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Vidya’s sangeet is going on still and Modi family are happily enjoying her sangeet. Gopi and Ahem performed romantically to add stars to the sangeet. Urmila and Kinjal dances on Sheila Ki Jawani song and fight during dancing. Jigar and Pari dances with their sons. At the end Vidya and Shravan dance romantically looking in each other eyes, while Shravan is falling for Vidya, but Gaura and Dharm have other plans to take revenge from Kokila through troubling Vidya after marriage.

Gopi’s fails to expose Gaura’s revenge motives in Saathiya…


Angoori dances and tries to woo Tiwari ji with her sensual dance moves. Tiwari ji gets happy and dances with her. He should give the credit to Vibhuti ji for Angoori’s romantic dance. Angoori wants to take revenge from Tiwari as he hurt Vibhuti and dances on her mum in law’s insistence. Angoori locks him up in the room after wooing him. Tiwari ji gets hurt seeing Angoori locking him in the room.

Angoori’s angry romantic avatar for Tiwari ji …


Everyone is dancing on Rashmi and her friend’s engagement. Akshara, Naitik, Bhabhimaa, Dadi and other dances happily and congratulates each other. Rashmi didn’t agree for first, but agrees finally. Her friend says he loves her and was waiting for her yes. Devyaani feels Sameer is marrying Rashmi to get her property and misinterprets Sameer’s words. Akshara clears Devyaani’s doubts. There will be many twists in the marriage, but Akshara and Naitik will get her married grandly.

Jamai Raja:

Roshni has accepted Ayesha as her daughter. Roshni has hug Ayesha and asks her to call her Mamma and call Sid as Papa. Roshni was missing a baby after her miscarriage and found happiness with Ayesha. Ayesha asks if she will send her again. Roshni says no. Sid and Roshni hugs Ayesha together emotionally and happily. Soon Roshni and Sid will start romancing in the show, until some trouble comes up to hinder their romance.

Sid and Roshni accept Ayesha heartily in Jamai Raja


Simar and her family come to the Kumbh Mela to break Mohini and her mum’s black magic trap. Simar comes to the Kumbh Mela and gets a plan to kill Mohini. While Khushi tries to inform Simar about Mohini’s secret as she hears them, and rushes towards Simar, but Mohini throws knife injuring her. Simar and Prem get shocked seeing Khushi injured. The secret to kill Mohini lies in the mela and now Simar knows about it. Mohini gets angry and will kill baba after attacking Khushi.


Rana ji lifts Gayatri in his arms and marries her. He loves his first wife Sulakhshana very much and can’t forget her. He is missing Sulakshana and recalling the seven wedding vows. A flashback is shown where he marries Sulakshana. Rana ji shall accept Gayatri as his wife else Raj Mata will make him accept her forcibly. Raj Mata is happy and poses with the newly weds. There is a dosh in the kundli of Rana ji, but Gayatri’s kundli is so strong that she will take all his dosh on herself and will save him.


The show will be taken a six months leap and Amit Tandon as Rajat will enter the show post leap. Ranvir and Ishani’s life just got well and they got a new villain Rajat. He is the kidnapper in the show. He has kidnapped Ishani and asks for 20 crores as ransom money. Ranvir gets the money and Rajat asks him to go home, Ishani will reach home. Ranvir is tensed and worried for Ishani. Rajat has come to take revenge from Ishani and Ranvir. Rajat may have connection with Ritika.

Tu Mera Hero:

Titu and Panchi have become Krishna and Radha. They are celebrating Janmashtami. They look perfect doing the act. Titu and Panchi have a dacne performance in their play. They look sweet love birds. Rekha comes there to give her blessings. The people respect Rekha as Maa. Rekha gets Mewalal’s bad sweets as her Chadava, and turns as fresh one. The people clap for Rekha Maa as its miracle. There is something planned by Panchi to expose Mewalal’s truth and they want to reveal the faulty sweets.


