Yeh Rishta Kya New entry to stir a storm

Yeh Rishta Kya New entry to stir a storm

Yeh Rishta Kya New entry. Kartik and Naira decide to end their hide and seek by finding each other. Goenkas want to take Naira home. Singhanias want them to let Naira stay with them for more days. The families think how to pass time until Kartik and Naira returns. Kirti suggests them to discuss Samarth’s marriage. Samarth avoids the marriage talks. Dadi wants to find a nice girl for Samarth. Naksh pulls his leg and asks him if he is already dating someone. They ask Samarth about the girl of his choice. They don’t want Samarth to delay his marriage more. Samarth wants a girl like Gayu. He likes Gayu’s simplicity.

The thieves plan to rob the house. They spike the thandai so that no one catches their big move of robbery. Kartik returns to the family and tells them that he didn’t find his bride yet. The family laughs on them. Naira and Gayu find the families in intoxicated state. Naira laughs seeing them. The family has light moments. Kartik tells his marriage woes to Samarth. He asks Samarth not to get married. Samarth tells him that a wife loves a husband and stands by him, he is thinking to get married.

Gayu finds their conversation cute. Naira wants to end their intoxication. Naira and Gayu go home to get lemonade for the family. She finds Gayu low and asks the reason. They see the thieves inside the house. Naira identifies the thieves and scolds them for robbing her house. The thieves challenge her for a fight, since she can’t face them alone. Naira fights with them. She expects Gayu to get involved in the fight. Gayu stays away to protect herself. Naira manages to beat the goons and teach them a lesson. The goons flee in no time. Naira asks Gayu why did she stop the goons. She vents anger on Gayu’s silence. She wants Gayu to always try to protect themselves. Gayu feels sorry and apologizes to her, while revealing her pregnancy. Naira congratulates her.

Gayu tells her that its Vivaan’s child and they have decided to marry soon. Gayu asks her to keep her pregnancy a secret. Naira tells her that they can celebrate this news. She looks forward for Gayu’s marriage. Gayu stays tensed over Vivaan’s decisions. The family learns about the thieves’ attack and the fight led by Naira. Everyone praises Naira for her bravery. They thank Naira for saving everyone’s lives. Naira tells Kartik that life is unpredictable, but they should always stay together.

Kartik gets emotional hearing her. He tells her that she may come home when she wants, he will wait for her. She tells him that she was fooling around, and will definitely plan her bidaai soon. Samarth gets worried for Gayu when he finds her taking some medicines. Gayu lies to him. She hides her pregnancy from everyone. Dadi is happy to talk to her brother. The family is happy with the news that Purushottam is coming home after many years. Kartik has a good bonding with him.

Manish tells Naira that uncle is of him, but more of Kartik. Kartik tells Naira that Purushottam is like a friend for him. Dadi wants to welcome her brother after many years. Singhanias permit the Goenkas to take Naira home. Naksh is thankful to Kartik for mending relationships so well. He is sure that Kartik will always protect Naira’s happiness. Naira gets decked up for her bidaai. She asks Gayu to take care of herself and baby. Singhanias bid a farewell to Naira. Goenkas are emotional about Purushottam’s arrival.


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