Beyhadh Threatening twists Maya races against time

Beyhadh Stunning Closure Maya weaponized for revenge

Beyhadh Threatening twists Maya races against time Maya bears the taunts by Dia and decides to target her first. She acts sweet to Dia to make her against Mrityunjay. She tells Dia that MJ likes to disrespect and dump women. Dia doesn’t think that she is a random woman for him. Maya feels sorry for her. She instigates Dia against MJ. Dia is affected by Mrityunjay’s insulting words to her. Rudra is much heartbroken. Mrityunjay tells Antara that Rudra will be fine once he loses faith and ends relations with Maya. Maya doesn’t think their relation is weak. She tells Rudra that she didn’t give him a right to go far from her.

Rudra and Maya perform in the party happily. Mrityunjay grows jealous and angry. He dances with Maya by getting the partners switched. He changes her happiness into fear. Maya gets into tension and loses her focus. Mrityunjay stuns Maya by his surprise. He gets Maya’s mother home to keep Maya under control. Maya understands that Mrityunjay wants to threaten her by using her weakness. Maya’s mum didn’t know that Maya got married to Rudra. She blesses Rudra and accepts him as son-in-law. Mrityunjay expected the family drama. Dia wants to know why is MJ happy after his plan failed. Maya expresses her love for Rudra.

They have a happy family moment. Maya’s mum asks them to stay happy together and not let anyone come between their story. Rudra thanks Mrityunjay for the surprise. Rudra introduces his loving family. Maya’s mum forgets of meeting Mrityunjay ten years back. She doesn’t know that he is the same person who killed her husband and son. Maya wants to keep her mum away from Mrityunjay. Mrityunjay surprises Rudra by inviting his cousin Aditya, who is Rudra’s protective shield. Maya wants to know what is Mrityunjay planning. Mrityunjay tells Antara and Dia that Maya’s fear will get high, she will try to save her mum and lose out.

He asks Aditya to help him and protect Rudra from his wife Maya. He tells that there is a threat on Rudra. He tells him that he isn’t able to believe Maya, after suddenly losing Rishi. Antara requests Aditya for help. Maya’s mum asks Maya to respect Mrityunjay and Antara, as Rudra respects her. She gets blinded by Mrityunjay’s fake drama. Maya can’t reveal her the truth since her mum has lost partial memory when she lost her family. She doesn’t want Mrityunjay to exploit her mum. Mrityunjay threatens Maya about her mum and Rajeev. He asks her to race against time and save her dear ones. Maya gets 12 hours to save her family.

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  1. Why is Maya a scary cat more than usual infront of MJ. Like this is getting too much.. the hair cut and tearing dress was already too much and now bringing her mom home and kidnapping Rajeev is alot more.. Maya is shown more than scared and weak infront of MJ .. which I dn like.. where is The Maayaaaaa??? Bring the Maya from beyhadh1 back ..she was more deadly and powerful than this one… The show is now becoming saas baby type…


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