Mohabbatein Yug massive blunder ruins Raman

Mohabbatein Yug massive blunder ruins Raman

Mohabbatein Yug massive blunder ruins Raman Raman is happy that Yug has bagged the big contract for the company. His investors wonder how did Raman manage to bag so many contracts back to back. Raman wants to introduce Yug to them. Natasha tells Sunil that she wants Raman for some time until she gets her diamonds. She doesn’t want to stay in touch with Arijit later. She has no interest in Bhallas as well. Sunil praises her smartness. She tells him that they will leave the city once they get rich.

Arijit is angered up that Natasha is compelling him. He wants to kill her. Bhuvan asks him to take this as an opportunity. He tells that they will kidnap Raman, but they will frame Natasha in the kidnapping crime. He tells that Natasha is already warned by the police. He knows that Natasha will be suspected when Raman gets kidnapped. He tells that it will be good to shift Neeti during the time when they trouble their enemies altogether. Arijit likes his amazing plan. Raman wants Yug to get recognition and applaud for his work. Yug feels blessed to get a father like Raman.

Raman doesn’t check the file even on Yug’s insistence. Yug tells him that he really sees a parent in him. They get emotional. Raman asks him to get ready for the meeting with the investors. Ishita, Ruhi, Karan and Aaliya try hard to track the right chemist who is providing medicines for Neeti. Ishita finally finds the chemist from where Thia is buying medicines. She gets Neeti’s details. She acts smart to get contact information. She wants to wait for Thia and follow her so that she can reach Neeti.

Ishita informs Ruhi about her plans to reach Neeti and also their hidden enemy. She doesn’t want Karan and Ruhi to alert Thia by their presence. Arijit plans a big thing to shock Raman. He wants to kidnap Raman by planning well. Bhuvan tells him that kidnapping isn’t such a hard thing for her. Arijit calls Malhotra for a meet. Malhotra invites him for the meeting called by Raman.

He tells Arijit that Raman is getting more successful. Arijit wants to see Raman’s pale face when his shocker gets known. Arijit tells Bhuvan that he will follow Raman’s schedule so that he can make a good strategy for the kidnapping. He wants Bhuvan to take care of Neeti. Ishita waits for Thia, but doesn’t find her. Raman tells the investors about Yug’s success. He meets Arijit and welcomes him in the meeting.

He gets a big shock when he finds Yug’s huge blunder. He leaves the meeting. He confronts Yug about the blunder. He tells Yug that he missed a zero while filling the quotation amount. He asks how will they complete the contract at ten times less amount. He is angered that Yug got much losses for him. Yug doesn’t know how he missed to check the amount. Arijit has planned everything to blame Yug. Raman scolds Yug in anger. Malhotra and Arijit learn the matter. Malhotra threatens to withdraw support and also alert other investors. Arijit promises to support Raman.

Raman is stressed about handling the contract. Yug bears the humiliation. Malhotra asks Raman not to count on Yug, who doesn’t have his blood and business sense. He tells Raman that he doesn’t want to sink his investments. Arijit offers help, and conceals that he is the root cause of this problem. Yug breaks down when he loses Raman’s trust. Ishita misses to see Arijit, who arrives to buy the medicines for Neeti. Ishita and Aaliya learn about Yug’s blunder.

Kulfi Kumar

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