Yeh Rishta unexpected Warning for Naira next


Yeh Rishta unexpected Warning for Naira next Dr. Pallavi summons Naira to introduce her to the doctors from Sanjivani. Dr. Juhi and her assistant Dr. Sid meet Naira and explain her about Kairav’s case. Dr. Juhi tells Naira about Kairav’s critical illness, since the hole size in the heart is quite big. She assures Naira that she will do her best to save Kairav. Pallavi asks Naira if Kairav’s dad is still here. Naira gets speechless. Kartik comes there and tells her that Kairav’s dad is here. Pallavi asks him to get signs of Kairav’s dad. Nurse gives him the form to get the signs. Kartik signs on the forms.

Nurse asks him why is he signing on it. Kartik doesn’t tell anything and just stares at Naira, since she has hurt him a lot by snatching his fatherly rights on Kairav. Kairav reaches them and tells them that he was waiting for them since long. He is happy to see them in one frame. He tells them that now their family is complete and they will live together. Kartik takes Kairav with him. Doctor asks Kartik what did Kairav eat before the surgery. Kartik doesn’t know about it. Doctor asks him to ask his wife about it. Naira tells the doctor about Kairav’s diet. She sends Kairav for the check up.

Kairav asks them to promise that they will wait for him together, if he doesn’t see any one of them, then he won’t come back to them. Kartik and Naira get scared hearing the inauspicious thing and promise him that he will find them together always. Kairav goes for his checkup. Goenkas and Singhanias reach the hospital to know about Kairav. They want to confront Kartik and take him home for the marriage. Kartik confronts Naira and asks her why did she punish Kairav when he wasn’t at any fault. Kartik accepts his mistake to question her character.

He asks her why didn’t she fight him instead getting away from his life. He asks her if she is a good mother. Naira asks Kartik not to repeat his mistake by judging her as a mother, since a wife has tolerated his question, but a mother won’t tolerate it. Kartik tells Naira that she has to tolerate the questions since she has made big mistakes. He wants to see what she answers. He angrily gets away from her again and cries. He finds his family there. He faces a confrontation from them. Dadi asks Kartik why is he punishing them by leaving the marriage. She asks him to think of Vedika, whom he left in the mandap.

She asks him not to do injustice with Vedika and come with them. Manish and Suwarna also question Kartik. They ask why did Kartik leave the marriage for Kairav’s sake. Kartik puts a stop to their questions and tells them that Kairav is his real son, Goenkas’ heir. Manish asks him if he has lost his mind, how can this happen, Kairav can’t be his son. Kartik tells them that Kairav always reminded them of him since Kairav is really his son. Manish asks him how can this be possible when Naira is dead.

He asks Kartik who is Kairav’s mum. Kartik thinks its time to reveal Naira’s truth. Kartik brings Naira to them and shocks the family. Naira faces the family while Kairav undergoes the surgery. Kartik sternly warns Naira that he won’t spare her ever if anything happens to Kairav. Kartik and Naira stay united to pray for Kairav.

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