Krishna Chali London: Krishna gets ready for the battle

Krishna Chali London: Krishna gets caught

Prashant gets all the credit of Dubey’s bail. Radhe and Saajan get angry seeing Prashant’s attitude. They wonder who is Prashant and why is he helping Krishna and Dubey. Saajan tells Radhe that Radhe has done a lot for Dubey’s bail, while Krishna is thanking Prashant for the bail. Radhe expects Krishna to thank him, but she thanks Prashant for helping her dad. Krishna tells him that she didn’t expect him to come. She hugs Prashant. Radhe worries when Krishna and Bua get praising Prashant for being so helpful when nobody helped them. Radhe tells Saajan that maybe Prashant is Krishna’s relative. Dubey gets grateful to Prashant and apologizes for misunderstanding him. Radhe gets sidelined.

Saajan asks Radhe to talk to Krishna and take her home, but Dubey doesn’t let Krishna go with him. Krishna gets hurt. Radhe gets angry when Prashant looks after her. He fears that Prashant is taking his place. He gets fed up seeing Prashant and Krishna’s friendship.

Saajan asks Radhe to question Krishna about Prashant’s relations with the family. Prashant avoids Radhe. Bua gets against Radhe, as Dubey is suffering because of Shukla. She instructs him to leave without creating any scene in their house. Krishna feels bad when Bua ousts Radhe. She looks after Radhe, who is equally hurt like Dubey.

Krishna cares for Radhe and feeds him haldi milk. She treats Radhe as if he is kiddish. Prashant gets jealous seeing her with Radhe. The same case happens with Radhe. Radhe turns jealous when she goes to thank Prashant. Krishna tells Prashant that she didn’t expect to meet him, as he has left her when she needed him. He tells her that she has changed a lot, she has become Radhe’s fight now, she has left all her dreams and old self, he pities her new avatar of a married woman, who looks helpless and sorrowful.

Krishna tells him that even she is startled seeing herself in mirror. She accepts everything as her fate. He reminds her their dreams and togetherness. She asks him why did he lose courage and run away. He tells her that he is living his dreams, unlike her.

She scolds him for cheating her. She tells him that she had run away from her wedding as she promised to meet him, but he didn’t meet her that day. She tells him that she moved on now and her truth and dreams have changed now, she is Radhe’s wife and will remain so. Shukla gets informed about Dubey’s bail and turns angry. He uses his contacts to know who has paid the bail amount to free Dubey. Shukla learns about Prashant and gathers all the information about her. He learns Prashant and Krishna’s love story. Shukla tries to instigate Radhe against Prashant. Shukla reveals to Radhe that Prashant is Krishna’s ex-lover. She gets ready to fight with Shukla and oppose him in his cruel games.

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