to bring out Ritika’s truth by solid proof. She gets close to Ranvir, after knowing all the truth of his innocence. She has all her love in her heart and mind for Ranvir. Later on, Ranvir gets drunk and loses his senses. He gets closer to Ishani and they get romantic. Ishani recalls her promise made to Shikhar and distances herself from Ranvir, as her main aim is to expose Ritika. Ishani thanks Ritika for taking care of her husband and family in her absence. She asks Ritika to take rest now as she has come to take everything in her control.

Ishani’s move to fail Ritika’s plan succeeds by Shikhar’s help in Meri Aashiqui…

Jamai Raja:

When Shiv reveals Misha’s secret to Misha thinking her to be Roshni, Misha stabs him with pointed scissor repeatedly. Shiv gets injured. Just when Pyscho Misha tries to kill Shiv, Roshni and Sid reach there and rescue Shiv. They get shocked seeing Misha’s madness at the peak. DD will be shocked and will be confused about Shiv’s message that he left from their life. She will realize that there is surely something hidden from her eye. Roshni and Sid take Shiv to hospital. Sid follows Misha who has reached to hospital to steal the proof against her with Shiv, when she has tried to kill him. Sid tries to catch the girl, after seeing the lady doctor running from the ward. Misha succeeds in clearing the evidence and runs away. There will be major revelation of Misha being behind attack on Shiv.

Sid safeguards Shiv from Misha’s killer attempts in Jamai Raja


Sooraj is doing Bhoomi Puja for his hotel inauguration. He lays the foundation of the dream hotel Vedansh. Everyone get happy after the Bhoomi Pujan and Sandhya cries realizing she has to leave from their life on her mission. Sandhya supports Sooraj and asks him to hurry up with the hotel buildup. Sooraj hugs Ved and shows him the land. He says he is doing all this for his son. Sandhya thinks Sooraj and Ved will be emotionally supporting each other after she goes. Himanshu comes to meet Sagarika at odd hours and Bharat calls Sandhya to come soon. Sandhya does not get time to change her getup and lies on the bed acting as unwell. Himanshu notices her Mangalsutra and gets stunned. Bharat gets worried seeing it and signs Sandhya. Sooraj does not find Sandhya at home and it gets late. He makes Ved sleep by saying stories to him. Sooraj worried for Sandhya’s absence.

Sooraj lays Vedansh’s foundation; Himanshu skeptical about Sagarika in DABH

Qubool Hai:

New Sanam tries sticking to Aahil and gets close. Aahil asks her to move away. She tries to woo him again and fails. Aahil scolds her. She acts cheap and asks him to come back to her, as Jannat and Shaad are together. She says he has no one in his life now and taunts him. Aahil gets angry and leaves. Sanam/Jannat and Shaad are getting married. Jannat looks gorgeous as a bride. She sits for the Nikaah with Shaad. She gets thinking about Aahil and is about to say Qubool Hai being lost in her thoughts. She gets confused over Shaad and Aahil. She keeps her loyalty for Shaad and says Qubool Hai. The twist comes as Shaad sacrifices his love and makes Aahil sit as the groom with sehra on his face. Shaad asks Aahil to take the groom’s place and talks to him behind the curtain, when Sanam could not see them. Aahil gets indebted to Shaad for this sacrifice and thanks him. Sanam and Aahil finally unite and get married, with Shaad looking at them and being happy for their union.

Shaad sacrifices his love to get Aahil and Sanam married in Qubool Hai

Tu Mera Hero:

Panchi tries to impress Titu and dances on the song Mere Saiyaan Superstar and takes him to dance. The family dances with them. Panchi tries making him happy and Titu wants to impress her by work. He has gone in extreme and the twist will show why is Titu being so extreme in hardwork. There is a reason for his over the limit work which will be out soon. A guest comes in the function, who brings a new twist in the show. The twist will be Titu’s talent coming in Panchi’s eyes, which makes her regret for slapping Titu and not believing him before.


Manohar stops Arjun and Bhagya together near the lake and beats up Arjun. The news reaches the village of Arjun and Bhagya being together all night. The next track will be bringing their marriage ahead in the show, as Bhaiya ji decides to get them married to save his name. Arjun is marrying Bhagya in grand way, and Chakor dances happily in the baraat. All the kids dance with excitement as they are very happy for their Arjun Sir. Arjun brings the baraat to the haveli and Baa welcomes him. Chakor faces problems at the sports academy as the girls don’t get friendly with her. Chakor takes the task to win their hearts by her sweet selfess nature and her real talent.


Gopi takes care of Rashi, who is ill. Pari is rude to Rashi. Gopi asks her to be gentle with her. Paridhi tells Gopi that she couldn’t take care of Rashi like her, and blames Gopi for killing Radha and showing affection towards Rashi because of that guilt. Gopi is shocked and angry with Paridhi. Paridhi will exit from the show soon.


