Kulfi Kumar Bajewala shattering shockers by Sikandar

Kulfi Sikandar Amyra Strong connect to break up

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala shattering shockers. Kulfi isn’t aware of the upcoming shocking moments. She applies the holi colors to Sikandar. She asks him to apply the holi colors to her face as well. Sikandar doesn’t listen to her and decides to end his bond with her. He takes Mohendar with him to break the shocking decision, forced on him by Amyra. Mohendar asks him not to do injustice with Kulfi. The brothers turn helpless. Sikandar tells him that he got ready to accept Amyra’s condition by seeing her illness state. He doesn’t want to lose Amyra. Kulfi thinks Sikandar is planning her grand welcome in the family.

Mohendar reminds him that Kulfi is his own blood. Sikandar gets crying and shatters that he isn’t able to live up to the expectations of both his daughters. He tells Mohendar that Amyra is very stubborn and he is failing to explain and convince her for accepting Kulfi. He is sure that Kulfi will find some way out and live on her own. He doesn’t want to kill Amyra’s happiness during her final days. Mohendar reminds him the duties towards Kulfi, who doesn’t have her mother along like Amyra does. Sikandar justifies that this decision is taken keeping Amyra’s critical state in mind. Lovely finds Sikandar shattering and helpless. She feels bad for him for the first time, but doesn’t come forward to relieve him from her disheartening conditions laid by Amyra.

Sikandar tells Mohendar that he has to choose one of his daughter and he can just choose Amyra over Kulfi. He doesn’t want to take Kulfi home for Amyra’s happiness. Kulfi waits for the surprise. Sikandar loses courage to face her and tell her about his decision. Mohendar wants Sikandar to look after Kulfi as well. He asks Mohendar to take care of Kulfi and shift to some new house until he looks after Amyra. He begs Mohendar to help him. Mohendar tells Sikandar that he will love Kulfi a lot, and raise her as his daughter. He doesn’t want to lose Kulfi unattended. Sikandar is sure that Kulfi will understand his unspoken emotions. Mohendar asks him not to break Kulfi’s heart. He feels Sikandar’s pain.

Sikandar worries for Kulfi’s pain. He wants to make Kulfi hate him so that she becomes strong and move on in her life. Mohendar doesn’t want him to hurt Kulfi’s feelings. Kulfi asks Sikandar to take her home. Sikandar gets rude towards her. He tells Kulfi that she will be going to a new house, since she can’t stay with him. Kulfi doesn’t know why he is sending her away when he loves her so much. He declares that she can never live with her. She apologizes to him if he is upset with her. He tells her that he wants her to stay upset. She asks him not to fool her. He asks her to go away. She reminds him that she is his daughter.

Sikandar lies to her that he has no relation with her. Kulfi gets collapsing with his indifference. Sikandar finds both his daughters in deep sorrow. He wants to help both of them, so that they stay away and happy. He asks Kulfi to go with Mohendar and have a good life with them so that she doesn’t lack anything. Kulfi asks Sikandar how will she get his love there. Sikandar clears out that just Amyra is important to him and he doesn’t want Amyra’s happiness to fade down because of anyone. He asks her to forget him and accept the truth that he doesn’t love her.

He asks Kulfi to get away from him and not make things tough for him. He makes a big sacrifice and also puts her in the life’s tough testing times. Kulfi doesn’t want to come between Sikandar and Amyra’s relation. She promises to never ruin his family’s happiness. She begs him to keep her along with him. She reminds him the promises he made to Nimrat. He tells her that he doesn’t need her anymore. Kulfi tells him that she will not live with Mohendar, she will live alone if none needs her. Sikandar forces her to go with Mohendar. Kulfi’s dreams break forever. Sikandar breaks her heart forever.

Kulfi breaks down and runs away from Sikandar and Mohendar. She doesn’t want to live on Sikandar’s sympathy, since she wanted his love. She gets hugely upset when her own father abandons her. She shares her pain with her friends, who were expecting her to call them inside the house. She tells them that Sikandar had ousted from her life. She is much hurt that she isn’t needed in the family. Mohendar madly searches for Kulfi, while Sikandar goes back to Amyra. Kulfi gets inspired by the kids, who tell her that they need her and they are her family from now on. Kulfi tells them that she can’t live without her father. The kids have no idea about dealing with their life’s problems. They take Kulfi along.

