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Simar contines to search Mohini’s death secret in the kumbh mela, while Mohini follows her. Simar runs and tries to break her Moh Jaal. Mohini decides to stop her and runs after her. Soon, Mohini will die and other Dayan will come in Simar’s life.



Yuvraaj stops Suhani’s marriage with Rohan and tells her I love you. Suhani gets happy and emotional with his love confession. Later, Yuvraaj sings song Dilbar Mere…….. for Suhani during their sangeet. Yuvraaj praises Suhani’s beauty and compliments her. Suhani feels on cloud nine and dances with him. Menka and her husband Anuj do a skit on Yuvraaj and Suhani’s love story. Rags performs on popular song Lo Chali Main…..Everyone is happy. Dadi, Rags and Menka dance in the sangeet function of Suhani and Yuvraaj. Dadi looks very happy. Sharad and Anuj dance with Dadi. Dadi and Suhani have jugal bandi. Dadi has agreed and gives her ancestral necklace to Suhani, accepting her as her bahu. Suhani hugs her mum in law happily. She poses with her sister’s baby for pics.

Respectful happiness and love back in Suhani’s life…


Meera has married Dharam and became Vidya’s mum in law. Dharam asks Gopi to welcome his bride and brings Meera. Gopi gets shocked seeing Meera as Dharam’s wife. Gopi scolds Meera and asks why did she do this. Meera has a strong reason to do this marriage. Kokila gets shocked seeing Dharam and Gaura laughing. Dharam says my wife will do Vidya and Shravan’s grah pravesh. Kokila wants to get an answer from Gaura.


Its first rasai rasam of Sarojini. Dushyant asks Sarojini to cook something. He asks for brinjal dish. She keeps the brinjal on the stove and it blasts. Sarojini and Indra get bit burnt. Sarojini gets in trouble as she gets blamed. Dushyant’s plans fails as his daughter gets hurt. Sarojini decided to show Dushyant’s plan in everyone’s eyes. Sarojini has to be ready to face more tests from her father in law. The family rushes Indra for her aid.

Dushyant plans to trouble Sarojini; Indra gets hurt mistakenly…


Lalima lights her dupatta and has also made arrangements to light the hut. Sooraj sees Lalima going inside the hut with the fire in her dupatta. Lalima takes the big risk and goes inside the hut. She stands there till the hut catches there and calls out Sooraj for help. Sooraj gets a panic attack on seeing fire and wants to help her. Vikram and Mohit stop him. Lalima has out herself in danger to help Sooraj come out of his trauma. Sooraj runs to save Lalima and his fear of fire ends. He calls her Lalima and gets out of the his sense to feel she is Sandhya. Its high time that Sooraj jumps in the fire to save Lalima and leaves behind all the fears. Sooraj comes to his senses and realizes Sandhya is not with him. Bhabho prays that Lalima’s trust wins. Lalima’s trust really wins when Sooraj saves her. Sooraj lifts Lalima and brings her out. Lalima has won after all and proved Sooraj is not mad. She has brought him out of the trauma.

Sooraj gets out of trauma by Lalima’s efforts in Diya Aur…

Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hai:

Angoori is boredom for Tiwari ji. He gets to know that Anita loves Chinese food and he gets into a Chinese avatar. He wants to cook Chinese food for Anita and takes Angoori’s help. Vibhuti tells Tiwari that he is doing wrong and gives an open challenge. Anita likes the Chinese food and gets glad seeing Tiwari’s look.

Sumit Sambhal Lega:

There is a golmaal in Sumit’s home as his double role entered his home. He is none other than Sumit’s cousin Anant Tiwari who is staying in his house. Sumit hates him and gets jealous. He thinks he is not perfect and determines to become perfect.