Simar has come to the place where Sanjana was kept hostage. Simar reaches the place and beats the goons. When Simar turns weak and loses the fight, Prem comes to her rescue and saves Simar and Sanjana. Siddhant brings the police on right time and gets the goons arrested. Prem apologizes to Simar and asks for her hand. Roli and Siddhant ask her to forgive Prem. Simar forgives Prem’s mistakes and has united with him again. Roli and Siddhant get happy to see them united, as they knew Simar and Prem can’t live without each other. Roli gets an idea to make Prem and Simar marry again. She tells her idea to everyone. Mata ji gets happy and gives her approval. Roli and Siddhant will be performing in Simar and Prem’s marriage.

Tere Sheher Mein:

Mantu has known Amaya’s strength is her family and encourages her to keep doing the job for them. He asks her not to care what world says about her dad, as its just her who knows her dad well more than anyone else. He cheers her up and makes her have icecream to uplift her mood. Uma gets the news of Amaya sticking to Mantu a lot in office and gets angry. She thinks to do something to create differences between Amaya and Mantu. Later, Amaya and Mantu dance in the Shiv Bhakti event. Mantu drinks Bhaang and does not know Uma and Amaya outdoing each other. Amaya thinks she is lucky one to be with Mantu. They both have an eyelock and dance well. Uma comes in between and keeps Amaya away from him. Uma sends Amaya away and dances with Mantu, while he does not know about Uma scolding Amaya.


Radha and LD’s love story is coming to an end. Kabir calls Radha and asks her to come for a meeting. Radha asks LD to arrange a car for her. LD takes Radha in his car. Kabir calls the media for the press meet of their film. While answering to Media, Radha stumbles and LD holds her. The media clicks her photos in a romantic pose. Kabir gets jealous and blames LD for getting a chance to touch his heroine. LD says he don’t need a chance as Radha is still his life. Radha looks on surprisingly and is touched with his lovely words. Meanwhile, Radha will make Murli realizes hidden true love for Shyamali and will expose Neha’s cruel face. Murli will choose Shyamali over Neha. Abhishek will realize his mistake and will apologize to Jhanvi. Dada ji will find out about Jayshree and Pratap association in trapping Chaturvedi family and separating Radha with LD. He will confront Jayshree infront of family members after exposing her. Dada ji will announce to the family about his doings and will accept Radha as LD’s wife. Soon, Kabir will realize Radha and LD’s true love and will leave from their way.

Dada ji blesses LD and Radha’s union in Mere Rang Mein…

Badtameez Dil:

While Meher comes to know about Abeer bringing their love story on air, and he also threatens on what happened eight years ago. She gets relieved that Abeer did not bring her name in it. Abeer’s mum has some hope that he will patch up with Meher, but Abeer makes it clear to Meher that he will ruin her. He shows his hatred and anger towards her, and also holds some emotions to save her from petty risks. He tells her that he saves her from risk so that he should not be blamed for anything. He angers her telling about his revenge plans and how his love story unfolding on air will bring shocks for here. He says he will make her life miserable to take account of her deceive. The next track will be having Abeer and Nisaar’s major fight.

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Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls:

The Thakur girls come up with a plan to teach Chadda a lesson. Binny meets Chadda and fools him that she has given him the last evidence against him and hands over the proof to him to win his trust. Chadda turns up to meet Dylan, after being sure that Dylan does not have anything against him. The girls reach at Dylan’s office and see him scolding Chadda. Dylan says this time he will not beat Chadda and asks the girls to beat Chadda to make him pay for his mistakes. Chandi and Dabbu beat up Chadda, while angry Chadda gets revengeful. He aims the gun at the girls to kill them, and just then Dylan becomes their savior again.

Dream Girl:

Laxmi gets upset by Samar’s taunts and leaves the script on the table. Ayesha gets the movie script and leaks it in the media. Karan informs Manav about the script being leaked in media and Manav gets angry, as this movie was his dream project. Manav calls Samar and Laxmi to meet me in his cabin and scolds them for not caring for the script, which was given to them as a responsibility to keep the story secret. Samar shows his script to Manav and Laxmi fails to show up the script given to her by Karan. Manav gets disappointed by Laxmi, as this is a major let down by her. Samar confronts Laxmi for this step and asks how can she lose the script like this. He suspects her after recalling her words to quit this movie assignment. He thinks she is taking revenge from him by ruining Manav’s movie. Laxmi and Samar start fighting and putting blame on each other. She states he has stolen the script, which shocks him. Ayesha gets happy seeing them lose trust on each other and fighting like enemies.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Vasundara wants to take Dhruv’s proposal for Thapki and talk to her parents. Bihaan brings his Dadi home and has met with Aditi on the way. Bihaan is shown as a flamboyant guy, who has his own set rules. He misses to meet Thapki. He later meets Thapki and makes fun of her stammering. Thapki does not like him. Bau ji loves Bihaan more than Dhruv, though Bihaan is his adopted son. Bau ji decides to get Bihaan married to Thapki, whereas Vasundara wants Dhruv to marry Thapki. Dhruv tells Vasundara that he can’t marry Thapki. Vasundara asks him the reason, and whether Thapki has any weakness which he dislikes. Dhruv describes Thapki to be perfect one. Dhruv tells her that he wants to be sure that Thapki loves him too. The show will be bringing a love triangle between Thapki, Dhruv and Bihaan.


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