Sikandar realizes his huge sin to part his daughter away. He accepts Kulfi’s hatred, just to give a new life to Amyra. Mohendar wants to inform Sikandar that Kulfi has gone missing. Sikandar wishes she stays safe with Mohendar and her future gets shaped up. Remand home’s chief tries to find the runaway kids to punish them again.


  1. Heartless makers and actors, spreading hatred. Amyra is not sikandar’s daughter, injustice is being done to kulfi from the beginning. Amyra and lovely are very selfish people. Spreading wrong information to everyone. You can blackmail your father and get things done. Sikandar has no backbone, cannot correct Amyra.
    Hope kulfi succeeds in life without her good for nothing family.

  2. Could have shown that lovely in order to get forgiveness brings kulfi back home and treats both as her daughters…unecessarily the show is stretching the track towards wrong direction

  3. Totally ridiculous track. When in-fact Amyara is Tevars daughter not at all blood related to Sikander, and after all the injustice done to kulfi from the time she is born. It’s so heart breaking for a Father to do this to his own child. So now why is the soul of Nimrat not troubling Sikander?

  4. Tevar is more strong character he should be back and raise kulfi. Amyra is selfish. She should be with spineless Sikandar. I feel Kulfi deserves tevar.

  5. Yes tevar should be back in this serial and help both sikandar and kulfi .
    And rather say amayra the truth and punish lovely for all

  6. M going to stop watching it ridiculous story track why always kulfi has to understand why not Amyra so stubborn child give tight slap to her what type of father does this and just look at lovely how means what MSG u guys are forwarding,there is no stop to this ha it’s so irritating.please viewers want something new

  7. Heartless writers of the story…..this is very unfair with the little girl whose whole life was her father….and her own father is not ready to accept her because of that amayra cheap story I hate this serial now…..

  8. Pakwaas band karoooooo serial walo.. being a parent I was sobbing uncontrollably and got headache. Watching this.will never watch it unless u take a meaningful and positive track.otherwise packup this bullshit.we don’t want hopeless teary serials.

  9. Sikander is useless serial getting worse hpe it doesn’t loose its trp now thy are streching a lot to reunite kulfi & sikander

  10. Useless sikander is worse Amarya has her own father and who will leave own daughter for illegemate child All playing hide and seek hiding truth Amarya should know who her real father is

  11. Kisi ke saath itna Bura nhi ho skta…. Sikandar destroyed nimrit’s life and now he is doing so with her daughter….baap se Bharosa uth jaega.

  12. Worst and very painful episode. We don’t want to see this hopeless serial. It was good till now, but not any more. Not watching any more. ???

  13. Yes sikander is an idiot. Tevar should back. He is useless father idiot person we dont want to sikander in this serial. His character is useless. Tevar should be back

  14. All the viewers of this serial are requested not watch such serial full of negativity that too from a child character Amyra and her mother the stooges husband sikander abandons her daughter kulfi sikander had promised Nimrat and even kulfi not to keep them away from his life ,but he broke his promise with both how he is shown as a person of words when the question of Amyra arises this serial depicts total nonsense stop testing and troubling kulfi as an innocent child and also taking audience on the ride lovely and his daughter is shown as a monester sikander the senseless character his family is shown as pieces in the serial. and kulfi the worst victim enough is enough star plus stop telecasting such nonsense serial otherwise we will sue you in the court of law by glamarizing tremendous attrocities committed upon a seven year old girl child kulfi

  15. People will stop watching this serial now. It’s showing something very wrong. Sikander who is so spineless that he cannot be strong enough to call Lovelys blufff, and cannot train Ameyra in the right direction.. The Director is useless too. Sikander should accept Kulfi and together they could help Ameyra regain her health

  16. I agree with all the viewers and yes stupid director do something to a proper happy upcoming twist and not this shit you’re showing. I truly don’t know how you can go to bed every night because I am terribly traumatised by this show. You should be sacked

  17. There has to be season two where Tevar will know Amyra is his daughter or else I’m gonna stop watching this soap ever
    In future maybe Sikander has to know that Amyra is not his daughter


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