Yeh Rishta Naira Huge troubles posed by new villain

Yeh Rishta Naira Huge troubles posed by new villain

Yeh Rishta Naira Huge troubles. Naira gets happily surprised when she gets a warm welcome in Goenka house. Dadi makes Naira promise that she won’t leave the family and Kartik ever. Naira promises them. Dadi asks Naira not to forget her promise. She asks Kartik and Naira to make a special memory so that they always remember their promise. She makes them plant some seeds so that their promise gets stronger just like the plant’s growth. Kartik and Naira fulfill the promise given to Dadi. Akhilesh and Surekha get too happy when they meet Mansi back. The family is happy for Mansi’s return. Mansi tells them that Anmol is soon going to come, he has gone for a meeting. She wants to enjoy her time with her family.

Surekha doesn’t want Mansi to hide anything from them. Dadi asks Surekha not to have any fears in mind. Mansi wants to know Kartik and Naira’s love story, how they found each other again. Naksh and Kirti miss Naira a lot. He apologizes to Kirti for hurting her so much. Kirti wants to start fresh. She makes him promise that he won’t take any decision about Krish alone. He promises to always involve her in his decisions.

She tells him about Purushottam, who is soon coming to Goenka family. She praises Purushottam’s personality. She tells Naksh that they should meet Purushottam. Naksh is very happy that Naira and Gayu have settled in their loves. Kartik and Naira get a lovely surprise from Mansi. They celebrate their little honeymoon just because of Mansi’s efforts. Kartik becomes Naira’s target when she pulls his leg. They spend their romantic time. Naira feels happy to experience a fresh happy morning in her life. Kartik is happy to find her refreshing smile. Kartik tells her that he always wanted to see her face when he wakes up. He is thankful that his dream are fulfilling. Goenkas can’t stop praising Purushottam.

Naira gets delighted to meet Purushottam on hearing the entire family speaking so good about his personality. Kartik is happy that his good friend is coming home. He warns the elders against troubling him. The family misses to tell Mansi about Purushottam’s arrival. Purushottam and his daughter Ila arrive home and bond with the family in a nice manner. He spreads happiness in the family.

Purushottam loves Kartik a lot. He expresses his love for his sister and family. Purushottam wants to meet Kartik’s wife. He stares at Naira and gets impressed with her personality. Naira greets the guests. She finds Purushottam’s touch and behavior strange. Purushottam compliments Kartik for having a pretty wife. Naira sheds her dilemma about Purushottam while getting busy in work. Purushottam tells Naira that maybe he knows her and wants to know about her past. Everyone sings praises of Purushottam’s kind behavior. Mansi gives a shocking reaction when she meets Purushottam. Naira finds Mansi panicking. Naira wants to know the reason behind Mansi’s strange behavior. Mansi gets speechless and thinks to return to Anmol before things go out of hands. Purushottam lays a dirty trap for Naira. Will Naira realize his truth in time and expose his evil face? Keep reading.


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