Ishita has survived the bomb blast. Raman and Ishita have lost their baby. Raman blames himself for losing the baby. He sits by her side in the ward and talks to her. He says even if they don’t have a new baby, Adi and Ruhi will love her even more for her big sacrifice. Raman gets sad and holds himself responsible for not being able to save the baby. Later, Ishita gets discharged from the hospital and comes home. She cries for losing the baby. Raman pacifies her by giving her a magical hug. They both are going through a weak moment, as they have lost courage after losing the baby. Shagun will be becoming the surrogate mum of ‘Raman and Ishita’s child’s in next track and then the show will be heading for a leap.

KumKum Bhagya:

Pragya does the exercises and gives tough competition. She has started dominating the house and fighting with Abhi, so she has now got new avatar to hit Abhi. Pragya says this is one of the parts of new Pragya. Pragya says she did this as Abhi was teasing her about the exercises. Abhi gets joking more on her after this.


Ragini instigates Laksh against Swara and tells that their marriage is fake. Laksh decides to expose them. When everyone questions Sanskar about his fake marriage with Swara, Sanskar fills Swara maang with sindoor to prove their marriage. Swara gets shocked. Everyone believes Sanskar after he proves his marriage. Laksh gets hurt and affected. He cries and tells Ragini that she can’t forget Swara until now, the more he tries to forget her, the more he remembers her. Ragini gets angry, but tells him that she understands him. Laksh gets angry and tells no one can understand what he is going through, and he is suffering every bit in Swara’s love. He tells Ragini that he can see her as only best friend and doubts if he will be able to give her love which she deserves being his wife. Ragini expects him to give her wifey rights and declares that she is leaving the house, and asks him to bring her back home when he forgets Swara completely.

Swara to support Sanskar against Ragini’s molestation blame…

Sadda Haq:

A special chapter will be seen in the show. After the love story and Sanyukta and Randhir’s togetherness, their fights are resumed after their marriage. They both get at loggerheads again and this time. Randhir and Sanyukta gear up for this final chapter. The show will be having an one hour special episode today having thrilling moments and suspense.

#SaddaHaq #TheFinalChapter

#SaddaHaq #TheFinalChapter begins this Monday with a one hour special! Your favourite show will now have never before seen exciting moments! Don't forget to tune in at 6:30 PM!

Posted by Channel V India on Samstag, 12. September 2015

Dream Girl:

Ayesha has cheated Abhimanyu and made him give his statement in her favor by fooling him in her love. Ayesha starts ignoring Abhimanyu at the court after she is declared innocent. Abhimanyu comes to confront Ayesha at her home, where she stops him from telling anything to Manav. Ayesha tries making Abhimanyu leave from her house and he speaks out all the truth of how anxiously she was admitting her love for him the last night. Ayesha asks him to talk later to her as Manav is at home. Abhimanyu gets adamant and asks her to come along. Ayesha and Abhimanyu get into an argument. Manav comes looking for her and finds Ayesha with Abhimanyu. Ayesha turns manipulative again. Samar takes Laxmi’s side infront of Manav and gets against Ayesha. Manav gets into some doubt seeing Samar’s unshaken trust upon Laxmi. Later, Manav gets to know Ayesha’s complete truth and fumes on her. Will Ayesha be kicked out from Sareen house and Navrang?


Mohi serves tea to Ayush’s family and cries on knowing that they regard her as their new maid. She still holds strength and bonds with Ayush’s family. Mohi cleans the dining table and shocks everyone by her innocent living ways. The family starts liking Mohi for her hardwork, intelligence and sincerity. Mohi gets depressed as Deepa shows rudeness to her and feels disrespected. Ayush does not get courageous to tell the truth to Anusha and thinks to talk when right time comes. Rekha asks Ayush’s family to finalize the engagement day. Ayush gets sad seeing Mohi.


  1. Saathiya looks like a real stroy of Indrani mukharjee and sheena bora whose case is popular and sensation in India now..what a type of typical ralations they showed how could sisters married son and father..this is very disgustiing ..stop this serial or change story..i think serial writers and direactor going crazy and madddddddddddddd


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