Sankaar fills Swara’s maang with sindoor infront of everyone and gave her all the rights of a wife. Swara gets stunned. Sanskar shocks everyone by proving he has really married Swara. Shekhar and Sharmishta gets shocked. Ragini gets shaken seeing Swara and Sanskar really together. The family questioned Sanskar whether he has contract marriage with Swara. Sanskar proves that he loves Swara. Everyone wanted to know if marriage is true and Sanskar answered them. There will be high points in the show after Swara and Sanskar’s marriage comes on track.


There is drama again in Dushyant’s home. Its Sarojini’s first day in her inlaws home. She was given many tasks to do in one day. Sarojini gets shocked knowing the tough tasks given by Dushyant. She has done 101 times aarti with huge plate having many diyas. Sarojini cries as her hands get burnt holding the hot plate and still continues the aarti. The inlaws kept many rituals for her in one day. The second task is mixing spices by her hands, which got burnt by holding hot aarti plate. Sarojini is asked to prepare spices for the pickles. Dushyant does this planning to hurt her. Sarojini wears plastic packets to mix spices. Dushyant says he will decide what anyone will eat, do and wear in his house. He says he dominates the house always and only his rule will run. Sarojini uses her mind in doing the tasks. She is sure she is not going to break by anything and will end Dushyant’s domination.


Ashok knows about Chand planning the attacks on Adi and recollects Chand asking money for his son’s treatment. He thinks Chand wants to kill Adi as he thinks he is still attached to him. He thinks what would Raman do to save Adi. Raman has exposed Ashok’s wrong business doings, so Ashok also wants to take revenge on them, therefore decides to stay silent. However Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi manage to come out of running bus through the help of Police and Raman. Adi and Ruhi will be stuck in the bus with Ishita. Meanwhile, Raman manages to save Ruhi and kids, but will not be able to save Ishita. Ishita will presumably die in the show, but rest assured she will come back after the leap with her baby. This scene resembles like the one in hollywood movie “SPEED”.

Ishita’s assumed death and short leap to occur in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Sooraj and Sandhya were feeling the separation pain. They have met finally after much time. Sooraj and Sandhya cry seeing each other. The wait is finally over. Sooraj and Sandhya are incomplete without each other. Sooraj feels Sandhya is alone and he should go and help her. Sooraj goes inside the temple and prays for Sandhya. He gets Prasad wrapped in torn newspaper. He gets the news article with Manjari and Sandhya’s party pic. He reads about Garjana and gets a hint about Sandhya after seeing her semi covered face with Manjari. Shekhar has caught Sandhya and kept her captive, knowing she is not Sagarika, but IPS Sandhya Rathi. Shekhar hurts Sandhya and asks her about her plans to become part of Garjana. Sooraj is sure that Sandhya is caught by naxals and now he has to find and save her. He wants to prove his faith that Sandhya is alive was not wrong.

Sooraj to save Sandhya from Garjana’s dominion in Diya Aur…


Suhani and Yuvraaj are together. They are in love and everything is good around them. Though Yuvraaj’s evil trio women Dadi, Rags and Menka are not happy, even though Suhani brings positivity. They get back to Suhani’s home for Bhavna’s baby naming ceremony function. Suhani looks very cheerful and gets back to her old sweet form.

Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls:

Dylan started living with Dabbu in Thakur home. Dabbu and Dylan have some romantic moments, which irks Mamta. Bhu Devi scares Mamta saying about Dylan’s stay at her home will bring disgrace to the family. While Mamta believes in superstitions and fears for Dabbu’s stars, Bhu Devi uses Mamta’s fears against Dylan. Bhu Devi gets angry on Dabbu for arguing with her. She gets jealous seeing Mamta getting a rich and famous son in law. She swears that she will make Mamta kick out Dylan from her home. Bhu Devi lights fire in aarti plate and fills her ears against Dylan, saying he has done the abshagun of making aarti plate fall. LN defends Dylan and gets in Dylan’s favor.

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