Yeh Rishta Kehlata Kartik Naira finally meet up

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Yeh Rishta Kehlata Kartik Naira finally meet up Kartik and Naira will be finally uniting because of Kairav. Kartik learns that Kairav is the kid for whom he has spoken to the doctor. He gets Naira’s message by mistake. He learns that Kairav is critically ill. He gets too worried and runs from the house to see Kairav at the hospital. Dadi doesn’t want him to go anywhere at this time. She stops him and tells him that Vedika loves him and she should get some value in the family. Kartik tells him that he will come soon after meeting Kairav. He gets restless and pleads her to let her go. She asks him to get married and then go to the hospital. Dadi and Bhabhimaa apologize to Naira’s picture.

They wish that Naira also blesses Vedika and Kartik’s Jodi. Vedika arrives in the mandap. She gets seated and waits for her groom. Vansh goes to call Kartik. Naira and her friend have an argument regarding Kartik. Her friend asks her to think of Kairav once. She asks Naira to go to Kartik and stop the marriage before it gets too late. Naira tells her that she loves Kartik but wants him to move on. Her friend tells her that she will regret a lot if Kartik gets remarried and Kairav longs for him more. She asks Naira to meet Kartik.

Naira gets emotional and rushes to stop Kartik from the marriage. She leaves from the hospital. Vansh tells the family that Kartik isn’t in the room. Vedika gets a huge shock and runs to find Kartik. She finds Kartik at the door. She gets a big relief seeing Kartik at home. Suwarna finds Kartik in a dilemma and takes him for a talk. Kartik tells Suwarna that Kairav is critically ill and he wants to meet him once. Suwarna asks him to go and meet Kairav. She takes the responsibility to explain Dadi. She asks Kartik to come back soon.

Kartik reaches the hospital to meet Kairav. He learns that Kairav’s mum is stuck in the medical storeroom where the nitrogen gas cylinder had burst. Naira shouts for help and faints down. Kartik breaks into the room to save her. He rushes to save Naira. He gets a huge shock on seeing Naira alive. Kartik gets mixed emotions and can’t express anything. He realizes that Kairav is his son. He can’t ask for anything more from his destiny.

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