TGI Friday’s Spoilers Kumkum Kulfi Bajewala Rishta Udaan

Kumkum Kulfi Bajewala Rishta Udaan

Kumkum Kulfi Bajewala Rishta Udaan and more. Sikandar and Kulfi have a union and it doesn’t last for long. They get separated because of Sikandar’s one big shocking decision. Sikandar gets crying a lot when he breaks the news to Kulfi that she isn’t part of his family and she should stay away from him. Kulfi reminds him how much he loves her, since he considers her his fairy. He tells her that she isn’t important to him than Amyra. Her happiness gets ruined because of his rudeness suddenly. He asks her to get away, since they have no relation. Kulfi gets provoked to tell him that she is his daughter. He doesn’t listen to her and tells her that she isn’t his daughter. He is helpless since if he accepts Kulfi.

Amyra’s life can fall in danger. He tells her that he doesn’t want to take her home. He knows Kulfi has rights on him, being his daughter. It gets tough for him to decide. He tells her that since she came to his house, he has just faced troubles. He gets arrogant towards her and asks her to get away from his family. He shocks Kulfi by his indifference. He sheds tears after sending Kulfi away. Sikandar promises Amyra that he will just be her father. Amyra feels insecure because of Sikandar’s love for Kulfi. Amyra’s thinking is just like Lovely, while Kulfi holds values of Sikandar.

Kulfi wants to know his helplessness. Sikandar abandons Kulfi. He doesn’t let Mohendar help Kulfi either and takes him away. Kulfi gets much upset for a while and then assumes that Sikandar is joking and planning a grand welcome for her at home. She doesn’t think that Sikandar had meant his rude words.

Anjor romances Sameer in the holi party and kisses him. She doesn’t want Sameer to leave her. Anjor is thankful to him for saving her respect from Kiku. She loves Sameer a lot. She apologizes to him. Sameer feels she is still lying to him. He asks Jatin to control Anjor. Aarohi, Nethra and Chakor land in trouble. Mohini, Tara and Deep get plotting evil. Chakor gets kidnapped. Mohini and Tara join hands to kill Chakor and Nethra. Aarohi will help Chakor in protecting Nethra and exposing Deep’s truth.

Krishna Chali London:

Shukla and Triloki get some men to stop Veer and Krishna’s marriage. Shukla tells the people that Krishna is Radhe’s widow, and didn’t take the consent of in-laws before remarriage. He scolds Krishna for killing Radhe’s memories in such a way. Shukla creates a storm in the marriage mandap. He asks the men to beat up Veer. Shukla tells Krishna that she has no right to marry Veer, since she is still his bahu. He vents anger on Krishna, who takes a tough stand to get married to Veer.

Krishna tries to stop the chaos and fight in order to protect Veer. Veer gets bashed up. He fights with the men. He gets tired up fighting. Shukla scolds Veer for marrying Radhe’s widow. He doesn’t let the marriage happen. He tells Krishna that he will kill Veer if the marriage happens. Gajanan comes there to stop the havoc. He tells Shukla that Krishna has a right to marry Veer. He gets into an argument with Shukla. He sends Shukla and the men away. Gajanan supports Krishna like always and gets her married to Veer. He blesses Veer and Krishna for their new life.

Kumkum Kulfi Bajewala Rishta Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji: Rocky takes up a disguise to meet Happy at Chintu’s dream hotel. He gets to see Happy’s bold and independent side. He wants to find evidence of his innocence, so that he can get free from the criminal charges. He gets a Sardar getup so that no one identifies him. Happy gets perfect in her work. Fate brings them face to face. Rocky has much anger in his heart. He wants to hurt her, but when he finds her falling off the stairs, he rushes to save her. Happy wants to know who is he. Happy tells RV about the new staff member.

Kumkum Bhagya: Rhea tries to insult Prachi and take revenge on her. Rhea is not in a mood to befriend Prachi. She is angered and wants to settle scores. Prachi will falling in trouble amidst the birthday party. The girls fight will bring Abhi and Pragya face to face.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Kartik and Goenkas get Naira home. Naira gets happy to be back home. Kartik and Naira together water a plant and enter the house in a unique Grahpravesh. Dadi is sure that Kartik and Naira will always stay happy now, and no one can come between their happiness. Kartik and Naira fulfill the unique rituals of homecoming. Everyone praises idea of Naira’s eco-friendly homecoming. Dadi’s younger brother Purushottam comes home and surprises him. Kartik runs to hug him and gets excited to introduce Naira. He asks Naira to welcome Purushottam.

Naira gives flowers to Purushottam and greets him, like she would greet any elderly person. Purushottam shocks her by touching her inappropriately. Naira can’t believe his intentions. She gets confused if she is thinking right to suspect him. Purushottam has arrived with evil intentions. Nobody is aware of his evil truth. Naira senses his viciousness and stays away from him. Purushottam is the new villain in Naira’s life. There will be big conflict in Goenka family because of Purushottam. Naira will expose Purushottam’s evil face to the family.


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