Silsila Ruhaan Mishti Shocking Chaos and twists

Silsila Ruhaan Mishti Shocking Chaos and twists

Silsila Ruhaan Mishti Shocking. Ruhaan calls Pari to know about everyone’s welfare. Pari gets busy in work and doesn’t answer his call. Ruhaan checks the news flash about the havoc on the streets because of the riots. Taani is upset with Ansh and ignores him. He asks her the reason for her indifference. She tells him that he has told her Bua that she didn’t join her classes and studied hard. She scolds him for complaining about her. Ansh clarifies that he didn’t tell anything to Sukamini. She doesn’t listen to him. Pari answers Ruhaan’s call. He asks her if she has safely reached Lonavla. She tells him that Mishti has gone in her place. She tells Ruhaan that Mishti attended the clients well and even got the deal.

Ruhaan gets worried and tells her about the shocking news of the riots. Pari and Veer see the news and get worried for Mishti. Veer wants to rush to Mishti. Mishti gets a shock seeing the riots. She tries to get away and call home for help. Mishti gets into a fight with the goon. Mishti saves a girl from goons too.

Ruhaan worriedly searches for Mishti. He sees Mishti’s car stranded and looks for her. The girl tells Ruhaan that Mishti has saved her life. She asks him to save Mishti from the goons. Ruhaan looks for Mishti. Radhika, Pari and Ansh pray for Mishti, and want her home soon. Pari gets emotional and hugs Radhika. She is sure that Mishti will come back home safely. She doesn’t want Radhika to shatter by her fears. Mishti runs away from the goons, who attack her with a broken bottle. She gets hurt in her back and falls down. Mishti escapes with her bleeding injury. She manages to hide herself from the goons’ sight, until Ruhaan comes to her rescue.


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