Kumkum Abhi Pragya High voltage Action drama upcoming

Kumkum Abhi Pragya High voltage Action drama upcoming

Kumkum Abhi Pragya High voltage Action drama Abhi saves Vikram from Pallavi’s anger. Pallavi gets protective about Ranbir. Ranbir wants to go and find Sanju. Vikram asks Ranbir to be with Pallavi. Abhi tells Ranbir that he will always be a kid for his mum. He signs Ranbir to go out his own way. Vikram asks Abhi what does he mean to say. Ranbir gets the idea from Abhi. Pallavi doesn’t want Ranbir to go out of the house. Ranbir tells her that he likes her protection. She is worried for his future. She stays upset with her. She tells him that she will lock him in the room, so that he doesn’t run away.

Ranbir wants to help Prachi. He thinks to go out some how and find Sanju to get the truth out of him. Rhea finds Ranbir leaving to find Sanju. She hinders his plan. She doesn’t want him to go. He asks her if she has any idea about Sanju. He asks Rhea not to inform Pallavi about his leaving. She feels worried that her plan is backfiring. She gets more sure that he loves Prachi. Abhi tells the detective that Sanju isn’t the one in the picture. The detective tells him about Sanju hiring Yuvi for the MMS. He wants to be sure of the girls involved in the MMS.

Rhea worries knowing the detective is close to know her truth. Ranbir informs Abhi that he left from the house. Sanju asks him about Yuvi. Ranbir confirms to know him. Abhi tells him that Yuvi is involved in the MMS with two girls. He asks Ranbir to support Prachi. Detective assures to find the real culprit Sanju. Rhea calls up Sanju to alert him. She tells him that Abhi and Ranbir are desperately finding him. She asks him why did he get into Abhi’s sight. She informs that Yuvi will get caught. She asks him to just get away from the city.

She wants him to return to his town for some time. She tells that detective will reach him soon. Sanju worriedly agrees to run away. Rhea tells Abhi that she wants to help him. She joins him just to make him away from the truth. Sanju doesn’t want Prachi to know his evil truth. Ranbir wants to track Yuvi. On the other hand, Pragya tells Prachi that Sanju is lying to her. Prachi understands that Sanju is up to something. She is just stressed for Ranbir. Ranbir bashes up Yuvi. Yuvi tries to run away. Ranbir asks him about the girl in the video. Yuvi confesses that it was his girlfriend Roshni. Ranbir asks him about Sanju.

Yuvi tells him that he had made the MMS on Sanju’s word. Ranbir asks him to tell everyone the truth. Ranbir spots Sanju and wants to catch him. Sanju runs away. Ranbir informs Prachi that Sanju is behind the MMS. He wants to get Sanju arrested. Prachi and Pragya also rush to the college. Abhi gets the friend’s call. He counts his favor and asks him to get live location of the number. He wants to find Sanju. His friend helps him. Rhea worries knowing Abhi is live tracking Sanju. Abhi wants to plan ahead of Sanju.

He thinks someone has already alerted Sanju. Rhea panics. Ranbir follows Sanju. Pragya and Prachi also see Ranbir following Sanju. They call Ranbir and rush to accompany him. Pragya asks Ranbir to drive faster and not miss Sanju. Sanju calls Rhea to take help. He fails to connect him. Abhi comes across Sanju by luck. Sanju meets with an accident. He goes to confront the car driver Abhi. He sees Abhi and decides to run away.

Abhi warns him not to flee. Abhi bashes up Sanju. He asks Sanju to admit his crime. Rhea tries to save Sanju by misleading Abhi. She throws the car keys. She asks Sanju to just run away. Sanju hits on Abhi’s head to run away. Rhea worries for Abhi. She doesn’t want to forgive Sanju for this. Abhi follows Sanju, even when he is injured. Ranbir, Pragya and Prachi reach Rhea and ask for Sanju. Rhea tells them about Abhi following Sanju. Ranbir and Abhi will be proving Prachi’s innocence.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
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Best comment on Kumkum Bhagya’s last post by Aisha:
This Rhea and Prachi’s rivalry is not making any sense and to make matters worst the real culprit is never caught, it makes most of Zee tv series so boring and annoying.

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  1. My thinking as well. All zee TV series are boring and annoying. They keep goi g round and round in circles. They do t understand they should end when the ovation is high. They start so well and in a bid to make it last longer loose direction. Such a pity

    • All Ekta Kapoor serials are like this. Culprits will never be caught. Her serials always against Good wins over Evil . Hers is like Evil wins over good.

  2. Just Loving The Show !! Now A Days How Their Destinty Will Change !! Prachi-Rhea-Ranbir Loving It!! Hoping Sanju Ka Pardafaas Hojayega Abhi !! And Abhi-Pragya Ko Apne Betiyon Se Jaldi Millaya Jae!!!


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