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When Raman comes to know that Niddhi is alive, he comes to her place with Ishita and Police. Raman asks where is my daughter. Ruhi in Ruhaan’s avatar peeps in the room hidingly. There is a heated argument between Raman and Niddhi. The family gets happy knowing Ruhi is alive and Ruhaan is actually their daughter. Adi hugs Ruhi happily. Raman gets teary eyes. Ishita is happy. Ishita and Raman’s nafratein have ended as they got Ruhi back home. Ruhi knows that Bhalla family is hers, but Niddhi has filled hatred in her heart.


Krish comes to his room, kisses Nandini’s hand and lifts her ghunghat. Just then he faints. Nandini gets shocked and calls his name. Krish’s mum comes to room and asks what happened to him. Actually Krish had milk which his mum gave to him oblivious to the fact that it contains medicine to make him lose his senses. It might be mixed by his step dad Abhayram who is actually Nandini’s childhood husband Kundan. Nandini has slapped Kundan. Kundan’s wife faints seeing this.


Rishi’s life in danger as he goes to get proofs against Pavan. Pavan conspires to kill him. Tanu has realized his love for Rishi and promises herself that she will never stop loving him. She hopes that Rishi gets the proofs that Pavan is not right for her. Rishi have made promise to himself that Tanu will be his only.


Nandita asks her five brothers to kill Appu. Appu will be going to get murdered.


Abhi takes a ghost’s disguise and scares Pragya. She shouts and asks him to get away. She tries to beat Abhi. Abhi shows his face and tells her that its him. she says you and gets shocked. Abhi wanted to give surprise innovative way. He then romances with Pragya. Abhi has reached to give birthday wishes to Pragya at 12 o’ clock. Abhi has given the red rose and confessed his feelings to Pragya, by using the ghost’s avatar.


Sandhya have exposed Purvi. Purvi tells Emily that Om is hers and she can do anything to get him. She attacks Emily with knife, but Sandhya holds her hand and stops him. It was Sandhya’s plan to expose Purvi. All Rathi family was with Sandhya to expose Purvi. She sends Om and Emily to the hotel room. Purvi gets angry and goes to their room. Purvi is a psycho girl and will increase her madness level and will do everything openly.


Gopi is marrying Krishna. The family is happy for Gopi and apply mehendi to Gopi. Kokila is making a bridal dress for Gopi. Gopi is sad. Kokila decided to get Gopi and Krishna marry. Kokila misses Ahem and is sad to see Gopi’s state. Meera opposes Gopi’s marriage. Vidya stops Meera and asks her to leave. Meera does not want Gopi to go in any wrong house. Meera also loves Gopi and is worried for Gopi.

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant:

Shaan and Rajni are on a honeymoon. Pandit ji tells that there is a grahan on Rajni’s kundli. Shaan has to do parishram and put 201 pots of water on Shivling. Shaan falls down after putting 201 pots of water on Shivling.


Jamai Raja and his new family go to picnic. The car gets stopped on the way. Neil lifts Roshni in his arms and starts walking. Sid feels bad and thinks how can Roshni do this with him and Neil. Neil is oblivious to Roshni and Sid’s marital relation.

Meri Saasu Maa:

Pari and Sattu are marrying again and takes seven rounds with family blessings. All is well between them.


Aradhya has got her Dadi-Saas’s spirit. Aradhya pushes Pavitra and gets angry. She says I will not leave anyone and slaps herself. Aradhya had to dance infront of the villagers. She has not got mad and misbehaved with the family. Aradhya hurts herself. Aryan gets worried for her.


Bihaan reached to meet Katrina. Thapki has called Bihaan by Katrina’s name. Bihaan goes to Thapki, and does not know she is actually Thapki. He tells Katrina that he loves Thapki, and he is very sorry, he has to forget Katrina now. Thapki hears this and is very glad.

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